We choose the Metabo screwdriver

Metabo screwdrivers are a popular electrical appliances with impressive performance that meets all modern safety requirements. In retail chains, they are presented quite widely, the company regularly produces new products to the market, ensures the improvement of the already existing model range.

Mobile rechargeable versions of equipment, allowing you to work autonomously, without connecting to the electrical network.

Brand features

Metabowerke GmbH, producing branded products under its own brand, is located in German Nyuringen. The company has been operating since 1924 and originally wore the name of one of its founders – Schnizler. His modern name company is wearing since 1929. Under the Metabo brand since 2007, absolutely the entire range of the company’s goods. Among the achievements of the company, it is possible to single out the introduction of LiHD-Akku technology in the production of battery equipment, which is considered one of the most advanced on the market.

The main specialization of the brand today is the release of non-volatile equipment for handmade. The product range includes an ush, drill, jigsaws, saws, strokeses, screwdrivers, Advanced time to maintain work without additional recharging. Customer Reviews about compact accessories for repair and construction Metabo are predominantly positive.

Rechargeable models of screwdrivers produced by a brand will appreciate and amateur masters, and professionals using such equipment every day.


Among the main characteristics of Metabo screwdrivers can be allocated:

  • Compact dimensions;
  • a wide selection of high-speed modes with convenient switching;
  • energy-intensive batteries;
  • secure network cords;
  • Charger included;
  • a set of spare parts (spare brushes) as a supplement;
  • protected from dust hit by cast housing ergonomic shape;
  • Reducer with aluminum shell, well-distinguished heat;
  • Built-in fast-mode cartridge;
  • illumination of the working area;
  • Impact resistance – power tools withstand fall from a two-meter height without damage to design details.

    Among the important characteristics of Metabo screwdrivers You can note the presence in separate models of the pulse mode of operation. It makes it possible to extract stuck tapping screws, drill porcelain and tiled coverage without additional effort.

    Another useful feature, Expanding the capabilities of the screwdriver – a shock module that allows you to imitate the work of the perforator. LED backlight with directional action consumes minimum of energy, facilitates work in dark rooms and in hard-to-reach areas.

    The most important characteristic is torque. In domestic models, it does not exceed 10-15 nm. Professional tool options can operate at 130 nm.

    The higher the torque, the easier it takes work with solid materials.


    Choosing the Metabo screwdriver, the features of the accumulator model 18 volts should be clarified in advance. It is considered the most popular among semi-professional and quite suitable for regular applications. The series produces a fairly wide range of universal options.

    All kinds produced by the brand Metabo screwdrivers can be divided into three large categories.

    • Network, Typically, 5 m long cord sufficient for free movement inside one room. The screwdrity has no restrictions on the duration of work, has a higher power. Such models are often released in the combined version.

    Drill-screwdriver can not work not only with self-draws, but also with drills of various diameters. The shock module allows you to replace the perforator with small amounts of work.

    • Rechargeable. Among these types of equipment, you can find brushless models with efficiency by 30% higher than other analogs, and classic collector solutions. 18 volt Metabo Cordvituer Demonstrates High Performance and Energy Efficiency. Most have a reverse button, emergency stop. Such features of rechargeable models, as compactness and mobility, make them really convenient for use.

    Universal options are available for screwing the ice womb and the provision of small household services – they are usually enlarged by the total working resource.

    • Tape. Focused on continuous operation with automatic screws of screws to bits. Categories the category of professional working tools, equipped with network power sources. Apply mainly in frame construction, when creating exhibition stands and partitions.

    Rating models

    Metabo screwdriver models show that they fully justify their status of the modern market leaders. The price of most goods in the line is higher than the average. But the use of new technologies allows to significantly increase the working resource of battery and network equipment, increase its performance and safety. Which models are regularly becoming consumer ranking leaders?

    For mounting ceilings and other structures at high height, the best option is considered compact Metabo SE 4000. The network model weighs only 1.1 kg, gives up to 4400 rpm at idle, equipped with a 5 m cable. Power consumption is 600 W. The built-in button of the retainer allows the operator to keep the trigger pressed without effort.

    For roofing, option number 1 is Metabo DWSE 6.3. The model develops torque up to 18 nm, easily connects wood and metal, weighs only 2 kg. Technique supports operation in reversing mode, the start button is fixed in a specified position. Special cartridge designed to facilitate the shift of the bit.

    At idle develops speed up to 2100 rpm.

    Metabo SE 6000 can be highlighted among specialized belt models Metabo. The model is equipped with a device for feeding screws, develops speed up to 6000 rpm when consumed no more than 600 W. Additional nozzle allows you to quickly recharge the feed. Two handles make work with a more comfortable technique.

    The screwdrity has a small weight – 1.1 kg, equipped with a long five-meter cord, supports work with self-draws of 19-100 mm long, can be used without nozzle.

    Among the battery models it is worth allocating several leaders at once.

    • Ultra-compact Metabo Powermaxx BS. Able to work up to 8 hours without recharging, equipped with a second spare battery standard capacity by 2 A / h. Rubber coating of the handle, the presence of reversal, backlight, switching speeds provide convenience in use in all conditions. Despite the compact size and mass of 900 grams, the model is suitable for drilling ice and performing a drill function when working with wood and metal.
    • Powerful and energy-intensive Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 4.0. Screwdrift designed for the maximum long-standing offline work, operation when screwing the screws with a large diameter (up to 8 mm). Two handles and quick-release cartridges allow you to translate the model to drill mode. Pulse mode is maintained, in stock The electrain brake for emergency stop.
    • Metabo BS 18 LT-BL / LiHD. Model of a new generation in a compact case with an innovative battery for 4 A / h. The screwdriver is adapted for cyclical work with maximum intensity, uses modern cooling mechanisms. Developed torque reaches 60 nm.

    All modern models of screwdrivers from the famous German brand are focused on solving specific tasks and are suitable for professional use.

    Tips for choosing

    When choosing Metabo’s screwdrivers, it is worth considering their technical specifications, and additional features. Removable equipment included – interchangeable brushes and bits, angular nozzle can be very useful. The type of power element is also important. Network models are mostly suitable for servicing buildings and structures, performing small repair and finishing. It is important to pay attention to the length of the network cord.

    Rechargeable solutions, depending on the modification, support work for 8-48 hours without recharging.

    They are more mobile and compact, one or two additional batteries are most often included. Most Often in Metabo models there is a lithium battery for a screwdriver, the most reliable and energy efficient. It has a compact size, as a rule, is fully accommodated in the equipment handle.

    If an important component of choice is the price, you can buy nickel – cadmium options. Elements of food here are more massive, have a smaller service life, but it will be much cheaper. Type of cartridge – another cornerstone of successful shopping.

    If it is possible, it is better to choose a model with a universal quick-swampling cartridge that supports work with drills and bits of different diameter.

    Voltage also matters. The minimum is considered to be 12 volts. It is used in household models, is considered sufficient for assembling furniture and home use in solving economic issues. The most powerful versions of the screwdrivers have a voltage of 18 volts, Can work with metal and wood, support drum or pulse drilling.

    How to choose a battery on a screwdriver drill

    All rechargeable models of screwdriver drills are equipped with three types of power items.

    1. Lihd – The most advanced development, installed on new techniques manufactured after 2015. Electrochemical battery may have a capacity in the range from 4.0 to 8.0 a / h, with power 400-3200 W. High charging speed is combined with a long service life.
    2. Li-Ion. Compact solutions are focused on continuous operation. Different fast charging and high security, have low weight. Can quickly lose the accumulated energy at low atmospheric temperatures. Akb is equipped with a recovery function. Their energy can be filled if the stock is not fully spent.
    3. Ni-CD – Nickel – Cadmium models are distinguished by a discharge resistance at low temperature operation, provide a large supply capacity of the charge. Pretty heavy and massive in comparison with modern counterparts.

    When choosing a battery, instead of the option, it is worth paying attention to its type and name of the model.

    In addition, if you plan to use the charger already available in the presence, you can apply an adapter that provides the ability to connect all AKB to one network power source.

    Subtleties of operation

    What you need to know, starting the Metabo screwdrivers? First of all – carefully examine the instructions. It contains the main recommendations for the use of technology. Besides, There are a number of important and useful tips on the use of such equipment emanating from professional installers, roofers, finishes.

    1. The presence of torque adjustment is a convenient option. It is worth using if you need to withstand a certain depth of immersion of the cutting part of the screw into the material. In addition, the reasonable use of the limiter reduces bits.
    2. Drills-screwdrivers support two modes: drilling and screwing. Switching is performed using a clutch ratchet, too frequent transition from one option to another can speed up its wear.
    3. When choosing a screwdriver for winter fishing, it is worth choosing models with a torque of about 95 nm. They are enough for penetration into the thicker of ice a depth of 70 cm 35-45 holes. Also worth paying attention to the type of cartridge. For normal drilling, a standard quick-inspection option will fit. To twisted the bora, it is better to take models with the Quick series cartridges, allowing the reverse without risk of a breakdown of the screw head that performs the role of the clamp.

    Metabo screwdrivers – a good solution for those who want to purchase high-quality rechargeable equipment for domestic use. A wide range of products allows each user to choose the optimal solution for itself in accordance with the capacity and functionality of the equipment.

    Next, see the video review of the Metabo Powermaxx BS Basic screwdriver.

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