Wallpaper under the stone in the interior

Nowadays, the dwelling can be issued as a soul, and for this it is not necessary to buy expensive materials of noble origin. Very presentable and aesthetically in many interiors it looks like a stone wall decoration. Modern consumers can replace expensive natural material similar attractive wallpaper. About them and go today.


Wallpaper, imitating stone, is difficult to call a novelty in the building materials market, as such canvases were popular in the Soviet Union. Since then, of course, the technology of manufacturing such wallpapers has changed much and modernized, from which their relevance only increased.

By its structure, these materials do not differ from traditional coatings. They have the same composition, and even the nuances of their sticking are similar to traditional wallpaper. Their main difference is the appearance showing a beautiful stone masonry. Some canvases have both a similar texture that makes them even more spectacular.

Realistic of these beautiful materials for the inner wall decoration is achieved by unusual painting of cloths in several layers of various paint coatings, which in the general union give diverse shades. No less interesting and attractive wallpaper looks, in the creation of which non-standard technologies applying paints. These materials occur a little less, but they look more original and smart.

The most common are paper and moisture-resistant wallpapers. They can be separated not only an entrance hall, living room or bedroom, but also a bathroom or kitchen.

However, it is worth considering that such options are not the most durable, so for many years of their service, you can not hope for the time: during our operation, such wallpapers are often losing the form or fade.

These shortcomings lead to the fact that the attractive appearance of the imitation of the stone loses its charm and stops decorating the room.

Of course, except for paper canvases, there are still many different options on the finishing materials market. It can be flieslinic or vinyl copies. They are more expensive than paper, but they serve much longer and look no worse.


Fashionable wallpapers, imitating stone, have a number of important advantages for which many consumers choose them.

Consider their details.

  • First of all, you should highlight a wonderful design of such cloths. With their help, you can transform the interior and make a highlight to it. Wallpaper under stone can be blocked on all the walls in the room or only one, forming an attractive accent detail;
  • There are not very expensive such wallpaper, since their basis is similar to simple canvases;
  • To finish the walls such materials, it is not necessary to attract specialists at all and spend extra money. With such work it is quite possible to cope with your own;

  • It is worth noting that with the help of “stone” wallpapers, you can make up a variety of compositions on the walls. Thus, it will be possible to change the layout and proportions of the room;
  • Many consumers choose wallpaper for stone, not artificial or natural stone masonry, as they are much easier to remove from the walls in the process of plywood. Removal of stone masonry will be more difficult and longer;
  • Wallpaper for stone, as a rule, have an optimal width, due to which the surfaces of the walls will not be viewed with coarse and non-accurate joints during combinations of them with different wall coatings. For example, it can be moldings or borders;
  • In addition, the range of these finishing materials is great today. This suggests that you can find the perfect option for every taste, style and, of course, the budget.


Fashionable and attractive wallpapers, imitating stone, today are represented by the broadest assortment.

Consider the most relevant and demanded varieties of these finishing materials.

  • Paper. These classic wallpapers are inexpensive and boasting environmentally friendly, as they consist of pure cellulose. Almost any drawings can be on such canvases, whether the rocky pattern or spectacular wild stone. However, paper wallpaper do not differ in durability. Also, they can not be washed. Exceptions are only the canvas with a special impregnation. Such options will serve longer, and they can be washed, but they will be more expensive;
  • Vinyl. Such wallpaper options are greatly popular, as it is inexpensive and are unpretentious to use. Before their pasting, you do not need long and scrupulously prepare the surface of the walls. This is explained by the fact that, for example, foamed vinyl without difficulty hides any defects and irregularities on partitions. In addition, the vinyl canvas perfectly imitate the relief of the stone. In the conditions of careful operation, such wallpapers serve very long and easily wash;

  • Fiberglass. Such wallpapers appeared quite recently and are a novelty in the building materials market. These canvas are produced, which forms special fibers connected to yarn. After that, it rows directly from it;
  • Photo wallpaper. An image of a stone on the surface of these wallpapers is as close as possible to these materials. However, such products have all the shortcomings inherent in paper options. They do not differ in durability and wear resistance. They are easy to damage, and they are not relief. Wallpaper on woven bases look more interesting (for example, tapestry). There are also self-adhesive canvas that can be easily and quickly cross, without applying harm material;

  • Fliselinovye. Similar canvases appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, but have already managed to conquer frantic popularity. The relevance of such materials is due to their attractive appearance, excellent performance and light pasta. Moreover, these wallpapers can be repainted to 5 times;
  • Acrylic. Wallpaper with acrylic spraying under natural material boasts strength, durability and beautiful breathability that protects material from the formation of fungus and mold. Special care they do not require and stand inexpensively;
  • Gypsum. Such finishing materials are more reminiscent of gypsum embossed panels with a beautiful texture glued to the perfectly flat surface of the walls. Gypsum web today are represented by a huge assortment. They are easy to handle, so in stores you can find options with the most different “stone” prints of all possible shades;
  • Flexible. Similar canvases are also a novelty in the Russian market. They are an excellent alternative to the cargo and expensive stone. Such materials are manufactured on special technology using sandstone (a little less often – gypsum) applied to the woven base. After that, the surface of the canvase is painted. Coloring can be absolutely any.

Color solutions

Currently, the spectacular wallpaper for stone is made in a wide variety of color solutions. With their help, you can decorate both the whole area of ​​the walls and a certain partition or its small plot.

The most popular colors of stylish stone wallpapers are.

  • All shades of brown, from gently caramel to dark chocolate;
  • Neutral gray;
  • Golden shade of stone;
  • Snow-white shade diluted with soft gray paints;
  • Monophonic beige or diluted by more rich “stones” of red and gentle brown;
  • Shade of coffee with milk;
  • Luxurious marble color with black splashes.

Often, one cloth combines several close shades in itself. Such materials look especially alive and interesting. However, monophonic options look in the interior no less stylish and rich.

If you pick up a stone wallpaper for pasting only on one wall or on its particular area, it is better not to give preference to one-photon variants of the same with the other color surfaces. For example, against the background of snow-white floors, the same bright “stones” will simply dissolve.

It is better to choose a canvas, different from the main finish on a couple of tones or contrasting with it.

Review manufacturers

Beautiful and high-quality wallpapers for stone today offer many brands.

It is recommended to seek buying such a finish in order not to stumble upon low-quality products.

Consider several popular manufacturers producing canvases that are in great demand.

  • “Malachite Stone”. This large manufacturer offers to choose from buyers not only wallpaper under stone, but also facade panels, borders and even steps for staircases from artificial stone. Products of this Russian company boast a huge assortment of finishing materials of various price categories;
  • TPK “Flexible Stone”. This is another popular Russian manufacturer, producing inexpensive, but very beautiful wallpaper for stone. The range of TPK “Flexible Stone” is very diverse and represented by the canvas of various shades and textures. In addition, many finishing materials are provided with a good discount, which makes the products of this company even more popular;

  • Rstones. This company is a Russian manufacturer of decorative artificial stone and beautiful wallpaper imitating stone. Rstones canvas are environmentally friendly, have a small weight, we have moisture resistance and are well suited for a variety of interior styles;
  • “Rococo”. In the workshop “Rococo” for more than 10 years, high-quality and attractive wallpapers for stone are made. In the production of branded finishing materials apply only eco-friendly and wear-resistant materials, providing finished products excellent performance characteristics.

How to choose?

To the selection of wallpaper under the stone should be approached responsibly, so as not to be disappointed in the perfect purchase.

For this you need to rely on the following criteria.

  • Performance. The right choice of one or another type of wallpaper should depend on the specific room in which you want to beat them. For example, paper canvases are not recommended to glue in rooms with high humidity or in places where they can be easily damaged. For such premises, it is better to choose phlizelin or acrylic options;
  • Colour. Wallpapers must be harmoniously looked in the interior. To do this, it is necessary to accommodately approach the selection of their colors. Depending on the situation, they can be contrasted with the rest of the elements, and combine with them by shade. It all depends on the personal preferences of the owners and stylistics of the interior;

  • Manufacturer. Contact only the famous and popular firms producing wallpapers for stone so as not to come across the short and unreliable goods;
  • Price. Heavyly cheap canvases should call you doubts, with the exception of simple paper options. Suspiciously low price may indicate poor product quality.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Textured and dark stone wallpapers with a relief surface is desirable to glue in spacious rooms and dilute them with light tones. For example, in a long corridor, only one wall can be saved in such materials, and the overlooking the contrary – to separate the cream plaster.

Beige cloths under the stone will become a bright emphasis on a dark coffee room with a light glossy floor and the same light furniture.

“Stone” wallpaper can be separated space around the entrance doors or arches in the room. For example, on the background of the corridor decorated with pastel colors, it will be great to look at the doorway, decorated with decorative canvases under the stone of red and cream shade with rough edges.

How to choose wallpaper for stone in the interior, see the following video.

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