Veneered panels in the interior

Step-coated panels – available finishing material that can decorate the interior made in any style. They look solid and elegant, quickly and easily installed, resistant to external influences. Taking into account the many advantages of these modern products and their democratic price, one can say that this is one of the best decisions on the choice of finishes both in the sense of design and in operation.


Veneer is a leaf cut of a minimum thickness tree. At the same time, the material has such properties of natural wood, as a structure and a beautiful natural pattern. This is a sought-after finish for the ceiling and walls, and thanks to the variety of species there is an opportunity to choose a variety of styles for decoring residential space.

Veneer cladding helps to make the interior extraordinary, while at a price of this available material. The cost of panels is also due to the fact that chipboard plates, HCL or MDF are used as the basis.

Veneered panels possess other advantages:

  • High heat saving and sound insulation characteristics;
  • Resistance to high humidity;
  • The ability to repair during damage – the product can be simply replaced;
  • Light purification from pollution – it is possible to remove them with a wet tissue and a simple detergent, without resorting to aggressive household chemicals;
  • Fast simple installation, while the ideal alignment of the walls will not need;
  • a variety of colors and textures;
  • presentable, attractive view;
  • Compared to the material made of the wood array, the veneered panels have a smaller weight, which facilitates the installation process;
  • Facing the panels flawlessly suit not only for the main surfaces – the ceiling and walls, but also for registration of floors, furniture, creating decorative decorations.

Panels made of veneer successfully can be applied to design Hall, living room, office – and this is also an undoubted advantage over other finishing materials. Panel sizes are different, which makes it possible to use them as cladding or design elements, and different textures allows combining in the same interior.

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If desired, the installation of panels can be carried out on its own, since the installation process is not distinguished by complexity. For example, if the wall or ceiling is well aligned, the panels can be simply pasted on them.

Of the disadvantages, you can note the need for proper care and protective applying to products with coated products from cheap soft breeds.

What happens?

For the manufacture of material, conventional and valuable wood species are used, such as birch, alder, oak, but it can also be imitation under the real tree.

The properties of natural veneer are similar to the characteristics of natural raw materials, the material does not require additional processing. In contrast to him, the surrogate veneer (Fine Line) is made on the basis of inexpensive wood by gluing several layers, pressing and imparting a certain texture, colors and ornaments. This allows you to create exceptional on the beauty and originality of the panel, although their appearance and is far from natural.

Fanroom products, as elsewhere called veneer panels, are adapted to different bases, but, as a rule, it is wood plates, raw materials for the manufacture of woodworking enterprises.

The most common basic materials under the sheets of veneer are MDF and chipboard.

  • MDF – Wood-fiber material, especially durable due to increased density. Such panels are distinguished by moisture resistance, safe for human health, durable to use.
  • The basis of the panel can be chipboard. This type of material looks beautiful and has a low price, but less resistant to humidity and requires more careful care – it is capable of cracking, if it is incorrect to dry.

Especially popular with decorative veneered 3D panels made using modern technologies. Mostly, MDF Wall Plates, additionally protected by special coating. The polymer film on their surface is resistant to temperature differences and moisture action, but also such a covering is actually insensitive to mechanical effects and deformation.

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Volume panels – the most popular product, implying high quality and elegant design. When cladding them, they can be painted, to give the desired texture, shine with a film, to cover with varnish in different ways or to make a veneer structural through gluing.

Thanks to the content of natural organic components, veneered embossed panels allow the walls to breathe, and the method of their connection using decorative slats (rusts) helps to make the joints of invisible.

However, this product has its drawbacks: 3D panels require careful care, they accumulate dust, susceptible to aggressive exposure to the external environment. And also undesirable sunlight on them. In addition, they are more expensive than the usual sheathing.

By the way, such a finish can be based not only on wood plates, but also based on drywall. Fine Line Style Materials possess low flammability, moisture resistance.

Despite the fact that they do not have such characteristic elements of natural wood, like worms and swirls, they perfectly pass any natural drawings of different species of trees.

Often you can meet both veneered products with the basis of PVC. Their main advantages are lightness, plasticity, any combination of shades, durability, not counting melting with strong overheating.

Where are applied?

Panel with a veneered surface – Traditional selection of designers. They enjoy high demand for the design of public and residential premises.

This finish has a wide range of applications:

  • panels are used for ceiling and walls with a smooth transition of the pattern;
  • to create partitions between different functional zones;
  • In a wooden house, the casing will serve for a spectacular design of the region around the fireplace;
  • the finishing material can be framed by columns;
  • MDF, veneered beech and oak, are used to decorate facades of furniture, chest of drawers and cabinets, for interior doors, other interior items;
  • Due to the impotence of humidity, the panels can be awarded the bathroom;
  • In the living room or hall, the finish will look presentable, nice pointing to the high status of the owner.
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Panels veneered with thin wood sheets are flawlessly suitable in order to highlight special places in the house, so it is possible to use them on any plot. Along with this, wall and ceiling products are not just decoration – their use allows you to protect the room from outsided sounds and significantly insulate it.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Universal material with a natural veneer texture will be appropriate in any interior.

  • Bedroom In calm colors with the combined application of wall, ceiling and floor panels of different textures. The noble muted shade of veneered surfaces is immaculately combined with black, white flowers, any shades of gray used in the furniture trim. Great supplement will serve indoor plants.

  • The material is suitable for the design of the wall surface In the television location zone. In this case, it is important to choose the right backlight, adding the interior of the room with objects of furniture with a similar wooden coating.

  • Fanroom panels will create a cozy atmosphere in living room, Especially if with their help the fireplace zone. Several decorative details in ecosyl will make the image completed.

  • Light panels will help make a more voluminous and cozy small Kitchen. Similar finish is also relevant for the corridor and bathroom. Light shades are perfectly combined with dark wood furniture and cafeter pastel colors.

The love of designers to this material, of course, with a qualitatively decorated surface, is easily explained.

The veneered panel has a greater wear resistance, and looks much better than natural wood, due to the fact that it does not have typical flaws of real wood.

About how the veneered panels look like a three-bedroom apartment review, look next.

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