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Lifting equipment – a very responsible type of technology. therefore Choose Rhombic jacks with a load of 2 tons need to be as thoroughly, given its capabilities and purpose. In addition, these devices are divided into several varieties, each of which has its own nuances.


Modern rhombic jack, having a load capacity of 2 tons, allows you to raise a car or a motorcycle to a height of 0.5 m. Models of jacks of this type are usually supplied with a car.

Car owners note the following advantages of rhombic lifting mechanisms:

  • easy to execute;
  • relatively light;
  • rarely need some kind of repair;
  • But if any problems arise – they are easily repaired.

From the classic rhombic jack does not flow oil, since it is simply not in this device. therefore This option is better than the hydraulic counterpart. There are no work cameras that are available in portable pneumatic models, so it will not be able to pierce anything. Supporting surface in such a design is quite reliable.

But with all this it is necessary to note the disadvantages:

  • relatively high price;
  • the need to spend their own muscular forces;
  • Not enough big workforce.

The design of a rhombic jack is simple. The key property of the rhombus is symmetry. When the enabarity of one diagonal changes, the second becomes larger, and the total length of the perimeter does not change. You can adjust one diagonal using a car thread axis. When it is twisted, two closest angle are tightened, and two distances – diverge. This creates a lifting effect.

How to choose?

IMPORTANT: It is better to choose such a mechanism whose load capacity covers the owner’s needs. Exceeding permissible carrying capacity can turn into an even serious injury if someone will work under the raised machine.

It is necessary to understand that the limit mass of the passenger car may exceed its passport mass by 200-300 kg. This is important even for those who do not fill the trunk to failure.

Another actual moment – Clearance of a car that differs from different models.

The overwhelming majority of rhombic jacks With a mechanical base are created to pick up cargo at a minimum of 10 cm. Problems may occur when working with a fit-profile sports machines. Especially in the case when one more wheel is lowered. Many lifting mechanisms in such a situation will simply not stand for a designated place. And will have to somehow solve this problem.

If you judge from this point of view, it turns out that SUVs, jeeps and other cars with large road lumen is much more convenient for maintenance. Under them you can safely put any jack. However, not everything is so easy and simple as it seems. It is also important that this jack will do next. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the height of the lift, as it is an indicator of the working stroke. The greater the suspension, the more this indicator should be, otherwise it will not be “sang” the problem wheel will not be released.

And a few more recommendations regarding the choice of the lift:

  • carefully study the reviews;
  • contact only solid stores;
  • do not strive to buy a cheaper model;
  • Refuse to buy products category Noname.


Mechanical type of rhombic jack Measures the axis in motion using a connecting rod handle. Some options are improved – the ratchet is embedded in the handle, which is useful with a lack of free space. Part of the firms began to produce rhombic jacks with electrical drive. They simplify work even with cars having a lot of mass. But at the same time will quickly discharge the battery.

It is bad that the height of the lift at the jack of the rhombic design can not reach more than 0.5 m. If you need to raise a car to a big height, it is worth preferred to prefer another jack type – Reiki.

Hydraulic drive increases the lifting capacity of the jack, but its sizes also become greater. Pneumatic aggregate more relevant to work with a truck or bus. Screw version of the jack implies the presence of a free nut and gearbox. But working with it should be careful.

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