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Wood of this deciduous long-liver belongs to rare and valuable breeds. The article will consider species of beech boards and their use. Despite the fact that their cost is quite high, costs are quite justified by the long service life of products made from this durable and attractive material appearance.


Beech is a tree-like deciduous plant, which is one of the most common forest breeds in Europe. Reaching the territory of Ukraine and the Crimean lands, it also extends to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, extending the area to the Finnish Bay.

Beech tree has a sleek and high trunk, whose height can reach 35-40 m. Handsome-beech is a rare long-liver, its duration of active growth can be more than 400 years. Such a long life process is explained by the fact that This tree is prone to very slow growing.

As raw materials for the manufacture of sawn timber, a beech deciduous breed, starting with the achievement of the age of age at least 50 years.

Boards obtained from beech possess high degree of strength, flexibility and long exploitation. However, dense wood is bad to carry the impact of humidity. In terms of its structure, the fibers of this deciduous rock have a high degree of hygroscopicity and literally absorb maximum moisture from atmospheric air. The saturation of moisture leads to the fact that the wood material begins to deform and rot. Considering such a feature of the lumber under consideration, it is used Only for interior finishing works.

In appearance spice of a beech tree has a white color with a reddish-yellow tint.

Under the influence of oxygen, the tree slice changes its color to the pink-brown tint. By its structure, wood is rather dense and heavy, and if such a material is subjected to a rapid drying process, he begins to crack and deform. Well-dry sawn timber from beech has the location to a fairly easy to perform processing process and subsequent polishing of finished items.

As already mentioned, use any beech products only in the premises, as in the open air, this material very quickly absorbs moisture and rot.

The main physical parameters of this wood are:

  • material density – 500-900 kg / m³;
  • thermal conductivity – 0.17 W / (M * K);
  • Degree of tensile strength – 136 N / mm2;
  • The degree of compressive strength is 60 N / mm2;
  • Degree of bending strength – 120 N / mm2.

The yellowish-pink shade of wood from the beech in the conditions of processing the billets of hot steam can change their shade on reddish brown, which looks spectacular and noble.

The wood beech wood does not have absolutely no smell, and the strength of the material is largely superior to such deciduous rocks like birch, cherry or hrybro.

Tall long-lived with decorative wood can grow both in the conditions of mountain reliefs and in the forest belt. The straight and smooth trunk of this tree on the cut, made in the transverse direction, has a beautiful drawing of a commercial rings that are tightly located to each other.

But if you compare the beech with oak, then Book wood for their durability and resistance to rotting greatly loses.

The beech wood is well absorbing any type of dye, its color shades can be changed using a filling technology, as well as varnish coloring.

Review of species

Valuable Tree Beech is subjected to sawing, while producing high-quality planed edged or unedged board. From beech raw materials made veneer, dry facing fan, furniture shield.

Bukov lumber depending on their species, various applications are found for themselves.

  • Edged board – The initial workpiece is carefully rejected, successed and mandatoryly treated with special impregnating protective compositions. Thanks to such impregnation, wood retains its color shade and becomes less susceptible to absorb moisture. The edged material is used for the manufacture of floor elements, staircase marches, the finishing panels and plinths are made from it, collectible furniture, apply as decorative interior decoration as wall panels. Material thickness can be from 10 to 50 mm.

  • Unedged board – the billets of beech raw materials are processed only along a wide part of the plate, while the bark remains on the sides. Such a material costs somewhat cheaper than the edged analogue and finds the use for the inner suspension of surfaces in the room.

  • Furniture Shield – Most often it is made using a beech veneer of various thicknesses and the selected corner of the saw. The advantage of such a material is its beautiful natural pattern, which is used for decorative decoration indoors or in the manufacture of furniture facades.

The use of beech indoors is justified by its natural strength and high aesthetic properties.

Use of use

Despite the high cost of the material, the beech long-lived wood has a high demand and a wide range of use. Beech apply for different purposes.

  • For the arrangement of the floor surface indoors Decorative wood is used as a finishing material. For this purpose, a spectacular and expensive parquet board is made from wood blanks, which justifies the costs of what has strokes and abrasion resistance.

  • In residential premises with a small passability of beech apply For the manufacture of exclusive models of internal inter-storey stairs. Such a product is a very original decoration in the interior of any house.

  • When processing hot ferry, beech has the ability to good flexibility. This effect is used in the manufacture of vintage furniture and musical instruments.

  • Slim beech veneer can be artificially painted in various shades and used for the manufacture of decorative mosaic cloths. Wood waste of this deciduous wood plant use In the chemical industry in the production of methyl alcohol, tar or creoshot.

  • Beech material is valued for their decorative properties, so Its use is justified in the manufacture of gift souvenirs.

Natural dense texture of wood beech fibers makes it possible to perform products from it with a subsequent grinding, thanks to which you can achieve perfectly smooth and smooth surface.

Beech products of any destination should be protected from moisture impact.

For this purpose, wood is soaked with water-repellent compositions and covered with a protective layer of varnish. For this purpose, wood is soaked with water-repellent compositions and covered with a protective layer of varnish.

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