TYTAN mounting foam: distinctive features

TYTAN Mounting Foam is the highest quality remedy for repair of apartments, houses, garages and other buildings. It uses every third builder, and it is this firm that is considered the most popular. The price is very acceptable, this product will be able to purchase every buyer. Let’s try to figure out the main advantages of Tytan foam.


In construction supermarkets, foam called Tytan can be seen quite often. There is a huge range of this product.

Tytan materials are diverse, it can be:

  • single-component products that are used in a cylinder, but without a pistol;
  • Professional who need to use the pistol;
  • special purpose foams used in areas with special conditions with high fire hazard;

In addition, Foam Professional O2 65 TYTAN is divided into several types.

  • Glue “60 seconds”, which is called “moment” glue. This option is considered the most popular of this series.
  • Winter and Summer Foam. Used at a certain time. Winter foam does not freeze, due to this, its effect increases, and it is used with cement. But it is impossible to apply this sealant on the frost, ice, snow, glass. In the winter version in a cylinder at 750 ml, up to 65 liters of the final volume of sealant, but there are 300 ml. Sealants, designated 65, have elevated substances, they can be very dangerous to health.
  • On the volume of cylinders – 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 liters.


The technical characteristics of one-component polyurethane sealant are very diverse:

  • Two-component foam is mixed with great caution;
  • Frozen foam can carry quite high temperatures;
  • The surface layer during frozen is formed in just 2 minutes;
  • can be started to the first deformation after 40 minutes;
  • Foam completely harvested only in a day;
  • The density of the frozen layer is 20 kg / cube. m;
  • From a conventional spawning, the jet comes out 45 liters;
  • Mounting foam hardened under the action of moisture and cold air;
  • It is used in the bath, sauna, pools, since resistant to humidity;
  • has thermal insulation and sound insulation;
  • shelf life and application is 18 months;
  • evaporation sealant does not contain harmful substances for the environment and humans;
  • The ability to apply all year round – the temperature range of application from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius;
  • Accuracy and efficiency of use when using a construction pistol.

Performance features

Since this material is used in almost all areas of activity, it is necessary to know how to properly dispose of this sealant so that there is no accidents. This material is resistant to ignition, does not carry out electricity, but it is still necessary to abide. The main thing is not to burn the cylinder, even if it is already empty. Cylinders with substances are always under pressure, which can lead to a serious explosion.

It is necessary to dispose only in the garbage containers and at the same time remove the cylinder into a special package. It is such an action that will take a minimum accident.

Pros and cons

The main plus of this material can be highlighted its high economy. As practice shows, the use of foam is enough for a long time even in large quantities.

Another advantage is that foam does not freeze even under the action of high temperatures. This quality pleases many builders, especially inexperienced. The demand for Tytan foam annually only increases thanks to these qualities and low prices. The average prices of goods of this type range from 500 to 700 rubles in different fields. Low price can also be attributed to the positive qualities of the goods.

Experienced specialists also allocate excellent qualities that foam can be used as a refractory, fire and fire-resistant, which means that it can be smeared. In addition, as experts say, if you make all the house and all the angles, the fire can not be afraid. But there is no accurate approval about this. Apparently, no one has yet done, but if this fact is confirmed, then in the near future, people will stop afraid of fires, less accidents will be.

But the goods, except for the pros, like all others, have their own cons.

Let’s look at them more.

  • Mounting foam does not hold in the cavity, often flows. The main reason for this is the weather conditions. Low or too cold weather affects the foam, because of which it no longer has the ability to adhesion – the relationship between the objects given into contact with the heterogeneous surfaces.
  • There is a foam crown a year or six months that do not like the owners. This is due to the unprotected ingress of ultraviolet rays and sun rays that leak through the foam.
  • Wet rod. Corollary – very cold weather environment or poorly chosen foam harvesting time (for example: night). The rod before use was necessary to dry the hair dryer.

Read more about TYTAN mounting foam pluses See next video.

Features of use

Product Scope Professional O2 65 TYTAN:

  • When building doors, windows, frames, forces;
  • attaching materials about building, including glasses, bricks, bars;
  • Replacing cavities having a variety of sizes and materials;
  • closing and isolated cardboard panels, plinths;
  • trim and insulation of pipes in sewage, as well as pipes that conduct water and heated housing;
  • Sealing and accession of metal and concrete facilities from finished materials.

Experts and manufacturers recommend the following areas of likely use.

  • Professional O2 65 TYTAN can be used for mounting doors and windows, frames, thermal insulation, sound insulation and closing holes, a variety of slots along the water supply and sewer pipes, sealing of pipes of sewage and central heating, panels connections, housekeeping at home.
  • And also recommended using a tube so that too much foam does not come out, it can be used for aerated concrete (industry), heat insulation roof (roofs), soundproofing of boats, boats, cars and motorcycles.
  • In addition, you can find your own use.


Having studied this material almost, it can be concluded that it is ideal for various roofing works, for gluing and connecting structures. But each material has shortcomings, including this.

According to buyers, several factors are major negative characteristics.

  • This product is just more expensive than we would like to consumers.
  • Comes out a big jet, and as a result, you need to cut it a lot, and this is not economical.
  • Excessively large pressure, which is dangerous to health, especially if there are little children. One young woman once fell into such a case when her child accidentally drank this foam, after which he was left without voice.

But also a third reviews contain information that the manufacturer responsibly performs its work.

The following properties can be distinguished from the positive sides.

  • Good frost resistance, sound insulation, small deformation of products. Such characteristics are present in the product description, therefore, it fully complies with its norms.
  • Good exit.
  • Quickly hardens, does not expand, a homogeneous structure, smells slightly and quickly dishes, does not flow down.

Based on all these reviews, you can make the following conclusion that Tytan’s foam still has many advantages that are more than flaws.

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