What and how to rinse the paint?

Often, special paintopults are used for painting various products and structures. In order for such devices to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to wash them in a timely manner. Currently, there are a large number of different means and methods in order to thoroughly clean such a device.

What is needed for cleaning?

For cleansing kraskopultu, there may be a number of substances and devices.

  • Solvent. If you used water-soluble paint, then you can prepare and simply clean water.

  • Clean capacity. At the same time, it should be made of material that is resistant to solvents.

  • Rag. At the same time, it should not be durable so that the particles do not remain on the spray during the procedure.

  • Brushes. It is better to prepare special brushes in advance designed to clean up such devices, they have the best to do with stiffness.

  • Key of a certain size. It will be needed to unscrew the device head.

  • Means of protection. These first include protective gloves made from material, resistant to solvents.

Stages of work

In order to properly clean the paint paint with your own hands, you should spend several separate stages. Consider each of them separately.


To begin with, the device will need to disassemble for a more comfortable and high-quality car wash. To do this, you need to remove the tank. At the same time, you can pull out the needle by reloading a special adjusting screw from behind, and the needle itself is removed through this hole.

Then carefully remove the air head.

So that the nozzle can be easily unscrewed, you will have to use the key from the set. Suitable tool is selected, and nozzle is unscrewed with it.

Next will have to unscrew the distribution ring. To do this, it is better to take the hex and precipitant keys.

The subsequent assembly of the product will be made in the reverse order, and necessarily consider that Fix the camshaft lining is needed by jumpers strictly over the openings for air flow.

Flushing parts

When the device is completely disassembled, you can proceed to the direct washing of the product. It is best to rinse all the details immediately after use. Most often, such devices are used in spraying soil, paint or special varnish mixed with hardener. Such components can not be left for a long time, otherwise they dried, and laundering them later will be much more difficult.

To rinse the paint gun after epoxy soil or paint, you should pour the solvent into the tank, it is tightly close and well shake so that the tool can affect the entire surface completely.

For such cleanings, it is best to use the composition of the grade 646, you can also take acetone. Sometimes the solvent is replaced by gasoline A95. But the last case is applied extremely rarely, because after processing this substance, a gun, intended for paint, will still need additional cleaning with other cleaning agents.

Next, it will be necessary to clear all the holes available in the product and channels. To do this, they should be carefully treated with rigid rash, which most often goes in one set along with the gun for spraying paint and soil.

Special attention deserves washing nozzles. This item needs to be especially carefully cleaned from frozen paint, varnish or soil.

Purging with compressed air

When all the parts of the collapse will be fully cleaned, the gun must be cleaned with compressed air. Do it in order to get rid of all small residues of coloring substances, primers on the surface.

At this stage, the device is neatly connected to the air hose and begin to spray the remaining detergent. Can be sprayed on woven material. You do not need to use the entire solvent immediately, it will be quite enough and a small amount, but it should be waiting for a clean solution to come.


After the paintopult is fully cleaned and processed, you can proceed to its reverse assembly. At this stage, you will need to implement the same actions as when disassembling, but in reverse order. In addition, the needle will need to be pre-treated with special lubrication – it will extend the operational term of the product. But at the same time The composition should not get on the edge of the element.

It is categorically impossible to twist the tank in its place with excessive effort after cleaning. After all, the remaining particles of varnish or paint during drying can simply glue the landing threaded part to such an extent that it will be almost impossible to unscrew the tank.

Useful advice

If you are going to clean the paint spray, then you need to remember some of the Soviets.

  • Use of individual protective equipment. Before proceeding with this procedure, it is necessary to wear rubber thick gloves to protect the skin from the negative impact of solvents.
  • Careful needle. This element of the device is quite easy to bend, and even the smallest bend can lead to the fact that it will have to be replaced with the painting head.
  • Using the purge or wipe. These procedures allow you to get rid of small particles of old paint or soil after full cleaning. If you just wipe the surface of the device, then it is better to choose soft woven materials.
  • Using soft rams. Metal samples should not be used or products that have abrasive particles at the ends. After all, such devices can hardly damage the air head.
  • Regular lubricants. All parts of the collapse must be lubricated with special protective compositions, carry out such procedures worth not less than once a week.

Also, do not forget that all the details that began to wear and break should be immediately changed to new so that all the product can work correctly. In stores you can meet whole sets with spare parts for this equipment.

Some users are simply poured into the spray gun, the solvent and carefully shake, all this is repeated several times in a row. Such a way can only be suitable if there will be only a rough painting in the future, it will not be able to approach this option.

To contain such a paint sprayer is always clean, you need to remember how to rinse the spray crawle after each painting. This is important for the formation of a good torch in the future, at the expense of which it turns out a qualitative and most uniform coating, creating an absolutely smooth layer, without non-crushed places and sublishes. If the device is not well cleaned enough, then the product will function much worse, it may even lead to the fact that in the process of work from the tool, small particles of old pigment coating will be departed.

Next, see the videos about how to wash the crawle.

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