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*Editor’s review of the best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

A drill is a very useful construction tool, but in some situations, its use can be complicated by the specifics of the work surface, in particular, drilling in the horizontal plane. And, if also the number of holes is planned quite a lot, it is more reasonable to use a drilling machine.

But such tool is not a cheap one, and not very actual at home. Fortunately there is an alternative – the drill stand. Which proved to be the best in work? Our experts have collected for you the most popular models, optimal for domestic use.

Rating of the best stands for the drill

Rating of the best stands for a drill1Enkor 200903 600 €
2Wolfcraft 45220004 800 €
3Hammer flex STD 60 (245-002)2 499 €
4Skrab 255194 218 €
5DOLD CMC-431 929 €

Enkor 20090

Rating: 4.9

Enkor 20090
  1. Stand height: 550 mm.
  2. Working stroke: 65 mm.

One of the most popular Russian-made drill stands in the budget price category. Platform and mounting slide for the drill are made of high quality high-strength cast iron. Heavy walled vertical tube, made of stainless steel. It is also worth noting the impressive hardened spring, which will retain its original properties even after intensive and prolonged use of the product.

The drill stand has practically no negative feedback, which says a lot. Our experts have included this model in the rating for several reasons. Users praise the Enkor 20090 for the high quality of its fasteners, metal, reliable design, and ease of use. Among the disadvantages we can mention only the absence of a vice, as well as the fact that the holes for fixing them are directed to one side (this may cause problems to owners of non-standard models of vice).

Wolfcraft 4522000

Rating: 4.9

Wolfcraft 4522000
  1. Stand height: 295 mm.
  2. Working stroke: 150 mm.

Compact, lightweight hand drill stand designed to work in multiple positions. The design is equipped with a guide with a scale, the accuracy of pointing the drill helps to increase the handle on the stand. Also features depth stop (infinitely adjustable) for drilling depth limitation and straight stop for fast, accurate drilling in one line. Model has connection device for vacuum cleaner – for quick connection of dust extraction function.

Among the main advantages of the model, users note the presence of ribs on the bed, soft springs, almost complete absence of backlash, the ability to adjust the working angle and the storage of drills directly in the handle stand.

Hammer flex STD 60 (245-002)

Rating: 4.8

HAMMER FLEX STD 60 (245-002)
  1. Height of the stand: 525 mm.
  2. Working stroke: 60 mm.

Our experts confidently recommend this model for domestic use. The drill stand is made of quality metal, plastic elements are also quite reliable. Users note the almost total absence of backlash, well thought-out construction of the stand.

A nice bonus – the kit includes a special vice – for more comfort and precision work with the tool. Hammer flex STD 60 is recommended for working with metal profiles, pipes and similar elements made of metal. Among the disadvantages – problems with the clamping screw that can quickly come off (you can easily buy an additional set of screws in case of failure).

Skrab 25519

Rating: 4.7

SKRAB 25519
  1. Height of the stand: 400 mm.
  2. Working stroke: 60 mm.

Drill bit holder Skrab 25519 with swivel slide (0-900) for work at an angle designed for use with a drill, screwdriver and straight grinder. Thanks to the high rigidity of the stand, it can be used for drilling and also for milling. Guide made of tool steel. The stand comes with 2 spare springs.

Key structural features: well thought-out details, high quality workmanship, stable base made of durable cast iron, long, powerful lever (during the work not to exert much effort), precision machining, which is achieved by a special mounting of the carriage (“dovetail”). The carriage is equipped with screws to adjust the backlash. Among the disadvantages, users note the “flimsiness” of the carriage, which is made of thin welded pipe.


Rating: 4.6

DILD sms-43
  1. Height of stand: 550 mm.
  2. Working stroke: 85 mm.

It is worth noting right away that this product is positioned as a budget domestic model of the drill stand, so it has its own nuances. So, users note not particularly robust design and the presence of backlash. But the stand performs its function well, and the availability of a vice and spare bolts is a nice bonus. And all this at a very attractive price.

Among the useful features of the model can be noted a wide range of equipment at a low cost of goods, the availability of a vice. In general, the stand is suitable for simple rough work (especially with wood), and not often. Among the disadvantages – rather fragile construction, insufficient balancing, backlash.

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