Varieties and selection of conductors for drilling holes

Conductors for drilling holes – necessary devices when working with manual and electric drills. They are different types and models: for perpendicular and vertical installation, for chipboard, LDSP, other materials. The main purpose of the conductor is to preserve the predetermined drilling angle throughout the depth of the sting immersion, increase the accuracy when creating holes in the surface.

What it is?

Conductor for drilling holes is a metal bar or bar with vertical and horizontal planes guides. This device is necessary for those who often work with a drill, needs an unmistakable positioning of the part of the tool that contacts directly with the material. Conductors act as templates, with which the drilling is performed. Depending on how the holes are located in the device, select options for creating cavities in direct angle and acute-angular or stupid connections.

In the design of the product there is a reference element located directly on the surface of the material. Depending on what exactly fasteners and type of drill are to be used, all-metal or plastic lightweight strips with plug-in bushings are used. On the case of the conductor may be marked, indicating the diameter of the hole. This tool is universal, applied not only when performing small household tasks. Conductors are actively operated in the field of mechanical engineering, in construction and in the decoration of buildings, in furniture production.

For industrial purposes, reinforced all-metal planks are available, capable of withstanding the most intensive use.

Review of species

Modern industry produces a wide range of conductors: self-centering for accurate drilling, for an angular connection under 90 degrees, to create end holes. For vertical or for perpendicular drilling, planks with different diameters of internal sleeves are suitable. The joinery conductor for inclined or rectangular formation of the holes is well suited for the work on a tree or with materials based on it.

By destination

In terms of application, all conductors are customary to distribute into categories. For example, furniture or overhead options are suitable for chipboard, LDSP, boards, other flat sheet materials. Separately make models for the seasons – to drill in the end of the holes under the protruding elements of the attachment, under the confirmable screw. For round tube and cylindrical blanks, rotary or universal options are used – they exclude a drill displacement during work. For sheet metal, flat blanks, when attaching an aluminum profile, you can use a universal version or a special under the self-tapping screw.

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When forming holes in the tile, the cores are customary to use crowns – special drills. When working with them, it is better to immediately acquire a kit with a suitable conductor so as not to experience difficulties with the selection.

Diamond crowns and boos are in demand when working with other solid materials: concrete, stone. Usually they are equipped with a water supply device to eliminate overheating.

Installation of frames and pickles requires the use of additional devices. Most often it is simple plexiglass or plywood patterns, boards. They help keep inside the opening of its contents when modeling and pouring the solution, installation of sheets, without losing the specified geometry. Such elements are called the conductor by analogy, although they do not participate in the drilling process. Usually they are used if you need to install in a row 3-5 conversion.

By construction

The type of conductor design largely determines its functionality. Among the masters used in different areas of the activities, the four most popular options can be distinguished.

  • Overhead. The conductor in the process of operation in contact with a flat facet with a surface of a material subjected to drilling, pressed clamps or hands. This type is focused on the plane, often it is also referred to as the furniture. The optimal choice of the overhead conductor is when working with chipboard, MDF and other wood plates.

  • Swearing. This type of templates is optimal for use on surfaces of spherical, hemispherical, cylindrical forms. Rotary type of construction allows you to ensure the correct positioning of the tools. The bushings help to direct drilling line, and the pattern adjacent to the surface horizontally, vertical and inclined plane.

  • Universal destination. They are focused on industrial production in small volumes, make it easy to adjust the template for different types of surface.

  • Tipped. Similar to universal options, are distinguished by ease of use when creating holes in different planes or with a changing slope. By the method of application to the surface are fixed and sliding conductors. The first are equipped with stationary locks. They can be installed on horizontal and vertical planes. The second does not assume tough fixation, require a permanent holding manually. Because of these features, they are rarely used in work outside the household spheres.
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  • KWB DUBLEPROFI. Professional model from the Czech manufacturer has a design with a stubborn bar, a wide range of templates. The conductor is designed for fastening to flat materials with a horizontal surface. The set includes a depsture meter, templates are resistant to rapid.

  • KREG. The company has a Jig Mini model for drilling holes for the self-tapping screw (under 1 diameter). Also in the assortment presented conductors with different sizes of bushings, options for confirm. The brand can be found even a portable drilling database, a disadvantage of products one – plastic case.

  • “Practice 247-026”. Inexpensive plastic conductor in the form of a circle with holes located along its axes. Dust and chips are collected using a special rim from rubber. The product is quite convenient in use, improves the accuracy of the wizard, but is short-lived, quickly wear out.

  • “Bison 29853”. Conductor on the suction cup with a comfortable handle and 7 hole diameters. Designed to work with tubular diamond drills, allows you to use water cooling when drilling. This is a good option for tile, porcelain stoneware, other tiled materials for decoration.

  • Bosch 2607000549. Conductor for creating holes under the dowel. Templates are focused on working with the most common diameters, the model is considered universal, can be applied to wood and metal work. Plastic housing is not too durable, but made qualitatively.

These are the most popular models and brands of conductors. You can find on sale and others, not so common and popular options.

Choice rules

When choosing a suitable version of the conductor, it is important to pay attention to a number of important parameters. Among the most significant moments – type of material. The most inexpensive devices are always plastic, but they are subject to rapid wear, easily break and damage. All-metal options – heavy, bulky, almost eternal. They are difficult to damage, but also cannot be called mobile. The compromise most often becomes the choice of conductor with a plastic case and steel sleeves.

It is also necessary to pay attention to other, equally important criteria.

  • Type of construction. It is determined based on the type of work. For example, sliding, and overhead conductors are in demand when assembling furniture. When working with metal, it is better to take universal models.
  • Type of fastening. Typically, clamps apply on the horizontal plane. Volumetric products and materials require the use of sucker. It is most often used on vertical walls when drilling holes during construction, repair.
  • Specialization. Many types of conductors have narrow use. So, there are options to create holes for confirmation, make them in different planes. When choosing a device, this factor should also be considered, otherwise it will be useless.
  • Company-manufacturer. The brand selection is also important because it affects the quality, cost, credibility of the conductor. It is best to trust firms specializing in the release of such accessories. This is Russian “practice”, German Concern Bosch, KREG. For sure it is not necessary to order accurate making equipment in Chinese online stores.
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Among important rules, it is also possible to mention the conformity of the diameters of worker sleeves or templates available in the conductor, the size of fasteners and drills for wood, metal, concrete.

For home use, it is better to immediately buy a universal version with several available sizes – this will allow you to not buy a new accessory every time to increase the accuracy of drilling.

How to use?

Little to choose a conductor – they still need to learn how to use. Not in all finished fixtures are conveniently implemented by the system of fasteners or stop, often you have to customize the tool for yourself or tolerate inconvenience. The simplest in operation – overhead conductors: they are quite simple to put on top of the main material and leave lying freely or press hand, clamp, bolt. When hardening the hole, the marking device is shifted or removed. Conductors are used in furniture manufacturing, more similar to the ranks of the squares, but with the holes of different diameters drilled in them. The design may be sliding – invoice, without additional mounts. It is applied to markup, positioned, combined with the drill and do the hole of the desired depth.

On the surface of the tile and other slippery coatings use conductors with a suction cup. In this case, the surface of the rubber retainer is wetted by a soap solution or other liquid, then attached to a given area. During large sizes and strong loads, special clamps are used. It is important to precisely conduct positioning on the surface of the material so that the template allows drilled hole at a given angle.

In this case, the lack of necessity in the preliminary application of the core markup is becoming a big advantage.

In the next video, you will see an overview of the conductor for drilling holes KWB DÜBELPROFI.

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