Tools for mounting stretch ceilings

    Stretch ceilings are currently popular during repair. This is explained by the fact that the design of such ceilings is characterized by simplicity of installation and availability. Correct installation can be done in the presence of the desired tool.


    To implement the process of strengthening the tensioning system, some specific knowledge and experience are needed. A number of devices are required to work on a ceiling base device that can be fabric or film. A feature of special tools is their high cost. Sometimes the equipment itself is more expensive than the stretch ceiling.

    Selection and use of working devices requires a responsible approach:

    • A variety of lists and functions of models can confuse the consumer;
    • Purchase of tools is carried out with the calculation of durable use;
    • The result and safety of work depends on the instruments.


    To install stretch ceilings, you may need tools, without which it is impossible to do. There is also a list of tools serving an addition. Allocate main equipment and additional tools.


    Equipment or gas systems can be used as equipment, the use of a hand tool is also equally important.

    The main technical means for pulling the entire system is the heat gun. It carries out the heating of the material, which contributes to light installation in the future. This technique functions on Gaza. Working from electricity for guns is more difficult, because there is too high load on the electrical network. The housing of the heater is made of steel having an enameled coating.

    Inboard part of the gas thermal gun is equipped with a burner, air fan and steel grilles. Open fire in the process of work very quickly heats the room, so you need to create an additional free space near the device. The heating power level of the device is adjusted using a special valve. In each case, it is necessary to use a specially intended cannon having various sizes.

    The main tasks that the heat gun is directed:

    • an increase in air temperature indoors;
    • heating the entire surface of the stretch canvas;
    • maintaining the required heat level during operation;
    • Main overlap fogging.

    Another important type of tool is a perforator with which the holes in the wall and the ceiling are made, and the profile is installed. In a set with a perforator, there must be borants required for mounting baguette.

    This device can be replaced with a drill having a shock mechanism. But she will not cope with all the surfaces. Concrete and bulk are more difficult to drill.

    Screwdriver helps to screw the screws. This tool can operate from electricity and battery. It is more convenient to work with the last option, since the electrical network is not connected during the repair during repair. The practicality of the workflow is ensured by using a less dimensional tool.

    Other functions of the screwdriver:

    • fixation of the profile for mounting the canvas;
    • Installing brackets for lamps;
    • performs other auxiliary operations.

    For the exercise of spikes, the tensioning systems are resorted to the use of the TDC machine. The seams formed as a result of this device are practically not visible, the ceiling looks like a solid canvas. This is the value of the equipment under consideration. It carries such a name due to the effects of high frequency current.

    The product includes two main parts: welding press and generator.


    Additional devices are Room Measurement Devices and Required Ceiling Details:

    • Ruler.

    • Laser tape measure allows measurements, standing in one place.

    • Laser level is much convenient for repair, as it provides high accuracy of indications. For proper marking, the level is fixed by the manual method, it is also possible to mount on the wall. This method provides for the installation of the level on the stand, which is suspended on the self-tapping screw or fixed on the heating tube. For an uneven surface, a more convenient laser fastener system has been developed. This is a tripod that is set up with its supports in the floor and the ceiling. The stand is mounted a stand that ensures the movement of the tool.

    • Suspension. Need to hold the finished canvase. Their quantity depends on the size of the room.
    • Room marking cord. Acquisition of this detail does not require a thorough choice of a specific characteristic.

    • Sustainable design staircase with needed height.

    • Scopes for fastener profile. Have the shape of a spatula, which prepares the surface before the direct exercise of the web stretch. Suitable straight, curved and angular blades. Bending tool can have a different angle of inclination. A large and small blade is highlighted with a turn of forty-five degrees. The length of the larger handle is forty centimeters.

    The small spatula with the same angle is equipped with a handle with a length of no more than ten centimeters.

    The device having a curved, like a ring, construction at an angle of ninety degrees, is suitable for attaching hidden lighting in the box. There are shovels in the form of a triangle. Such models are able to penetrate into holes with uneven grounds. Smooth blade is useful for rooms in which water and gas pipes pass.

    The repair also uses an electric spatula, which is a device with a moving blade. The cost of such a tool is significantly higher than manual, so it is not worth purchased for one-time work.

    Another list is allocated to which materials are important for self-installation:

    • drill;

    • a gas cylinder having a volume of fifty liters, complete with a hose;

    • Set of sealant;

    • glue;

    • sharp stationery knife;

    • Scotch;

    • detergents that can be useful during installation;

    • Plywood or plasterboard material may be needed if the installation of heavy lighting is scheduled;

    • Crowns for the screwdriver.

    Detail without which it is impossible to fasten the stretch ceiling, is a profile. It is usually produced on sale with a length of more than two meters. Specific value depends on the place of purchase. The profile is equipped with locks that have a function for fixing the ceiling base. Such a device makes it much easier to install, dismantling and regulating the ceiling during repair. Many experienced masters work with his help.

    How to choose?

    Tools for mounting stretch ceiling systems are selected based on the following points:

    • production;
    • The power level should provide high-quality performance;
    • Availability of warranty: The cost of most necessary devices is large enough, so the warranty service life allows you to save material tools in case the manufacturer turned out to be unfair.

    The choice of thermal gun depends on the area of ​​the room in which the installation of the stretch ceiling is carried out. To install the ceiling in a small room to 20 square meters. M. It is enough to purchase a device with a capacity of 15 kW. It is easy to use due to low weight. For more overall premises with high ceilings for stretching, a cannon with a power is not less than 30 kW.

    Purpure of the perforator is carried out taking into account the attentive selection of power of the device. For high-quality drilling, the device is 550 W. Also drawn attention to the presence of a dust removal system: it is very important.

    The quality of the screwdrity depends on the durability of the battery. The longer the charge is holding, the better the device.

    During the purchase of TDCH, draws attention to the presence of start buttons. Better if there are two of them, they allow you to run the work process while pressing immediately on both buttons.

    High-quality equipment complies with safety technician. In less traumatic devices, the aggregate is launched only with two hands.

    When choosing a blade, the convenience of the instrument handle is taken into account. It is made of polished wooden material.

    When choosing a laser roulette drawn attention to a number of parameters:

    • protecting the hull from shock, moisture and dust;
    • The presence of the device for mounting the device in the angle: This is required to measure the room diagonally;
    • To increase the accuracy of the size readings, the presence of the built-in level is welcomed;
    • method of recharging;
    • Measurement recording feature in device memory.

    Tips and recommendations

    Experts identify some important points that It must be taken into account when choosing and working with tools and equipment for tensioning the ceiling with your own hands:

    • The screwdriver used in the process of installation of stretch structures should not have a rotating mechanism with a shock element. This leads to a rapid failure of such a device.
    • The optimal radius of the laser level is at least 7 meters.
    • While working with a gas cylinder requires mandatory observance of safety.
    • During the acquisition of the perforator, it is worth paying attention to the well-known names of manufacturers, as they are more durable and able to provide high-quality work.

    • Device for drilling holes It is recommended to use with a built-in vacuum cleaner. This is important to reduce the number of dust.
    • Before mounting the ceiling, it is recommended to purchase all possible types of blades forms, since each option can be useful in one way or another in the process of work.
    • For installation it is better to work with a perforator with several modes of work. The most necessary for the installation of the ceiling design is the functions of loaves, shock and conventional drilling.

    Acquisition of a set of tools depends on the type of selected stretch ceiling.

    Review tool for mounting stretch ceilings See next video.

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