We choose spilk crags for the welder

When conducting various welding work, you must comply with special safety rules. Each welder before starting welding should wear a special equipment. An important place occupy crags. They are dense large protective gloves. Today we will talk about such spilch products.


Spilkiy crags for welders are distinguished by a particular density of the bottom material is predetermined by heat-shielding substances. Such techniques have good elasticity, they will be most comfortable in the process of welding.

Most often, spilch gloves are made with a robust insulation layer. These models will protect the welder from mechanical damage, elevated temperatures, sparks. They often act as winter options.

Views and models

Currently in stores you can find spilk gloves for welders of various types. The main options can be attributed to several options.

Gloves with kevlar

Such varieties can be produced in two variations. They can be in the form of a five-pile protective glove, which is firmly sewn from two different materials – such samples are also called combined.

The second option involves thinner products made of sprocket, stitched by a special thread Kevlar.

Bobby models

Such protective gloves appear with insulated tight mittens. Such mittens can significantly reduce the load on the hand in the process of welding. It is these samples that provide maximum protection against temperature effects of human skin. Most often they are used at electrode welding.

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Threepiled models

These gloves provide a separate place for large and index fingers. Like gloves with Kevlarom, they can be produced in two different variations. The first assumes a warmed protective product, the length of which starts from 35 centimeters. They have an extended fool, so they can be quickly and easily removed if necessary. Insulated varieties make with artificial fur lining, cotton fabric with high density. The second option involves combined mittens: they are produced with small inserts from the textile base placed on the back side. Special strengthened areas will be located on the palms. The inner lining is also most often made from cotton fabric.

Sometimes instead of it use double sprocket or tarpaulin.

To date, manufacturers can offer a large number of such protective gloves for welders. The most popular models among consumers include a series of samples.

Gigant SPL1

Such a model will be the best option for workers employed in metallurgical production. They provide excellent skin protection from splashes and sparks when welding. These gloves are made of a split, they do not have lined. The length of the model is 35 centimeters.

Gauntlets belong to five plated species.

“KS-12 Kevlar”

Such spilk models have an increased level of fire resistance, in addition, they are quite difficult to cut through, burn the flame. Gloves are produced with a thick insulation. The palm has an additional soft lining, providing maximum comfort in the process of welding.

This sample is sewn with a durable thread Kevlar.

Gigant LUX SPL2

This protective model for welders, made of high quality sprocket, perfectly protects the skin from hot splashes, sparks during operation. These mittens are produced without insulating material, but at the same time they still have quite a big density. The total length of such products is 35 centimeters.

They belong to the group of five-plated species.

“Atlant standard tdh_atl_gl_03”

Crague data for welders are made of softer material. They have an extra layer made of fleece. As well as the insulation lining is also provided, it is created from the mixture tissue (it includes polyester and natural cotton). Seams on the product are additionally reinforced with small inserts from the sprocket.

The length of the mittens is 35 centimeters.

Gigant “Driver G-019”

These all-pin models are specifically designed to protect the skin from exposure to low temperatures, punctures and possible cuts. The sample is performed from a high-quality spoon (its thickness should not be less than 1.33 mm).

On the wrist of gloves there is a tight gum – it allows you to ensure the most reliable fixation, the products will not fly away in the process of welding.

Gigant “Angara G-029”

Such combined spilkovy products provide good protection against low temperatures, from contaminants formed during welding. They are distinguished by a special level of strength and durability.

A variety is produced with small inserts made of natural cotton.

How to choose?

When choosing protective gloves, you should pay attention to some points. If you plan to carry out welding in cold rooms, it is better to give preference to winter models with thick linings from dense tissues. They can not only protect hands from possible damage, but will not allow them to freeze.

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If you select a model with a lining, be sure to look at the material from which it is made. In this case, special attention should be paid to those who have allergies to certain types of tissues.

Consider the type of product: mittens, five plated, bib or three-layered models. In this case, the choice will depend on the individual preferences.

Pay attention to the structure of the material, be sure to check it on integrity – it should not be cuts and other damage.

How to care?

To maintain welding gloves from such material in good condition, it should be guided by some important rules for care. So, Remember that they are recommended to regularly process with special water repellent compositions.

You can also apply special aerosol solutions on them that contribute to the prevention of pollution of the material. Before cleaning the mittens, if necessary, it is better to completely dry at room temperature.

The cleaning material itself can be carried out with a rubber brush.

If there are greasy spots on gloves, they should be sprinkled with Talc or put a little gasoline on them.

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