What are glass fences and how to install them?

Glass fences are very often used for home improvement. For example, they can be installed on balconies, loggias or stairs. Designs made of glass are relevant both inside and outside the room. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the rules and principles of the installation of glass fencing, as well as the existing features of such structures.


Glass fences, despite their versatility, are most often used to arrange staircases. It should take into account the fact that the designs have a number of unique features and characteristics.

First of all, glass fencing can be made from different material.

Accordingly, the designs differ in each other by their mechanical and physical properties, as well as in appearance.

Another important feature of fences is that initially they are neutral in their appearance. In connection with this characteristic, the installation of structures is possible as part of any interior style. Individuality and unique glass designs give a variety of additional items and parts that each designer chooses depending on the preferences of its client, and also considering the general direction of the interior of a particular room.

The use of transparent interior elements is particularly relevant in premises, which are small in their dimensions. So you can visually expand the room or zonate it.

Like any other element of the interior, glass structures are characterized by a set of unique qualities, which, in turn, are both positive and negative. In this regard, it is quite important to evaluate everything available for and against that in the future I will not regret the decision.

The advantages of glass fences include positive qualities as:

  • aesthetically attractive appearance;
  • environmental Safety;
  • ease of care;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations and increased humidity indicators;
  • transparency;
  • long service life;
  • Simple and fast installation process.

However, it is also necessary to remember that there is a certain set of shortcomings, among them:

  • high cost and low availability;
  • In case of breakdowns, part of the fence will need to replace the entire design.

We can say that the advantages of glass fences are significantly dominated by their shortcomings. At the same time, for some users, minuses may be so significant that they will completely refuse to install such structures. Anyway, the final decision depends on the wishes, the needs and capabilities of the consumer.

Primary requirements

A number of requirements are put forward to glass designs from users and manufacturers. And most of them relate to security.

So, first of all, it should be borne in mind that the minimum height of the structures (especially if they are installed on the stairs) should be 90 cm.

This is due to the fact that glass fences must first fulfill their functional purpose, and only then – have an attractive view.

It is not recommended to install glass fences in the house where small children and pets live. This is due to the fact that in this case the probability of fence failures increases. If you still want to use glass designs, you need to make sure that it is strong enough and reliable.

The edges of glass designs must be rounded. By compliance with this requirement, you can avoid injuries and injuries.

Description of species

To date, glass designs are quite often installed in the house or apartment, they are both popular among users. In this regard, in the market you can find a wide variety of types of such designs: For example, there are all-glass, with railings, with wood, with stainless steel, on slides and other options. Today we will look at several popular classifications of glass fences.

Depending on the fastening method, several types of fences differ.

With clamping profile

Mounting glass with a clamping profile is the most popular and widespread method. This is due to the fact that the design of the construction of the construction is greatly simplified. For example, Usually, the profile of aluminum is attached to the surface, and then the glass is inserted into it.

Point fastening type

Thanks to the point fastening, there is the possibility of fixing the fencing from glass as reliable as possible. In this case, this option of attachment requires a rather large amount of time. For that To secure the glass in this way, it makes special holes, after which any fastener is inserted into it.

Using connectors

Racks are fastened to the surface, on the sides of which specially intended connectors are put on, and the fencing of glass is fixed in them.

In addition to described above, There is another classification of glass structures that subdivides them into several groups depending on the type of frame.


The designs of this type in their composition have two main details: metal and glass housing. In this case, the metal case imitates the railing, and the glass is installed inside the design. As a material manufacturing material, not only metal can be used, but also, for example, a tree. And can also meet a combination of these two materials.

It is also important that frame fences can be several types.

For example, it is customary to allocate hollow, composite (usually make them from small-sized racks, which are fastened with glass sheets) and combined (such structures consist of a metal rack, supplemented by wooden inserts) varieties.


Designs that do not have in their composition of the frame are made from a thick material, which is also attached to specially intended brackets or clamps. Such fences have no support racks. As for the handrail, they are either completely absent, or are a separate element located on top of the main design or side of it.


Designs on slides today are very popular. With the help of such a transparent fence, you can share the space of the room into two parts, and remove the partition. Wherein Glass can not only be transparent, but also matte, with a pattern or other coating.

Overview of the types of material

Modern glass fencing can be transparent, transparent, reinforced. The decisive role plays the fact that structures are made of.


Obviously, the use of such fences is relevant in those regions for which low air temperatures are peculiar (for example, the north of our country). Very often frost-resistant materials are used to arrange penthouses and shopping centers, that is, where the installation of glass fencing is relevant on the street.


The most important distinctive characteristic of tempered glass include its production method. Due to this, tempered glass acquires a number of unique qualities, namely: high level of strength, resistance to temperature drops, increased safety rates. It is important to note that tempered glass can be tinted, matte or transparent. In addition, decorative elements under the style of the interior can be applied.


In essence, the plexiglass is a material that consists of polycarbonate or acrylic glass. The distinctive characteristics of the material include its strength, durability and fire safety. It is thanks to this plexiglass especially popular and in demand among users.

Triplex system

Such material has several layers in its composition, which are combined with each other through such processes as heating and high pressure. Triplex system is distinguished by stability and safety during operation. Today, a large variety of similar materials is presented on the market: matte, colorless, tinted and mirror.

It is important to note the fact that in mechanical damage of the material, fragments are not formed, which is possible due to the presence of a special film.


Praying glass is usually used to create a variety of designs. It is distinguished by a high level of resistance in relation to low air temperatures.


Armor-piercing material is usually not used in domestic conditions, it is used only in institutions that require an increased level of security. Armored glass consists of several layers of transparent glasses. These layers are combined with a polymer, which has the ability to solidify under the influence of sunlight. The level of protection of the glass directly depends on how thick it is. In this case, the thickness indicator often varies from 15 to 30 mm.

What accessories are needed?

In order to install a glass fencing of any type, you need to use accessories. For example, you may need such details and components:

  • clamping profile;
  • mini-rack;
  • wooden handrail;
  • point mounting;
  • fasteners;
  • brackets;
  • knot.

You should use the most strong and high-quality fittings. In addition, it must be attractive in its appearance and harmoniously fit into general aesthetics.

Installation rules

In order for the glass structure to be as functional as possible and served a long period, it is necessary to comply with the rules for its installation, and also carefully calculate the required amount of material.

Installation of glass structures is performed sequentially in several stages.

  • First of all, it is necessary to choose the optimal type of glass fencing. It is from this that it depends on what type will be carried out further installation.
  • Next, it is necessary to make preparatory work: for example, make measurements, make plans and drawings.

Only after that you can proceed to the direct installation process.

There are several possible installation options.

  • Installation of glass structures between balasits – this is the most popular and widespread installation method. For its implementation, it is necessary to secure the handrails at the rack. At the same time, such orders are often made from such a solid and reliable material as stainless steel (wood or glass can be used as analog).
  • Another option – installing handrails on the glass edge. Mini racks can be used as handrails.

    The installation process itself is carried out according to such a scheme:

    • installation of racks;
    • Installation of handrails;
    • Installation of the Rigel and Glass.

    In general, it is very important to comply with all the rules and principles of the installation. Only in this case the fence will turn out to be durable and strong, and also serves a long time.

    Tips for care

    Glass designs do not require any special care. There are several simple rules.

    • To preserve an attractive appearance of the design, it is necessary to periodically wipe. In this case, cleaning can be wet or dry. In the first case, you can use special detergents for glasses that remove dust, dirt, fingerprints and other unwanted pollution.
    • If you have noticed a crack or bulk glass, then you need to immediately replace part (or even the whole) design.

    Compliance with these rules of care will increase the service life of your glass fencing.

    How to install glass fencing, look in the following video.

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