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With ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware from Marca Corona without any problems will be able to create an unusual interior, make a durable flooring or high-quality wall facing. We will get acquainted with the features of this brand products closer.

Features and advantages

Marca Corona (Italy) is engaged in the production of tiles for three centuries. During all this time, designers and the creators of the finishing material learned how to master the traditions in the manufacture of ceramic tiles and the achievement of modern science.

Each collection of Italian production tiles – unique.

At the same time, all the rules in the same extent possess:

  • strength;
  • wear resistance;
  • Resistant to UV radiation and other external factors.

In addition, (regardless of the destination) it is easy to lay it and just care for it.

Italian tiles required by its high performance characteristics:

  • use only high quality and secure for people and ecology of raw materials;
  • careful quality control;
  • using special manufacturing technologies.

One of the copyright developments of the company was the method of dry pressing tile, which consists in the effects of high pressure on it for a certain time.


Currently, the MARCA CORONA brand produces the most diverse finishing material.

The assortment shows the tile of various sizes and various purposes:

  • outdoor;
  • wall;
  • mosaic.

Depending on the physico-mechanical characteristics, cladding elements can be used for registration:

  • residential premises;
  • kitchens;
  • bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity;
  • trading halls;
  • Outdoor facades of buildings.

Widespread use of brand products becomes possible and thanks to its wide color palette: from white, cream and gentle blue to dark green, purple, brown and even black shade.

Additional variety of assortment is created through the use of various material textures.

Focusing on the demand of modern consumers, designers and masters of the company create a tile, skillfully imitating:

  • cement coating;
  • natural stone;
  • Wooden parquet;
  • marble.

There are in the model row and the usual glazed tile, and facing elements with a 4D effect.


Facing tile from Marca Corona allows you to create an interior in any style: from the unsatary classics to modern modern directions.

The most popular collections today are:

  • 4d. Represented by ceramic tiles of 40×80 cm and heramographic elements with dimensions 20×20 cm. When developing a collection of designers, first of all, paid attention to the combination of ceramics with elements from other materials. It presents both elements with a smooth matte surface and textured models, and products with bulk images.

Color range – soft and discreet, without bright and catchy shades.

  • Motif Extra. This collection of tiles, made under the marble of Kalakatta and Travertine, is this traditional marble used in Italy for interior design) with microgravization.

  • Jolie. This is a facing material for those who love originality. In the design of the collection used the most unusual style and color combinations that allow a new look at the classic Maitolike decorates.

  • Easy Wood. This collection is a high quality imitation of a wooden coating. The best option for those who dream have parquet floors with strength and durability of porcelain. Thanks to the technology of staining in the mass, the material is resistant to external mechanical effects and constant significant loads.

In addition, it is resistant to water, and also does not change its qualities under the influence of sunlight.

  • Chalk. “Cement” collection with small thickening around the edges of the elements. Represented by white, silver, gray and dark shades. Along with standard slab sizes, unusual rhombus tiles are presented in the line, allowing you to create various graphic design.

Forme, ITALIAN COUNTRY, LUXURY, PLANET, ROYAL and other are not less popular. Included in the range of companies over 30 collections of finishing material, which makes it possible to choose exactly what he liked.

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