Tree Lobzik: species, choice and features of operation

Men who, as they say, “with hands,” know for sure that in the construction and carpentry work can not do without such a tool like a wood join, with which you can not only cut up almost any material (Faneru, plastic, foam, sheets of fiberboard, metal), but also make decorative cuts.

Despite the development of electronics in our time, the hand-made tube on a tree is still in great demand, which is explained by compactness and multifunctionality of the device that has a rather low price.


Hand jigsaws on a tree look, for the most part, is equally: it is made in the form of a letter n tool with a wooden handle on a metal base. To the base that originates from the handle, with the help of special clamps (they can be represented by nuts or special drums) Pillet is inserted, which can be in two variations.

  • With straight double teeth. Due to its length of 130 mm, where 85 mm is given to the working length, it is possible to quickly cut off not only a tree, but also plastics.
  • With spiral teeth. Such saws are characterized by a rounded form, which is an ideal option for drinking circles and winding lines.

The P-shaped form contributes to the fact that a rather thin flower is fixed evenly, eliminating the likelihood of its curvature and fracture during operation. In addition, due to the shape of a manual jigsik during operation, holds its balance, which greatly simplifies work with it.

As for the shape of the nozzle itself (saws), it may be pointed or rectangular. Pointed – the perfect option for cutting straight lines, and rectangular – for rounded shapes.


With the development of technologies in our days, the jigsaws on the tree significantly changed and are represented today with a wide range of manual to mechanical. As for the latter, they are represented by numerous types of electroballs, which are differentiated to amateur and professional.

  • Special demand among consumers are used electroblogs, which differ in the possibility to cut the different thickness of the material. The electrolovka, intended for amateur works, saw a tree, the thickness of which does not exceed 70 mm, and professional models can cut the material with a thickness of about 135 mm. Such models are characterized by ease of the device itself and ease of use. With their help you can cut off not only wood, but also ceramics. For ease of use, models are provided that are operating both from the network and from the battery.
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  • For people engaged in construction or carving on a tree seriously, it is recommended to pay attention to Desktop Stationary (Non-Durable) Lobzikov Models, characterized by high power, speed cut and ease of use. The models are endowed with a special pipe blowing appearing during operation of sawdust and a certain guide for accurate thread. As for the guide cut, the jigsaws with a laser guide are used in certain demand, the length of which reaches 25 centimeters. It should be noted that not only large outdoor models are endowed with a laser guide, but also amateur electroballs.

In fairness, we note that judging by the reviews of users, often a laser guide in amateur electroller models – an extra element, which in some cases contributes to a curve distorted by cutting.

  • For cutting overall materials in large quantities, it is advisable to use Tape jigsaw (circular saws), which is represented by a massive machine that in a few minutes will turn the material in the rail, bars and other.

  • To work with decorative fiction, characterized by small details or figures, manual so-called Jewelry Lobziki, which received their name thanks to the ability to perform thin (jewelry work). Lobzik is inherent in miniature forms that allow you to perform work even under a microscope. They are used directly for art and carpentry work.

How to choose?

Before you go to the shop for buying a jigsaw, to subsequently not disappointed in it (in overpaid money or in the acquired poor-quality goods), you must first decide on your needs.

If the tool is necessary for a certain one-time work, it is preferable to dwell on low-cost compact electrolybike models, which are easy to use. And in order not to worry about the poor-quality mechanism of the cheap mechanical jigsaw, manual models will be completely suitable for one-time work.

If the jigscription is bought for regular work on minor scales, then you should pay attention to more powerful electrical models, which are usually more reliable.

As for reliability, models whose frame is made of more durable metal (steel, titanium) are the most durable (steel, titanium), and models with an aluminum frame are considered more vulnerable to consumers.

An equally important factor affecting the service life is also a clamping device that can be represented:

  1. nuts;
  2. drums.

The service life of the clips in the form of drums, unlike nuts, is significantly higher. It should be noted that modern models of electric jigs are endowed with special cloth locks that allow it to be easy to install, completely excluding the breakdown during fixation (if the nut, for example, tighten too much, then the canvas can burst).

Selection of web

The canvas is a replaceable element that is represented by a string of different lengths, and the blade that varies with the length and shape of the teeth, as well as the distance between them. For miniature work it is worth acquiring the canvas with barely noticeable teeth, but the teeth reaching two millimeters are suitable for cutting, for example, thick plywood. When choosing a web should be remembered that, the more the teeth, the smaller it will take time on the cut. But the smaller the teeth, the smaller and care whether the cut line will look like. Speaking of the choice of canvas, it should be remembered that there are canvas intended for:

  • Woods and materials, its replacements (chipboard, fiberboard),
  • Metal (iron, aluminum and other),
  • Mixed License Type – Similar Pecks It is advisable to purchase for work with plastic or plastic.
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To cut the metal, you will need a cloth with a numerous number of nearby teeth. For wood optimal option – long diluted teeth. The structure of the teeth can be traced by alphabetic label represented by Latin (ABCD).

A – the largest indicator, and then by alphabetically, the indicator is descended. In addition, to cut the curves of the lines, it is preferable to choose a web, marked with an indicator of O, more durable is considered a web, labeled P, which allows cutting at an angle; X – Universal canvas suitable for working with various materials. Well, a special strength is famous for Marking Nm.

The noted above is thought out by the manufacturer who has developed a special labeling, indicating the recommended selection of the sawn material:

  • white – wood, metal;
  • blue – thinner metal blanks;
  • red – plastic;
  • Black – universal canvas for different metal (from thin to more durable).

The length of the canvas, which is represented by the following numbering are equally important:

  • 1 – does not exceed a threshold of 75 mm;
  • 2 – about 90 mm;
  • 3 – 150 mm;
  • 7 – more than 150 mm long.

Depending on the needs of the buyer today there is an opportunity to purchase not only a separate canvas, but also a set of canvases.

Rules of work

For novice masters, who decided to get acquainted not to the work with the work of the jigsaw on a tree, it is recommended to start from drinking a simple product (squares, parts of the rectangular shape), since the propical carving requires a certain skill.

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If the work is permanent and simple, then it is more expedient to purchase a manual model. Planning to start working with a manual model, it is worth taking care of the acquisition of the stand (in fact, it is easy and to do it yourself). The stand is a small rectangular shape of a bar, which allows you to fix the cutting canvas so that it does not slide during the work.

Well, when it is still assumed to periodically use the device under consideration, it will be easier to work with an electric bike with a certain set of functions that allow you to significantly simplify threads.

More experienced users can try to cut any curly details. To make it right, you will need drawings that are applied to the canvas only after that it is permissible cutting. For these purposes, newcomers are better to purchase high-quality electric jigsaw. Especially since the latest models are endowed with functions that are significantly simplifying work (especially relevant for beginners):

  • function adjusting the speed of the cut;
  • The function of the smooth turning of the tool, which allows you to change the direction or spin during the cut;
  • Function fixing the corner of the cut, eliminates the appearance of curves of parts.

As for a more subtle profile work, it is not necessary to do without a manual jewelry model Lobzik, having learned the work with which it will be quite possible to practice cuts on its own sketches.

It turns out that a wide range of wood jigsaws has a certain number of advantages in comparison with a well-known common saw. This is ease of use, a wide scope of application and high performance.

A diverse model range (from manual to electric, from a small amount of production to a large) allows you to choose exactly the model that will not be dusting from the case of the case, and will be in demand depending on the individual needs of each.

About how to choose an electrolybiz, look next.

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