What are the wood files and how to use them?

The file is one of the oldest tools that proceed the details and blanks. Nowadays, its popularity is still high. This is due to the fact that this tool is simple and reliable. However, it is necessary to choose the most efficient set, which will allow you to quickly cope with the task.

What it is?

A wooden file is a working facility (bar) of steel, on the surface of which a notch is made. This tool is very effective for processing various surfaces, including wood and metal. As well as many users he likes its low price.

Faults for metal and wood have differences that you can see on a notch. After all, it can be different in depth and profile. As a result, a suitable tool is selected for each definite application.

In addition to Brous, the file has a handle that is made of wood or plastic. As a rule, two parts of the tool are connected by a tie ring. It is for the handle that the file is held when working. Some options for the device can be two-handed and see the reinstater.


Files Designed to remove a thin wood layer. As a result, the surface of the workpiece becomes smooth and acquires the necessary form. Similar tasks can be performed and grinding machine. However, it is very difficult to work when it is necessary to perform subtle types of work or details too small.


Today the market has a wide selection of files. Many of the species are distinguished by versatility and can be equally well suitable for both work with wood and metal. Depending on how the working part looks like, the tools are divided into species, and everyone has its own name.

With single notch

On the surface of single files, lines are applied with direction in one direction. Usually they are used when working with soft types of metals, wood and plastic. You can also effectively apply devices for sharpening hacks, designed for wood.

With double crossed notch

Double or Cross notch looks like lines applied in two sides. As a result, a figure is formed, which looks like a rhombus. This notch is known as the cross. It is highly efficient, as it allows you to perform work at high speed. Such a tool can not only remove the metal layer, but also grind the chips in the dust. Most often, the double notch device is used when it is necessary to process solid metal, such as steel, cast iron or bronze.

It is worth noting that the main lines on the fault cannon are located at an angle of 75-80 degrees. As for additional notches, it is applied at an angle of 55 degrees.

With arc notch

Milling-arc grooves are needed in cases where it is necessary to show good quality and high speed. Files with such a kind of notches are chosen to work with wood and color types of metals.


Food called Raspil has a large teeth. This species has high performance. However, it should be borne in mind that the quality of work may not be completely desired, since the device is rather rough. It is designed for wood, stone and plastics. With metals they do not work.

Stamped files

Stamped point notch looks like small burgers on the canvas. These cutting parts are excellent, if you need to handle soft materials like leather, wood or rubber.


Nadfils are called small files with shallow notch. They are recommended to use when it is necessary to process hard-to-reach places on the details or surfaces. The devices of this species can be ordinary for metal or wood, as well as with diamond spraying – for solid surfaces (ceramics, stone, glass). Often Nadfili need jewelers and artists to create engravings.

Nozzles for power tools

Of course, manual files are distinguished by low cost, but when working with them you need to apply a lot of physical effort. Simplify grinding work, if you use an electric tool. Today, many manufacturers have automated file models. They are just as manual, divided into several types.

  • Network models high-performance and work from the usual network at 220 V. Often they are also called grinding or tape, since there is a narrow abrasive tape on the working part. The main drawback of such a device is that it is a prototype of a flat file.

  • Rechargeable tools No need for power outlet. In fact, the motor runs from the battery. The working body of the device in this case is the tape nozzle.

  • Pneumatic files When working use compressed air energy. The main advantage of the tools of this type in an affordable cost. Compressed air allows you to work with good speed. However, the device must be connected to the high pressure hose to the compressor.

It is necessary to clarify that in some skills you can use drill as a file. To do this, it is enough to choose special nozzles on it (cutters).

Types in the form of a section of the working part

Files differ in the form of the workspace. This allows you to choose the optimal tool for processing one or another surface (parts).

  • Flat devices are perfectly suitable if you need to process a flat surface.

  • Triangular or triangular tool is used to handle grooves, grooves, inner holes.

  • The square file is good to use where there is a need to make the size of the opening more. And it is suitable for registration of straight corners inside the cavities.

  • Round option is best used when it is necessary to carry out work on sharpening chains. Extremely effective devices of this type and for designing holes and surfaces with concave.

  • Semicircular tool is universal. After all, it allows and make roundings, and work with smooth surfaces.

  • The rectangular view is suitable for different surfaces, including the shaped.


The modern market presents a large number of models of files from well-known manufacturers, among which there are Japanese, Russian, Polish, Chinese and others. Husqvarna, Makita, Intertool, Master, Mega, Metabo, Bosch, Matrix, Stayer, Stihl, Vira, Topex, Metalist, Zubr, Sibrth,.

Faults on wood are characterized by a coarse notch. For their manufacture, most often used solid steel. As well as for them important handle that should be ergonomic. Experts recommend choosing not separate tools, but immediately ready sets of 3 files and more.

For beginners, you can stop your choice on the NEO Raspile Set. The kit contains round, flat and semicircular storage models. This makes it possible to engage in a large number of operations.

For the manufacture of blades of tools Manufacturer uses alloy steel high hardness steel. As for the handles, they are made from a convenient material that does not slide.

A set of wood tools from the Polish-Chinese company Topex also includes optimal forms of files. The devices are specifically designed to work with wooden blanks. Due to the length of 20 centimeters and comfortable handles, files will definitely find wide use.

Tools from Top Tools attract buyers first of all their available cost. All three files with traditional forms of BROs are made of carbon steel. This allows them to use them to work with any wood rocks. Among the shortcomings of the instruments of this manufacturer, users say uncomfortable handles.

How to work with a file?

To qualitatively handle the plane of the tree, you will need to learn how to enjoy the file. As well as compliance with some rules will avoid injury and will prolong life tool.

  • The product being processed needs pre-purification from dust and chips. To do this, you can use brushes with a soft pile. It is necessary to better appreciate how to pass the surface.

  • Wooden blanks cost in vice to get the right corner. It is possible to achieve high quality if there will be an angle of 90 degrees between the file and the bent hand.

  • When describing it is necessary to apply certain efforts right and left hand during work. Thus, wood when calculating will not be damaged.

  • Processing the surface is necessary diagonally to wood fibers. This is due to the macroscopic structure of the tree.

  • Take a file should be in my right hand and be sure to handle. Left hand should lie on the edge of the working surface. The tool make reciprocal movements. At the same time moving from yourself and on yourself.

  • For better quality you need to fit the chips with the brush.

  • Finally bring the product to the ideal view using sandpaper.

  • Upon completion of work, clean the tools.

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