Tile Roberto Cavalli: Design Options

Among the various brands of materials for the interior often you can find the names of the leading fashion houses of the world. Roberto Cavalli is an Italian brand that has established itself not only for weeks of fashion, but also among companies producing tiles.

It is produced directly in Italy, at the Ceramiche Ricchett factory, and differs not only by quality, but also on a high level design.


Ceramic Tile Roberto Cavalli is created using high-tech processing of raw materials on advanced equipment. Due to this, the manufacturing process costs without synthetic products of the oil producing industry, which makes the products of environmentally friendly and safe to health. In this case, special processing of ceramics makes it resistant to moisture and sharp change of temperature than the very few interior tile brands can boast.

It is stable and to physically insignificant damage, for example, rubbing or impacts. All this makes a tile durable and justifies its relatively high cost.


Among the most popular collections of the brand can be allocated:

  • Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles, as it can be seen from the name, refers to the category “Lux”. Not only the name of the Italian Matra makes it possible to use such a characteristic, but also the design of ceramic tiles. Here you will not find boring and banal patterns or colors.

  • One of the latest collections – BRIGHTPEARL. These are variations on pearls, where the tile pattern repeats recognizable pearl divorces, and the texture of ceramics gives the rough surface of the characteristic brilliance. Decorating, for example, a bathroom with such a tile, it is difficult to get rid of the feeling that you are directly in the mollusk sink. Collection Collections does not differ in a large variety, but covers the most typical options for a similar style – snow-white, ivory color, bronze, silver and pearl-rainbow.

  • Collection of agata became the most famous for this brand. To its creation, the designer of a fashion house was directly attached, inspired by unique bends of the lines on sections of natural stones. Thus, the tile allows you to imitate the stone where it use is problematic due to damaging factors or a large surface area. The muffled tones of this collection make models universal for use in the interior.

  • Another remarkable collection – SIGNORIA. This time the brand emphasized the imitation of a wooden surface. The basic tiles are complemented with decorative elements with a pattern, which is organically embedded in a total floor pattern. Designed in such a way that Roberto Cavalli can become an excellent alternative to laminate, which cannot boast of sufficient wear resistance, in comparison with high-tech ceramic tiles. Due to this, it became popular not only as a material for the house, but also in the form of an outdoor coating in the trading part of numerous boutiques, where the constant stream of customers inevitably worsens the state of the floor.
  • Noticeably stands out against the background of other Diva collection. In this case, the designers moved away from the concept of imitation of natural materials, and focused on elegant patterns in modern style. Since for more than a hundred years this direction is not losing its popularity, but only multiplies the admirers, it can be said that such a design looks elegant and modern. Due to the contrast of white, gray and black tones with such a tile, you can create a bright and memorable interior.

In general, it can be said that Roberto Cavalli is not a brand that is useful if you are configured to an extravagant design in the style of techno or similar directions. Here you will not find colorful colors and cheerful patterns, but Similar tile will become indispensable for the interior in the classic style not only for home, but also for office or commercial premises.

Review on the Roberto Cavalli Tile View in the following video.

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