Tile in different bathroom styles

With all the diversity of modern finishing materials, the tile remains a traditional solving for trimming bathrooms. But in every style it should be a little different than in other interiors. Understand in all subtleties you need in advance before buying.


The use of ceramic tiles for bathrooms has a number of advantages. In particular, it is extremely resistant to moisture and is operated for a long time. The market provides a lot of options for such a coating.

When it is laid, care is carried out noticeably easier than other materials. But to beautifully decompose the tile in the apartment, you need to consider all the features and nuances.

Consider the most popular styles for bathroom tiles.

  • Provence appeared on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and created its inhabitants of the same name of the territory of France. In this style, it was embodied simultaneously ease, grace and elegance. The tile of the corresponding species is always painted into muted (and even a bit dusty) shades of color gamut. The surfaces of the walls and gears are only the background for a powerful and diverse decor, which are replete with olive interiors. In addition to pastel tones, the woody colors (in various manifestations) shows well (in various manifestations).

  • Modern style With regard to ceramic tiles, it is impossible to be considered as something single and monolithic. More recently dominated minimalism comes from the stage, and no longer be sure to observe strict lines. But all the more important features of the last versions of the tile are its extravagancy and umployment. If you manage to create an unexpected shape or organize an ensemble, which causes admiration, is perceived as an unexpected – then it is necessary to act. It is important that the tile is now not limited to and ceramics – in a modern key it can be glass, metal, cork and so on.

  • The full opposite of the modernist approach turns out to be tile Country. This format originated in the 1920s, but now his renaissance is happening. The characteristic feature of the style turns out that along with indispensable for all his subspecies, each of them has a national specificity. In any case, they use as close to nature as possible to the nature of the tone, and they must be homogeneous and without bright accents. With all other elements of the interior, such a finish is combined according to the principle of contrast.

Strength of tradition and exotic

The classic ceramic tile has the undeniable advantage that it is always in fashion. That the various designers and builders would have decided, so that the neighbors and work colleagues would say – it is such a material that it is stacked if not for centuries, then for many decades.

The main requirement of the material selection is the quality of imitation of natural coatings (first of all – stone).

Emphasize the commitment to traditions helps flooring in retro style. Quite many manufacturers have already mastered the release of such tiles, and it can be mimic as a finish of the past centuries, and the old-fashioned tile of the middle of the twentieth century.

Many retro collections are compiled with the calculation of the use of ceramics as a background for more expressive investigative elements. A significant part of the models contains images of past celebrities and other classic stories.

Imitation of coatings stacked before the beginning of the last century, implies the use of plant, ornamental or geometric motifs in the picture. When the avant-garde spirit is copied, the priority is given to the surface seeking made of glass or metal. The tile in an antique style embodies one general idea – the species of natural stone reproduces as accurately.

Fully admissible ornaments with a vegetable or geometric plot, And ideally, they should not differ from stylistics characteristic of historical antiquity. In some cases, you can use tiles with inclusions that imitate gilding. With sufficient area of ​​the bathroom and the availability of free money, you can even order a whole bulk panel in the Greek key.

If such a decision does not suit at all, it is worth seeing to the cafier in Arabic (Eastern) style. It perfectly enters combinations with a minimalist environment and harmoniously complements it.

In most cases, exotic based on the Arab East emphasizes the extravagance and indifference of the taste of living in the house. If there are already other non-standard elements, it is better to look for an alternative solution. Rhythmically built ornament reveals its visual advantages on a monophonic background painted in calm tones.

In the Egyptian version for ceramic tiles are characteristic:

  • patterns formed by yellow and brown tones;
  • Periodic adding golden parts;
  • When using a small ornament around the perimeter – its strict geometry.

Another approach was invented in Morocco and other countries of Maghreb. Tile, weathered in the appropriate key combines white, blue and blue paint. In addition to them, imputations of beige, green and orange tones are introduced. For the bathroom, it is advisable to select material with cold tones patterns.

If the area of ​​the room is small, then it is better to give preference to the tile with a small pattern.

Complete Bathroom Finishing Review in the exotic key appropriate on Japanese style.

It is always characteristic of:

  • the rigor and the conciseness of all lines, the configuration as a whole;
  • the predominance of saturated dark or saturated bright colors (in different collections);
  • Regardless of the selected color – the rest of the decor in the present Japanese style.

The use of hieroglyphs, on the contrary, not always practiced. The main part of the manufacturers prefers to demonstrate worked out focus by other expressive means.

Stronically unacceptable bright colors, even as an accent on secondary laying fragments.

Bold and at the same time attractive move – the use of tiles with plots in island style, With images of nature and things traditionally associated with the country of the rising sun. Choose the appropriate option is not a problem: in the assortment of almost every manufacturer there is a version or even a whole collection that is called – “Sakura”. Natural colors will be harmoniously shown if they become accompanied by the same in the spirit.

About other styles

Listed options variety tiles for the bathroom is not exhausted. For example, the English-style coating always has many small parts, often the press for finishing materials becomes the coat of arms of the royal lilies. Fully corresponds to the style canons are also white tile with narrow red, green or blue lines. Nothing amazing: For such a country as the United Kingdom, marine motives and references to ocean journeys are quite natural. And in English style, like Japanese, there is such a feature as duplication of the type of natural wood.

Preferred those tile sets that even the texture of the tree are reproduced and create a sense of real cracks when touched.

The complete opposite of the British standard detects Loft. The most popular variety of finishes in such a style is imitation of brick masonry. Only a little inferior to her by demanding “concrete” surface. The advantage of such a coating is its neutrality, easy embedding in any interior.

Loft can also be built on wood imitation, and this imitation is absolutely resistant to water. Scandinavian style tile Surely attract the attention of those who do not want to separate their bathroom “under the industrial enterprise”.

Walls with a similar choice should be white or at least completely blond.

There will be a tile of monophonic either in its design will be used non-standard patterns – solve the owners of the house exclusively.

Anyone who wants to modernize his dwelling a little – chooses the option Patchwork. The market presents, mainly floral versions of such a tile, but to find copies, where the geometric ornament would be used either the abstraction is also not difficult.

To get an unusual coating, tiles are put without fitting in the drawing.

If the bathroom is decorated in the style of high-tech, it is worth navigating the mirror and other modern types of finishing tiles. Even imitation of natural stone is possible, but exclusively in the one-color version. When the one-photon version categorically dislike, you can safely unite two or three close to the spirit.

Among the popular styles of ceramic tiles now there are still modern. This approach is fully compatible with floral pattern. Moreover, the extremes of the technogenic slope, which are characteristic of the loft or constructivism, are completely absent here. When finishing, actively use brown, green, beige and other colors, characteristic of wildlife.

In the bathroom, list of preferred paints complement gray-blue and pearl gray options.

Considering these recommendations, it will be easy and easy to create an attractive interior in any bathroom.

On how to choose the right bathroom tile, watch the video below.

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