We choose the Bort screwdrivers

In the process of construction, shallow or large repair, require a set of certain tools, among which the screwdriver is most often present. Today, such products are offered by many manufacturers, in the list of which the Bort brand is occupied by a special place. It highlights a wide range of products intended for operation in household and professional spheres.

General characteristics

Today, some tools that have only had professional builders until recently, you can see almost every home among the familiar hammers and passatia. This category includes screwdrivers. Products have a lot of positive properties, in the light of what has been deserved popularity. First of all, this is due to the size of the useful tool, as well as its effectiveness. It greatly facilitates the execution of a number of construction and repair tasks, reducing time and labor costs. And the mobility and silentness of almost all models of the screwdrivers makes them indispensable assistants in many matters relating to the construction and small domestic repairs.

Under this category of tools there is a range of products of the BORT brand, which is inherent in some common characteristics.

  • Used devices allow you to increase the volume of work performed.
  • In addition to increasing productivity, the use of the tool in the work has a positive effect on the quality of the screws created by the screws to the selected surface.
  • Product line belongs to the class of construction tools intended for average performance. This nuance makes it possible to apply devices in everyday life and in a professional construction sector.
  • The proposed brand tool is divided into two main groups based on energy. The first type includes network devices, to the second – tools, the principle of operation of which is based on batteries.

  • As for the screwdrivers, which operate from the power outlet, the power consumption is 280 W, and the torque varies in the range of 10.5 – 35 nm. Rechargeable devices have a lower power, which is 10.8 – 18 W, with a torque from 7 to 38 nm.
  • The BORT trading mark provides a warranty on the entire line of the available screwdrivers, as a rule, it is 36 months from the date of purchase.
  • Tools have a quick-swampling cartridge.
  • At idle the maximum number of rotations is 550 revolutions per minute.
  • All devices have a stopper.
  • In addition, the tools have additional functionality, for example, smooth adjustment of rotation.
  • Feature of the line of toolbar board is multifunctionality. Therefore, network and rechargeable screwdrivers can be used as drilling instruments. Products can work on metal and wood.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any construction products have a number of positive and negative characteristics. As for the BORT screwdrivers, the following strengths of the instrument should be highlighted.

  • Models are equipped with speed switching system, thanks to which you can quickly change the torque. In addition, there is a function of adjusting the spindle speed, and a number of screwdrivers is equipped with a system of blocking its rotation.
  • Spindle can work with nozzles with a diameter of up to 10 mm.
  • The tool operating from the network is capable of functioning under voltage from 220-230 W, rechargeable options – 18 volts.
  • The devices are equipped with a function that allows you to accurately calculate the contact angle with the working surface.
  • For the convenience of construction work, the drill-screwdriver board has an additional flashlight on the housing, which will be useful in low lighting of the working area.
  • Each tool of this brand is implemented in conjunction with the case, equipped with a number of accessories for subsequent maintenance of the instrument and effective work with it.

  • According to reviews, the tools of this series are highlighted by their ergonomic and compact dimensions. Screwdrivers are convenient to operate, storage and transportation to the construction site. As a rule, in the assembled state, the mass of products is about 2 kilograms. For additional convenience in the course of work and to prevent slip, all handles of the proposed models have an anti-slip surface.
  • Rechargeable types of screwdrivers do not have wires to feed from the electrical network, which increases their mobility. In addition, similar types of tools are in demand for operation where there is no possibility to work with electrical devices. According to the responses of specialists, a screwdriver with an additional battery can perform its functions throughout the work shift.
  • The configuration of the tool allows you to replace the nozzle used by one hand, even subject to the use of bimuft cartridge.
  • From the positive side, you can characterize Li-Ion batteries that are equipped with brand tools, since this type is highlighted in a very low self-discharge. The battery does not require regular recharging during continuous storage without operation. The advantage of such devices is also the absence of a “memory effect”, due to which it can be charged regardless of the current battery state. The battery is charged fairly quickly, so you can even replenish the screwdriver power even with small interruptions in the work.
  • In the battery tools there is a special system for monitoring the device, which will automatically shut down when dangerous situations.

Despite the above positive features of the device, BORT screwdrivers are not deprived of some flaws.

  • Available highlighting needs to be improved because it is not able to ensure the coverage of the entire working surface. The flashlight starts to work only when the screwdriver is transmitted, in most cases the additional light source is needed even during the installation of the tool under the desired angle.
  • Standard package of case with a tool is not always enough. This applies to the list of available bits and drills that have to acquire additionally.


Available assortment of screwdrivers is represented by the following models of the building tool.

BAB-120-P series

This option is the most budget type of screwdriver. It refers to the battery type, which is completed with the charger and the necessary spare parts. Products are distinguished by the presence of two-way bits, which facilitates most of the repair tasks. The tool works with metal and wood. The average duration of full battery charging is 4 hours.

Board Wav-14.4U-Lik

The tool is positioned as a drill and screwdriver in one person. The popularity of the device is due to the high quality characteristics of the battery, which demonstrates the excellent performance indicators during operation.


The tool is in demand at the expense of its dimensions, thanks to which the fame of the “pocket” screwdriver. Production weight is within one kilogram, as for functionality, the indicators of this tool are in the range of 1,3A / h by 10.8 W.

Features of choice

To correctly pick up a working tool, should be guided by a number of moments.

  • Determining clear objectives of the acquired device. For frequent use and serious amounts of work, you should give preference to professional models from the proposed range of brand. Such a device is designed for large loads and a long mode of continuous operation. In addition, such tools will be highlighted with greater power. For household needs, you can buy a less powerful unit, which will also be at times cheaper.
  • Convenience and ergonomics of products. The model you like before buying it is necessary to test it in mind – take into your hands, feel how comfortable it will be in work. The screwdriver is selected individually.

  • Studying the characteristics of the model you like. This applies to performance, warranty conditions. The tool must work regularly on low revs, so the presence of the gearbox is fundamental. A good recent generation screwdriver must have an electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions, as well as a reliable double isolation.
  • Battery. The more its power, the hardest will be the aggregate itself, as well as its dimensions. The optimal value of the power is considered to be indicators within 12-14 volts.
  • As for the torque, this parameter is selected based on the purpose of the device. For household needs, 10-15 nm can be limited, as for performance in large volumes, in this case, models are selected with indicators within 90-130 nm.


As a rule, devices are equipped with native cartridges that allow you to quickly and without even efforts to replace the nozzles. However, there are models with a bimph cartridge. Among the list of spare parts included in the basic equipment of screwdrivers board should be noted such details:

  • For battery devices, manufacturers include an additional battery set;
  • charging for the electrical network;
  • nozzles;
  • Holder for nozzles;
  • belt for carrying the device on the belt;
  • instructions for the tool and other warranty documentation;
  • Plastic or Textile Bag.


According to the responses of professional builders, the BORT brand screwdrivers are highlighted by an acceptable ratio of the price and quality of products. As practice shows, tools with high power and devices used for minor repairs are highlighted by productivity and greater operational period. Failure, breakdowns are extremely rare. Thanks to regular upgrades, the tools of this line of goods are able to facilitate the execution of standard tasks due to additional functions as the backlight, level and anti-slip pad on the handle.

In the work, the screwdriver positions itself as a device that produces the necessary manipulations, whether drilling or twisting, without even difficult labor and voltage on the part of the worker

About how to choose a BORT screwdriver for home and household needs, see the following video.

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