Tool stands: features, species and their characteristics

Tool cabinets are an indispensable object of furniture for all those who are engaged in the maintenance of various equipment both in production and independently. This is an industrial furniture that has a number of its features. The material of this article will help the reader to figure out the main nuances, the species of this product, as well as its characteristics.

Features and scope of application

Instrumental tube is a convenient dresser of a closed type, in which you can store tools and different snapshots. Depending on the type of product, countertops can provide for a manual workbench. Such a cabinet allows you to optimize the workflow.

Constructively instrumental stands may have a number of their differences. For example, the product may have different extensive boxes. It may vary and their number, color of the case and facades of drawers. The cabinets differ in size, form and form – are stationary or mobile. The latter have wheels and are able to move around the workshop, workshop, that is, directly to the place of work. The product may not have not only drawers with a retractable mechanism, but also storage compartments of overall repair devices.

Most of this lineup make up modifications from metal with a welded frame from profiles either pipes. The framework is lined with high-strength metal sheets.

In order to prevent rust metal cover special paint. Products have metal countertops covered with rubberized material and supplemented by sides and fasteners for manual tools.

Tool cabinets with drawers are also universal and in areas of application. For example, in addition to manufacturing workshops and laboratories, they are indispensable in car workshops, typical garages, as well as on metalworking enterprises. In this case, the tool cabinet may have a standard or rotary type of execution. She can be on the table, have stuck and folding doors.


Classify such snubs can be classified by several features. For example, in the direction of opening of drawers, they are divided into two classes: TU and TI. There is one series from another width and depth of drawers. In class modifications, extensions are wide, but shallow. Options are of a greater depth and less width. Of these, the varieties of that are considered more functional products.

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According to the installation method, the instrumental stands can be divided into two categories: stationary and mobile. The first options do not provide for movement from place to place. Such furniture is located near the machine in order to ensure quick access to the required tool.

Mobile variants on wheels are characterized by smaller dimensions and are able to move to the right place. Distribution load of modifications can be 200 kg.

By type of material, products are not only metallic, but also wooden. For example, in the manufacture of such a standby at home, someone uses Faneru, choosing sheets 4, 8, 10 and 12 mm. For assembly use special glue and nails. The varnish is performed by a yacht varnish and brush.


The basic characteristics of instrumental locksmiths are manufacturing material, external dimensions, weight, number of boxes, lock type. Depending on the characteristics of a particular model, they are different. For example, some modifications may have a perforated screen in the form of tiny openings of a square shape with a step of 35 mm. In addition, the model can be collapsible and welded.

The body in production is stained with powder paint, and its color can be different for the screen itself and drawers. Let’s say the base of the box can be gray, and drawers – blue, tray – black. Metal thickness can vary from 0.8 to 2 mm. Depending on the modification, the level of maximum permissible load on one box can be from 20 to 40 kg. In some varieties, one box is designed for 80 kg of weight.

As for the castle, it may be distinguished by a degree of reliability providing for up to two thousand combinations. The tray can be equipped with a rubber rug. At the expense of oil-resistant rugs, the bottom of the boxes increases the duration of the operation of products. In addition, depending on the type of model, its screen can provide for the installation of mounted shelves, tool holders, hooks and plastic boxes.

Product weight on average is 57-70 kg. Height is selected on the basis of user convenience. The height of the boxes is from 45 cm. Universal models are designed to store tools, components, as well as materials. The product may have a central lock and drawers on roller guides. Constructive models are designed in such a way as to provide quick access to a specific tool and reduce working time loss. Due to the capacity, instrumental locksmiths save the useful area of ​​the room in which are located. In most cases, they have a long-term guarantee and long service life.

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How to choose?

Choosing a product, you need to proceed from its purpose and the volume of the existing toolkit. For example, a model for a professional workshop, as a rule, more and more functional. For home enough compact standby.

As for the distribution load, it will depend on this factor that it is possible to repair and how many tools can be put in each box. For example, if the production requires a large tube with a distribution load of up to 80 kg per box, then the home will go with an indicator of 20 kg.

Excellent if a special rug that protects the product from oily and gasoline spots will be located inside each box.

Roller guides – an important choice factor. In addition to putting a toolkit from 100 to 500 kg in a plumbing tube, it is important to understand the following: If all the boxes are open, under the weight of the weight of the tools, the cabinet can turn over. Mobile stand is good for storing a small amount of tools, and stationary immediately installed on the workplace.

As for the lock and the number of code combinations for its discovery, this factor is important when the cabinet is located in the garage or manufacturing workshop. The fact is that a good plumbing tool for specialists on gold weight. Often they perform individual devices on their own, and therefore the loss of such equipment can cost a downtime in work and, therefore, the loss of money, because you have to buy a new set.

In order not to look for thieves, it is worth thinking right, what type of lock to choose for your instrumental standby. Key or postal option is not always the best.

It is important to pay attention to the coating of the case. Powder paint is good because it provides the stability of products to the appearance and distribution of rust. In addition, it protects it from minor household damage. When buying, you need to be interested in the seller, Does the installation of additional accessories provide (for example, is it possible to install a suspension box on it). As well as in priority metal models with a rubberized table top.

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When ordering in online mode, it is necessary to consider: External dimensions of the plumbing stands (length, width and height) do not include the parameters of the protruding parts of the fittings. To make sure the product and durability of the product, can be asked to the seller the concomitant documentation. As a rule, a warranty is included with it, which can be from 12 to 36 months. To fail to get, Before buying, you can read customer reviews about a particular model. This will make it possible to understand how convenient it is in operation.

If the product is bought in person, it is important to pay attention to the absence of visible defects and the smooth course of the extension mechanism. No jail and hard move should not be marriage. If the seller speaks of a discount or action, it is worth thinking what exactly you are trying to sell. A good product has a good price, there are rarely discounts. Price range is extensive: Products with cost from 5 to 24 thousand are on sale. rubles.

One of the significant criteria is the worktop load. In laconic models for fitter work with a metal case, equipped with a compartment with two shelves, a countertop can withstand about 300 kg of weight. In this case, it is performed from plywood with a thickness of 24 mm and covered with galvanized metal with a thickness of 1 mm. The greater the distribution load, the more severe items can repair the master on the table of the coul.The larger the table area, the more convenient to use them.

No less significant choice factor is the issue of aesthetics. You need to select a product and practical, and beautiful, correlating its dimensions with a place where the cabinet will be installed.

On how to make a tamba for tools from plywood with your own hands, see the following video.

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