Tile “Uralkeramics”: features and advantages

    Ceramic tile is a special type of finishing material. It is often used for the design of bathrooms, a working area of ​​the kitchen and an entrance hall. This finish is resistant to moisture, various pollution and does not deteriorate from wet cleaning. Modern buyers have the opportunity to choose between domestic and foreign manufacturers. As in any segment of the market, there are leaders in the production of tiles. One of them is the company “Uralkeramics”.

    About enterprise

    This Russian enterprise was founded in 1960. The company began to make the production of ceramic tiles in two years from the moment of founding. At the beginning of its path, the plant has made only white finishing material of the same size. With the development of modern technologies and the development of new techniques on the tile began to apply expressive patterns, ornaments and other decorative elements.

    Thanks to the work of experienced professionals, in 1964 the first improved batch of tiles came to the market. From year to year the plant developed, improving product quality, as well as its diversity. At the beginning of the 21st century, three Italian lines joined the manufacturer. This has played an important role in the development of the production level of the above brand. The company goes to a new level – 40,000,000 square meters. M. Tiles per year.

    To date, this enterprise is actively developing, it produces 80,000,000 square meters. M. Material in year. Despite a decent and competitively able product level, the company continues to improve the technical base using modern production techniques.


    Tile – building material that cannot be replaced by other products used in the design of rooms. Its standard form is a square or rectangle. A huge variety of colors, sizes and textures provide the ability to use tiles in various decorative styles. High-quality facing raw materials combines attractiveness, practicality and wear resistance. Specialized stores sell wall and floor tiles of this company intended for use in various premises and their locations.

    Professional tiles using material of various colors and textures create amazing designer compositions.

    Over long years of work, the project brand “Uralkeramics” has developed a variety of product selections. A rich selection allows you to choose the perfect option suitable for price, thickness, size and appearance. We note the most relevant and demanded collections that were at a high level are appreciated by buyers and professionals from the construction sphere.


    This collection especially like connoisseurs of natural and natural colors. The palette used in creating this selection consists of green, beige and brown flowers and their shades. This is a relief tile, masterfully imitating bamboo. On some tiles, a bulk image of an exotic bamboo plant is applied. Products presented in this collection will transform the bathroom by creating a fresh and easy atmosphere.


    Tiles are made in white, gray and blue tones. Such colors will update the interior, make it gentle, air and weightless. This collection is universal due to the fact that it is suitable for designing different premises. Tile decorate lighter lilac branches that give the material greater attractiveness.


    Topics Collections – Edge marine spaces. This is a classic design option for a bathroom and a bathroom. Separate tiles are decorated with sinks and other patterns that give the interior expressiveness, variety and dynamics. Border decorated with bubbles and marine sinks.


    In this collection, a tile is collected in gentle beige and blue tones. Professionals worked out on the glory, deculating the finishing material by the image of a lighthouse located on the break. Some dies have completed ships with lush snow-white sails. Neutral color gamut will create a pacifying atmosphere indoors.

    Each collection is the result of the work of professional masters who were able to combine product quality with exquisite appearance.


    Among the new products of the trademark is worthy of attention the following collections:


    Tiles painted into light paint without adding bright and saturated patterns. Specialists recommends that border and other decorative elements (for example, mosaic). The collection is ideal for creating a calm and pacifying atmosphere.


    Exquisite and sophisticated collection, made in brown and beige paints. Designers note that with the use of this collection, any bathroom will acquire an original and amazing appearance. Trademark offers customers tile, imitating natural wood. The finishing material will be perfectly harmonized with golden elements of the situation, or decor.


    Tile with exotic name imitates sandy shore. Finishing material mentally takes you to the sea or ocean. For the integrity of the decor, it is necessary to supplement the room with images of maritime subjects and various thematic elements.


    Pay attention to this collection if you want to create a light, air and easy room atmosphere. The main part of the finishing material copies wood coating. Ends the decor stylish border with the image of branches and foliage.


    The sophisticated and fashionable collection, which is ideal for classic styles. Tile painted in soft beige shades. Use this line on the basis of premises with various dimensions. For greater decorativeness, the selection was painted with golden elements in the form of geometric shapes.


    Assortment of trademark products has a lot of advantages. Among them are the main maintenance:

    • Reliability. Each unit of products has high strength and reliability. Tile is not afraid of external impact and mechanical damage. It was possible to achieve such an effect, thanks to the skillful hands of professionals, innovative equipment and modern methods.
    • Universality. A rich assortment of tiles is perfect for registration of various design destinations. Buyers can choose tiles for classic and modern stylistics. Stylish elements, patterns and decorations give the finishing material attractiveness and sore.

    • Moisture resistance. Initially, the tile was designed for laying indoors with high humidity (bathroom, steam room, kitchen), however, workers made a special bias to this characterization. The material remarkably opposes moisture, and also reliably protects the walls from the destructive and negative effects of water.
    • Life time. The popularity and prevalence of products significantly affected the high wear resistance. The minimum service life of the tile is 20 years. With proper care and proper laying, this indicator is many times.

    • Dimensions of the room. Experts developed a tile that is ideal for compacting compact rooms. In most sample apartments for the bathroom and bathroom allocate a couple of square meters. Properly selected finishing material visually increase the size of the room, make the ceiling above, and the walls – wider.
    • Price. Cost is one of the main criteria in the selection process. Enterprise “Uralkeramics” adheres to a reasonable pricing policy (no surcharge and interest). Representatives of the company make everything possible to make a product more accessible to most customers. The price is made up of raw materials used in the production process, the costs of equipment and labor payment to employees.

    The cost of tiles depends on its thickness, sizes, novelty collection. Updated rates can be found on the official website of the trademark.

    • Safety. In the process of manufacturing tiles, safe and environmentally friendly materials use, due to which the finishing raw materials can be used in homes where allergy lives. This indicator is important if there are small children or people with weak health in the apartment.

    Customer Reviews

    Experts studied the construction and finishing materials market and, based on the data obtained, did the following conclusions. To date, the Tile brand “Uralkeramics” enjoys great popularity among other products. Buyers are praising respond about products, marking many advantages (a huge selection of products, differing in coloring, texture, style and cost). Those customers who are not familiar with the products of this manufacturer, confirm product quality, long service life, reliability.

    Opinions of professionals

    Workers from the scope of repair and decoration of premises positively respond about the Russian ceramic tiles of this brand. Masters say that it is convenient and easy to work with her, after installing the finish retains a freight look for a long time. In order not to damage the finishing material in the styling process, it is recommended to refer to the specialists who will be installed in accordance with all the rules.

    Tips for laying and features of the tile “Uralkeramics” look in the following video.

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