Types of wood array and its applications

An array of wood is pure wood, without extraneous impurities. Usually used for the manufacture of furniture, floors, windowsills, swings and other items. At the same time, work is used both simple and more expensive valuable trees. On the peculiarities of this material, the use of the array and his choice will be speech today.

What it is?

An array is considered to be material from wood in the form of a solid canvas. These category also include untreated bars, boards. This is an environmentally friendly solid material, there are no harmful components in its composition, impurities. This affects the price of a finished product, which is noticeably different in terms of the cost of products made from simpler materials like MDF or chipboard. Different methods can be used in production. Products make from a whole piece of wood, without applying waste in the form of chips or sawdust. Call an array and differently, for example, a piece of timber or natural wood.

Products made of natural wood are considered elite. They are distinguished by the highest quality, durability, aesthetic appearance. Pick up a solid piece of high quality wood without cracks, bitch sometimes it is not easy.

The presence of such defects is significantly affected by the type of finished products, which reduces the impression of the model provided.

The main stage of production is the drying of the array. Usually manufacturers enjoy a longer way – natural drying raw materials. When violating technology, after a while, the tree can begin to crack, which will immediately affect the appearance of the product. The price includes not only the material itself. This takes into account work with this material, finishing it, the use of fittings and other components.

In the manufacture of furniture it is often used by wood of ignorable breeds, usually take it as the basis. In further stages, the foundation is toned, as a result of which she externally begins to look like expensive.

What happens?

Choosing models from wood, many prefer wood arrays. It is quite natural, because such products have excellent external characteristics, have a beautiful texture.

An array can be divided into 2 categories:

  • solid;
  • glued.

In the event that the first option is not affordable, it means that you can consider models made of glued massif. Production of array products – a rather time consuming. After processing a solid canvase, there are often remnants of material. If small pieces are used for sawdust, then larger slices are suitable for glued massif. For the manufacture of glued web, or in a different – Eurobruus, also fit pieces that have defects in the form of cracks, bitch.

Products made of array are obtained by the most durable. Choosing between the options presented, should be relying on your own desires, needs, possibilities.

In the glued canvas, the glue content is small, its an order of magnitude is less than in products made of cheap materials like chipboard.


Products made of solid massif always appreciate very high. This popularity is not accidental, given their quality.

  • One piece, devoid of adhesive components, has high environmental friendliness and safety in use.
  • Furniture and other products from this material are characterized by high performance characteristics, differing in durability. Products are resistant to mechanical damage and influence of the external environment.
  • Massage treatment is carried out by specialists who have special skills. This is explained by the high value of the material.

Considering that processing of such a material is a long process requiring costs, products from the array can be seen not so often.

At the same time, the cost of products is very high and often does not affect the pocket wishing to purchase such products.


A more affordable option is an array of glued. Looks like a glued cloth in the form of a layer of wood treated with a substance for gluing. Usually such layers are called lamellas. Products obtained from such material are less valuable, but still they are noticeably higher in quality than MDF models or chipboard. If we talk about the appearance of ready-made products from the glued massif, it will not be very different from the solid canvas. When gluing the lamellae, the alternation of the fiber directions along and across.

The glued array is made in the form of a lamella and fascinated canvase consisting of parts of different sizes. The gluing process is called a splicing. One of the most durable options is a microspheres, also called a mini-spike, a battle on the mustache or simply spike.

To increase the clutch area, the board or the edge of the bar is milling in the form of teeth, ensuring strength.

According to woodworking workers, the glued canvas has a greater resistance to sink, rather than a solid canvas. It concerns this and the strength of these materials. An important role is played here chosen for the production of wood. Products from glued web are more often less arrogant, they are less likely to crack and disappear.

If you compare the array of glued with a solid web, then the first option is considered more durable. Multified breed fibers help to achieve greater strength. The benefits of this option can also be attributed to the lower price of finished products. At the same time, their disadvantage is the presence of adhesive substances, which affects the environmental friendliness of the goods.

Often, for the sake of savings, producers use cheaper glue, less qualitative, which, as a rule, has in the composition of harmful components.

Breed of trees

Arrays can be made of soft and solid rocks. It is believed that the harder tree, the more expensive it will cost products from it. Furniture and other items made of soft breeds are more often damaged during operation or upon delivery or assembly.

Most often for the manufacture of furniture items used birch, oak and beech, pine, as well as larch.

  • Spruce.The most mild is considered an array of ate. This material for the manufacture of furniture is applied. With such a material it is easy to work, it glues well and cuts.

At the same time, the structure for this species is small, which affects the appearance of products.

  • Pine, like other coniferous trees, is used with success for the manufacture of furniture. This material has a golden pleasant structure, beautifully reflective light.

  • Birch. Birch array has a fibrous structure. Such a canvas is perfectly complemented by various dyes, so it is more used for furniture in different shades. Birch is a durable material used to create cabinets, furniture. Karelian birch with a pinkish or white-yellow tint is often used in the form of a facing veneer, combining with different rocks.

Texture of Karelian birch is similar to marble, allows you to create original products with an interesting design.

  • Very high quality and durable, objects made from beech. The array easily takes shades when staining, ranging from light and ending with red-brown tones that imitates valuable rocks such as a red tree.

  • Oak is a valuable tree of wood having high strength. Oak products will serve for a very long time in compliance with all operational parameters. This canvas with a beautiful texture with selected wood fibers in yellow-brown tones.

The most solid and valuable are arrays from a red or ebony tree, mahagony. This material is used to create exclusive interior items.

What better to choose?

Choosing between the solid and glued array, it is difficult to give preference to one of them. Each of these options has its advantages. If you judge the cost, the price of a solid massif, of course, will be higher. This factor also plays an important role. The disadvantages of the first option, except the price, should include high demands for storage and drying such wood.

The disadvantages of the glued web are the smaller prestigiousness of such products, dependence on how qualitatively gluing, as well as the ecological component at a lower level.

As for the choice of tree breeds, the features of each breed should be taken into account here, its appearance, functionality, and practicality. Recently, products from exotic varieties are popular, for example, from Gevei. Brazilian Gevea is an excellent option for making furniture.

The material has high strength, wood does not rot, resistant to the effects of bugs and other pests.

This material has a lot of advantages.

  • Ecology. Distinguishes its full safety for health. Given the nature of the origin of the material, there are no harmful components in its composition, which affects the environmental situation in the room.
  • Strength material. Gevei refer to solid varieties. This tree with a dense structure, has a high density on a par with oak. That is why Gevei is referred to as Malaysian oak. Due to the hardness of the breed it is advisable to use for the manufacture of carved jewelry, furniture.
  • Practicality. Motherland of Gevei is Brazil. Tree grows in a wet climate, it is resistant to humidity. That is why Gevei is used as a material for the manufacture of kitchen heads, furniture in the bathroom, bathroom.
  • The region contains rubber, so products from it are durable. Furniture from this material will last much longer and will not disappear, which indicates the durability of the material.

The price of products from GEVE is somewhat lower than on other varieties of trees. You can explain this by the rapid growth of these plants. After 5 years, they begin to give rubs. 15-20 years later, when the amount of rubber is noticeably reduced, the trees are cut and sent to the furniture factories. If you compare Gevier with an oak, then it is an average of 50 years, while the Malaysian Oak grows around 20 years.

Where used?

The wood array is more often used for the manufacture of furniture. It takes only clean wood that does not have defects. Furniture from such a material is considered an elite and quite expensive.

It can be a bedroom set, kitchen or hallway furniture. Bedroom made of such material looks very rich. This room is one of the most frequently visited places, residents spend a lot of time in it. That is why furniture in the bedroom should be comfortable, functional. Furniture made of wood is just the most acceptable option for the bedroom, given the environmental friendliness of the material, its reliability and beauty.

An important object in the bedroom is a bed. There are a lot of models made of wood array. These include classic standard shape models, and carvings with patterns, beds with headboard or canopy.

Many rooms and living rooms are decorated with luxurious furniture made of natural wood. Interesting addition to her, parquet and ceilings made in one color scheme. Wooden window sill, massive floors and interior partitions will organically fit into the interior.

Production of wall panels is one of the interesting options for using a solid or glued massif. Luxury stairs and columns look very beautiful from this material.

Fit material and for the manufacture of other items. It can be:

  • Banquets,
  • clock;
  • Garden swing;
  • showcase;
  • cabinet;
  • handrails;
  • steps;
  • Chests.

Material is used not only for overall objects in the form of furniture, but also as decor. So, for example, a mirror in a massive wooden frame and decorative rails in the frame perfectly fit into the interior decorated in a classic style. And a bunch of wood will be organically looked in the kitchen in the style of Provence, rustic style.

Choosing interior items from wood, it is important to be able to distinguish more expensive material from cheap to understand how much the price corresponds to this product. Should look at what way the connection is made. The cheapest option is considered to use joints on glue or brackets. Interlock type compounds can also be used with a toothed structure.

It is enough to find out from which rock the product is made, consider the cutting structure, its appearance, to deal with stability to scratch. Get a more durable furniture framework will allow the use of oak. When choosing a pine, it is desirable that carrier elements have a thickness of more than 30 mm.

Also draw attention to the beauty of the pattern, the smoothness of the lines and their naturalness.

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