The fineness of the manufacture of chalk paint do it yourself

There is a statement that repair business is costly and troublesome, but today and this process may be interesting and even fascinating, especially if some types of work do it yourself. You can transform the interior of any room using chalk paint having its own features and advantages over the rest of the finishing materials.

Features of chalk paint

One of the features of this type of paint is the ability to form a rather durable coating on the surface with a matte. Paint, depending on the type of coating, may be a stylist or textured. The main advantage of this paint is the formation of an abrasion resistant surface, which can be treated with soap solution, not to mention the removal of the chalk pattern will not be difficult.

Craft paint refers to universal finishing agents, as it goes well on most of the materials, be it tree, metal, stone or glass. With it, you can transform the surface of any furniture, After all, it is quite simple to apply it, and the laid layer dries very quickly.

It does not matter what surface the composition is applied, the layer formed will help hide most of the existing defects and on the tree and on the metal.

Environmental safety of this paint is out of any doubt. It is not toxic and does not allocate harmfulness into the surrounding space. Fireproof material, so you can decorate the surfaces in any room. But it is worth remembering that Paint paint refers to the species that are used only for internal works.

Coloring with chalk composition is possible in place of any destination, whether it is a children’s, kitchen or an entrance hall. For children, a stylized surface is the ability to show your talents, because you can draw on it. The kitchen is another room where the styluminous surface will have to be. On the cabinets of the kitchen headset, in the area of ​​the tabletop or wall, The surface covered with chalk paint will help write recipes, leave reminders households, make a menu or shopping list.

The hallway is also a great place for styluminous surfaces. Reminders written on the surface will not let you forget about what you need to take with you, leaving the house, or urgently write the phone.

With the help of chalk paint, you can decorate almost any items: a tray, a jar for cereals, a cutting board, a container with plants and other things that need to be signed.

Style paints are widely used not only at home, but also used for finishing public institutions: cafes, bars, restaurants, offices.


The unit for species is carried out due to the composition of the paint and the type of surface obtained as a result of the application of the layer. Created by the British designer in 1990, the chalk paint had the original composition and sold under the brand name Chalk Paint. The recipe for this composition is not disclosed so far, therefore there are many copies made from a wide variety of components on the market. All paints have a water base, And the additives present in them give the corresponding names to the chalome.

Resin resin contains resin in its composition having a natural or synthetic origin. Silicates are present in mineral species.

Milk paints have an additional component of casein, and oils contain linseed oil. Any of these colors can be used for art painting on glass, metal or wood, the main thing is to choose the appropriate option.

Finished chalk formulations are available in banks or cans. The most famous today is the Finnish manufacturer, producing a wide range of paints and varnishes, including stole paint. The coating formed by chalk paint may have different surfaces surface: smooth, suitable for drawing, and a bug, having a relief.

Swedish or Finnish paints, forming a smooth or structural surface, belong to different types, and are distinguished by some components that give these or other properties to the applied layer. The basis of textured or stale paint is acrylic, silicone or latex (rubber) emulsion.

To give the magnetic properties of a stylist surface into a latex emulsion Add small particles of metal. They give paint magnetic properties. Magnetic paint to go well to any materials, and the formed surface is a good help in training classes for children.

Emulsions that create the effect of a stylist board on the surface have, as a rule, dark colors: black, gray, metallic, dark green, burgundy and brown. It is necessary in order for the chalk drawing to be noticeable on the surface. A colorless base is also available, which can be given to any shade, adding a caliber in the container or painting a color surface.

To decorate individual items and painting walls, pearl paint is often used. White color is most often used for finishing the ceiling surface. The ceiling temperatures can be carried out as ready-made compositions, so cooked at home. For materials subjected to heat, special heat-resistant or refractory compositions use.

In order for the drawing to hold on the surface as long as possible, the decorated item is sent to the firing in the oven. The possibility of long temperature effects is possible due to the high heat resistance of chalk compositions. These include stained paints used for painting on glass or ceramics.

What do you need for cooking?

In order to prepare a chalk structural paint, you must prepare several components. The basis, as a rule, is the finished acrylic or latex composition of the “Star”. Acrylic paint is an eternal classic and the basis for all types of chalk compositions.

To form a buggy surface need filler. A variety of materials can be used as a filler: stone crumb, quartz dust, synthetic fibers and other components that give the painted attractive relief. These components are classified depending on the size of the particles: coarse-grained (up to 2 mm), fine-grained (≥0.5 mm) and medium particles (up to1 mm).

It is known that the acrylic composition will quickly dry, but this property of paint is not always positive. In the course of the implementation of artistic and decorative work, rapid drying is not an advantage, and therefore, a dried retarder is added to the prepared solution. As a fixing component, a fixer is used. It not only creates a chalk surface effect, but also provides adhesion composition with material.

The use of conventional spit, plaster or grouts gives surface strength and resistance to mechanical exposure.

Components of texture paints are solid particles, and solvent is added to the composition of the desired consistency. Water is used as the diluent acrylic and latex components.

To apply the composition you can use different tools. The use of certain instruments depends on the thickness of the painting composition and the place of their use. To apply liquid compositions, a sprayer is used, and for paints with thick consistency, we use brushes, rollers and sponge.


In order to prepare a chalk paint, not so much ingredients will be required. Most of them are familiar to everyone, and the cost of personally prepared compositions is much less than that of finished paints.

There are several recipes with which you can get a surface with a stilt effect. The basis of each recipe is acrylic paint, selected on the basis of work. Facade paint is used for external work, and another composition is used for painting surfaces that are inside the premises.

  • Recipe number 1. It is necessary to mix 200 gr. acrylic composition with two spoons of cement. Can be used pure cement or a mixture.
  • Recipe number 2. This recipe is suitable for staining small surfaces. The composition of the mixture includes three parts of the paint, one part of the acrylic matte varnish, one part of the cement, spit, or tiled grout, and one part of the water.

To obtain a chalk surface, you can use such a component as the usual food soda. On 2/3 parts of the coloring composition, 1/3 of the soda will be required. Instead of soda, you can use starch. The ratio of components is the same, but water to dilute will need a little more.

In order to make the best composition that will fall a smooth layer, it will not require grinding and suit For applying to any material, you need to prepare a mixture of calcium carbonate (chalk) and paints. Calcium carbonate powder mass is mixed with paint in similar proportions as soda. The use of chalk for staining surfaces is an age-old tradition, so this recipe is the most common and in demand.

The optimal option is the building gypsum mixed with paint in proportion 3: 1. Different components add to the relief of the composition. Their choice depends on the expected effect.

Texture velvet surface can be obtained by adding metal sawdust and quartz sand to the main composition. This composition is an excellent solution for wall decoration.

 Staining technology

Coloring the textured or stylist base requires some surface preparation and tools. To apply a stole layer, you may need a brush if the surface area is small, and the roller, if the surface has significant sizes. Simple or gear spatulas, sponges with stencils, hard brushes and structural roller can be used to apply texture paint layer.

The choice of the tool depends on the desire of the owner and the expected effect.

Preparation for staining should be started with cleansing from old coatings. To apply a layer of rubbish paint, you should save the surface from irregularities, polishing it with sandpaper, especially if the base is silicone. When staining the surface of the textured base, you can remove large defects, and, if necessary, to progress. The paint will perfectly be perfectly on the surface of concrete, brick, stone and plaster, without demanding tiring alignment.

In order for the pylon (marker) and structural paint to lay a smooth layer, it is necessary to mix the composition thoroughly, and only after that it is to pour it into the prepared container. Surface coloring should be started with hard-to-reach places, gradually moving to the main surface. After applying the first layer, it is necessary to wait for its complete drying, And only then apply the second layer.

Useful advice

    Painting and subsequent drying of the surface should pass in a room with a defined microclimate, the air temperature must be at least 10 ° C, and the humidity should not exceed 85%. Surface with a stale effect in a day must be treated with carbonate-calcium chalk, rubbing it with soft circular motions.

    The painted surface can be operated no earlier than in two days. It is necessary to wait for a complete rejection of the layer. Preparing the composition for the color of the surface, you need to correctly calculate the expense. The texture paint has a greater, compared with the stylist, the cost consumption. For staining 1m² you need at least 600 grams.

    Making chalk paint with your own hands will help significantly save budget funds, and will allow everyone to feel like a designer.

    Master class on the recipe for the smooth chalk paint with your own hands, see the following video.

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