Tile Vives: New Collections

    One of the leading brands for the production of ceramic tiles is VIVES. The Spanish company managed to establish itself as a responsible manufacturer of high-quality goods, as well as to take the leading position in the production of tile not only in Spain, but also in the world.


    Vives Ceramics enters the top three of the best factories in Europe, and this is already talking about many things: at least the manufacturer is trusted, and its products are buying European residents who are extremely scrupulous in the issue of choosing goods for home. High quality ceramic tiles is caused by various manufacturing technologies Depending on the model, then each detail passes single-phase or two-phase firing to secure the result. Be sure to note the fact that the brand keeps up with the times and tries to use the latest technologies in its work, and also attracts the best designers to draw up patterns. The company has several own laboratories in which new collections are being developed and checked. Only after the passage of certain stages of verification, new models are output and then to sell.

    A wide range of brand goods allows you to select tiles for any design direction depending on the taste of the customer. There are also monophonic models of various colors and textures, and patterns with patterns, drawings and other details. Each variant allows you to give the room the desired view, harmonizing with future furniture. Brand designers carefully follow the fashion in the interiors and try to embody all the best and interesting in their work to please buyers. Factories produce not only tiles or porcelain stoneware, but also mosaic, ceramic details, decorative patterns. This allows the use of products not only in bathrooms or in the kitchen, but also in the living rooms, bedrooms, as well as on the balcony or terrace of a country house.

    Long service life is guaranteed by the latest technology, as well as high quality raw materials used in production. Thanks to a special wear-resistant surface, tiles will last long, and their shine will not die even after a long time. By the way, many hostesses will be glad and the fact that it is possible to clean the surface using any detergents. Due to the stability of VIVES CERAMICS products to moisture, it can be laid even in rooms with large temperature drops. Many customers are nice and the fact that you can choose samples from various price segments, thanks to which even the buyer with a small budget can find a high-quality model.

    Review of new collections

    Every year, the company’s designers try to please their customers with new models of ceramic tiles, and any of them pre-passes the strictest quality control. Only then she is already started on sale. The design of the entire ceramics is designed with the latest fashion trends in the interior sphere, which is why everyone can choose an option to taste for themselves, to be sure that the placed room will be decorated at the best.


    This collection is a tile of 20×20 cm. The wide color palette is predominantly represented by pastel colors. A little variety design and give the floor or walls the highlights will help small octagons who are attached on the corners of such tiles. They can be a monophonic color miniature, a decorative element with a beautiful pattern. Thanks to such a variety, buyers have the opportunity to come up with the original design of the room, which will be unique, no more nowhere will meet. Most customers are very satisfied with this model not only because of a huge number of color layout options and decor, but also due to a long service life, as well as ease of care. This is especially important for women who love purity and not tolerate even the slightest divorces on the floor or walls.


    This line consists of large plates with dimensions of 60×60 and 80×80 cm. Of course, they are more suitable for bathrooms and toilets, but often used for the decoration of pools. Colors presented in RIFT, brighter: white, cream, beige and graphite. Hexagonal shape of tiles slightly “dilute” a view by making simple monochrome models more interesting. Products are reliable and durable, as well as completely resistant to moisture and temperature drops.


    As you can guess from the name of this line, it presents the range of tiles in ethnic style. Incredibly beautiful patterns in a huge color of diversity will allow you to decorate any room, give him an exquisite view. The most popular matte shades with a special texture that mimics the relief of cement. To care for such a tile, of course, is not so easy because of the texture, but it is so attractive looks that it is worth the efforts. Sizes are small, 10×20, 13×13 and 20×20 cm.


    This line will have to taste to lovers of original drawings and geometric shapes. It is a combination of classic pastel tones and bright colors. Standard tiles format – 10×20 cm, thanks to which you can create a large number of diverse patterns, even in small rooms, and the color scheme, which includes almost all existing shades, will allow the room the original view.


    Eastern motives of this collection will fall to taste luxury and wealth. The form is based on a mosaic pattern, which is laid out with a tile of 43.5×43.5 cm in size and, in addition to the patterns, has a wonderful border. Color range is completely dependent on the taste of customer preferences. You can choose among four shades: blue, black, brown and cream. The texture of tiles is also mosaic, which gives the floor. An interesting view. This collection is perfect for large private houses or public places, such as cafes, restaurants and shopping centers, especially decorated in eastern topics.


    Products from the Delta collection are represented in two sizes: 30×30 and 60×60 cm. Large tiles are decorated with beautiful patterns in the form of flowers, geometric shapes and other decorative ornaments, as well as patterns that imitate marble surface. Small samples usually make a pattern in a cage. They are well suited for a border. Color gamut includes beige, gray, graphite and cream tones. Such a tile is perfect for the decor of large rooms.


    This line of porcelain stoneware is made in a mosaic style and is supplemented with decorative elements with floral pattern. Competently condated tiles and floral curbs can give an interesting and beautiful view of your kitchen, hallway and even living room. The size of the tiles of the Eoopeya collection is 43.5×43.5 and 21.7×21.7 cm. If you want to create original floor design with light eastern notes, this option is created for you.


    This line is rectangular matte ceramic tiles with imitation of brick marble. It is ideal for restaurants and other premises with Italian topics. Sizes of tiles – 14×28 cm, color gamut implies only three options: light gray, brick and beige. Competently by connecting these colors, you can create an interesting picture on the floor. It is possible to use only one color for the entire surface.

    Via Apia

    This line of ceramic tiles is represented by mosaic panels – folded from different elements in large and small patterns. The line is represented in gray, beige, brown and green tones. Triangular and square mosaic details can be used as an additional samples from other collections. This series is perfect for any room: from bathroom or kitchen to dining room or living room. She will also perfectly complement the interior of any restaurant.

    2017 Collection Review You can see in the following video.

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