Wallpaper in the hallway, imitating brick

Hallway is the first thing to see people entering the house. That is why this room can be bolder to call the dwelling card. Of course, it must be made as stylishly as possible and harmoniously so that the guests admire the hosts of the owners, and the owners – rejoiced the beauty of their home.

Today there are a great set of finishing materials, with which it is possible to give a particular attraction to the interior. In this article we will talk about the trendy and original wallpaper imitating brick.

Features and advantages

Wallpapers are used to finish the premises for a very long time. Over the years, their popularity is not faded. Modern consumers most often turn to such a finishing material when making their homes.

Relatively recently, the original and attractive wallpapers imitating brickwork appeared on the wall decoration market. First, buyers treated them wary, as such canvases seemed to many uncomfortable and rude. In fact, if you choose the right wallpaper correctly and add them to the right interior, the situation will be spectacular and very stylish.

Modern manufacturers produce many diverse wallpapers, differing in their operational characteristics. Today wear-resistant and beautiful options can be selected even for the bathroom in which it is raw and wet.

An important distinctive feature of brick wallpaper is that they have a little weight. It is enough just to imagine what load has to endure overlaps when installing natural stone slabs. Based on this, you can safely conclude that wallpaper under the brick is an excellent alternative to such finishing materials. Yes, and they are much cheaper.

In addition, the installation of such canvases can be made with their own hands, not attracting specialists. This will significantly save money and hardly takes a lot of time. If we are talking about real brickwork, it will not be able to separate the walls and will have to call masters.

It is impossible not to note the widest selection of such finishing materials. Today, beautiful and high-quality wallpapers can be selected for any entrance hall. The main thing is not to break the color balance and not mix in one ensemble a bunch of conflicting with each other styles.


Today in the finishing materials stores, many different wallpapers can be met, the cost of which can vary. This is explained by the fact that some canvas are less wear-resistant and durable, while others – durable and textured.

Consider in more detail the most popular varieties of wallpaper that modern consumers choose.

  • Paper. Such canvas are most affordable. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and absolutely safe, as they consist of pure cellulose. But they do not differ in particular durability and very easy to rush. For the hallway, brick wallpaper from paper is hardly suitable, as they can accidentally hurt with sharp details of jackets or shoes and break. In addition, after some time, the saturation of their colors is fastened, which negatively affects their attractive appearance.

Specialists are not recommended to glue similar canvas in the hallway also because they cannot be washed, and in such conditions the finish is especially exposed to pollution.

  • Fliselinovye. Such wallpapers are greatly popular. They are made on the basis of cellulose fibers and are very similar to paper if they feel. However, similar options are more durable and wear-resistant, if you compare them with cheap paper cloths. In addition, phlizelin wallpaper can be painted (on average up to 4-5 times). It is also worth noting that they are perfectly passed by air, so mold and fungus do not appear on them.

  • Vinyl. Vinyl wallpaper under brick is as very popular. They have an interesting embossed structure and good density, which indicates their strength and resistance to wear. Serve such canvas for about 20 years and do not lose a beautiful appearance. The only minus vinyl wallpaper is that there are formaldehydes in their composition.
  • Photo wallpaper. Similar options are characterized by spectacular surfaces that are very similar to natural. Quality Wallpaper with brick masonry at first sight is difficult to distinguish from the real stone finish.

  • Acrylic. Acrylic wallpapers are very durable and durable. In addition, they are air-permeable, like fliesline canvases, so protected from mold and fungus formation. Such materials do not require special care and are inexpensive;

  • Flexible. These varieties of wallpaper – newcomers in the Russian market, but confidently conquer the hearts of consumers. Such canvas are an excellent alternative to expensive and heavy brick trim. Flexible wallpapers for special technology using sandstone or gypsum, which is covered by the base of special fabric.
  • Fiberglass. The cloth data also appeared relatively recently. They are made of glass collected in fibers and united in yarn in the production process.


Modern manufacturers produce many wallpapers with brick wallpaper. The canvas can be painted in a variety of colors.

Most often there are original canvases of the following shades:

  • red;
  • gray;
  • brown;
  • White.

Also popular are options that combine several shades of one color. For example, it can be a canvas, in which all bricks are slightly different from each other by tone, but in the general ensemble form a harmonious picture.

Interestingly and originally look brick wallpapers with copper coatings.

Similar finishing materials are especially organically looking at “garage” and industrial interior styles.


Today, high-quality and beautiful wallpapers under the brick produce many brands.

We will get acquainted closer with the most popular of them:

  • GRANDECO (France / Belgium). This large manufacturer produces vinyl high-quality and beautiful wallpapers for a brick on a fliesline basis. All GRANDECO canvases can be washed with a brush, they are not very expensive.
  • AS CREATION (Germany). This manufacturer boasts a huge assortment of durable and attractive wallpapers for bricks. Persons depicting aged and loud stone look especially interesting.

  • Caseo (France). This French company produces laconic paper wallpaper, which can be glued in the hallway, as they are moisture-resistant due to specially processing.
  • Ecowallpaper (Sweden). This company produces environmentally friendly fliesline wallpapers for a brick of various shades. ECOWallPaper products have a pleasant texture and excellent performance.
  • Eijffinger (Netherlands). This brand offers to choose from consumers. Stunning phlizelin wallpaper for ancient brick with darkened areas and artificial chipping effect. Products of the Dutch manufacturer is expensive, but it serves a long time and looks unique.

How to choose?

Selecting suitable brick wallpapers for the hallway, it is necessary to take into account some nuances:

  • For such premises, it is recommended to buy more wear-resistant and durable wallpapers that can be washed. This is explained by the fact that in the hallway, any finish is getting rapidly, it has to clean it regularly;
  • An important role is played by the texture of wallpaper. They can be embossed, embossed or perfectly smooth. Embedded options are more similar to natural brickwork, but it is much more expensive than the rest of the canvases. In this case, it is necessary to rely on the amount of money you are ready to give for wallpapers;

  • Do not forget about harmonious design. Wallpapers under the brick should be chosen, leaning on the main interior and the color of the hallway. For example, for dark premises do not choose the same dark canvases. Better consult the contrasting combinations looking very stylish and fashionable;
  • Contact only well-known and high-quality manufacturers. Overweight low cost of wallpaper should cause some suspicions, if, of course, we are not talking about paper options.

Interesting design solutions

In the face of a narrow hallway and a long corridor with brick wallpaper, not all walls can be saved, but only one of them. For example, cloths with slurry red bricks should be punished opposite the snow-white wall indoor. To make the design did not seem too monotonous, brick wallpapers can be supplemented with wall monochrome paintings with white frames.

It will be interesting to look like an ensemble in which one of the walls is saved by the canvas under the light red brick, and the remaining surfaces are white.

Such a decoration will be complemented by mirrors with wooden frames on the walls, wooden bright junction and decorative horns near doors leading to other rooms.

Also brick wallpaper can be saved the wall where the front door is located and one of the lateral partitions, separating the rest of the surfaces by conventional monophonic canvases. For example, you can arrange a small gray entrance hall and bring snow-white brick wallpapers into it. On this background, a light parquet floor will look at a gentle caramel rug with antique ornaments and mirrors on the walls.

Love non-standard solutions? Then you have to taste the decoration of the walls in the hallway by coral brick wallpaper, the floor is light gray laminate, and the ceiling – light plaster. In such an environment, it will be amazing to look a black and high wardrobe with glass flaps, glossy dark doors and decorative black “posters” with large white inscriptions on the walls.

About how to make a room with wallpaper imitating brick, look in the following video.

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