The 9 best manufacturers of glass doors

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Glass door – a solution not only visually appealing, but also practical. The material of which it is made, has good sound- and heat-insulating properties, but at the same time it is light-permeable. Thus, installing a glass door, you can make the room both more spacious and more comfortable.

But in order for such an interior solution to decorate the apartment and make it more comfortable, it must be of high quality. Therefore we have made rating of 9 best manufacturers of glass doors with reliable, durable and modern products.

How to choose a glass door

When choosing a glass door, you should pay attention to four parameters:

  1. Purpose. It is worth noting that the interior, heat-resistant and anti-vandal solutions are slightly different from each other;
  2. Type of installation.Glass door can be hinged, swing, sliding, radius and rotary. The specific type is also chosen based on the application;
  3. Quality and purpose of fittings;
  4. Design(which manifests itself, among other things, in the degree of matting of the glass door).


By appointment glass doorscan be divided into three types – conventional interior, special heat-resistant and anti-vandal. They differ primarily in the strength and processing technology of the material from which they are made.

  1. So, interior doors are made of relatively thin glass, and their main advantage is the low price.
  2. Heat-resistant glass doors undergo additional hardening, so they can be installed in rooms with constantly high temperature – in baths, saunas or actively used bathrooms. It is worth noting that for a home shower cabin or bathroom will also suit the usual inter-room solution – the price is low, and the durability is high enough.
  3. Finally, entry glass doors are made of high-strength, thick, often laminated material. They are resistant to both purposeful and accidental acts of vandalism. Such solutions are good for using in different public institutions but for home use their strength and weight will be definitely superfluous.

Thus, for most home use scenarios, an ordinary interior glass door will do. For public baths or saunas, it is best to install a heat-resistant one. But as the entrance to the store, bank branch, office and so on, it is recommended to install a special, high-strength and vandal-resistant.

Type of installation

According to the type of installation, the following types of glass doors are distinguished:

  1. Swinging.The classic variant, with the hinges on one side of the door frame and the locking mechanism on the other. This solution is suitable for installation between rooms, as it provides an almost completely free opening when opening;
  2. Swinging. Similar to swing doors, but open both ways. Suitable for installation in wide doorways, as the swing mechanism requires a margin of a few centimeters (up to 10-15) from one edge of the box;
  3. Sliding .In this case the leaf is fixed on a special carriage, which slides on the upper rail. When opened, it slides to the side. Suitable for installation in rooms where the distance from the opening to the nearest perpendicular wall in the opening direction is not less than the width of the leaf, because they require a lot of space when opening;
  4. Radius.Similar to the sliding ones, but with a curved shape rather than a flat one. Open in the same way – the leaf slides along the rail at the top. They don’t suit home installations as they “eat away” free space, but in a bank, office or store they will look nice and convenient;
  5. Rotary(roto-door). A rather new installation method combining the swivel and sliding mechanisms. When opened, the leaf simultaneously slides down to the edge of the opening and becomes across it. The mechanism saves space in the corridor and completely frees the opening. But such doors are comparatively expensive – and when choosing them you should carefully assess the quality of fittings, because if they break, the leaf will simply get blocked.

The manufacturers of glass doors of all types are represented in the rating.

Other choice nuances

  1. Quality of fittingsis determined in many respects by the material of which it is made. Good solutions are made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel. Soft metals, let alone plastic, PVC or EVA, are not suitable for glass doors – the leaf is heavy and exerts a constant load.
  2. Purpose of fittings– an important parameter when installing a glass door in a bathroom, sauna or bathtub. Such solutions require special, moisture-resistant and heat-resistant hinges.
  3. Glass door design– the concept is purely subjective. But there are a few tips to make your choice easier and more enjoyable:
  4. For Bathrooms, Bathrooms and Saunasand saunas are recommended to install models with full matting or at least a very dense pattern. Privacy is recommended in such rooms. And through the cloth with full matting only silhouettes will be visible, but the “details” can not be seen;
  5. For the bedroomIt is recommended to install full matting or at least stained glasses. And it’s not just that there may be some intimate processes going on behind them. Many people need a sense of security and privacy to fall asleep, and a completely transparent glass door turns the room into an “aquarium”.
  6. In other cases, you should be guided by your wishes. In addition, many manufacturers in the ranking offer glass doors with photo printing, custom design and so on – specifically for this product to decorate the interior and not just serve as a divider between rooms.

Ranking of the best manufacturers of glass doors

The best manufacturers of glass doors by value for money1AKMA4.9
Best manufacturers of premium glass doors1Astor Mobi
  • 4.9
    4Movi Ita
  • a
  • 4.8

    Top manufacturers of glass doors by price-quality ratio


    Rating: 4.9


    Why it is: One of the largest manufacturers of glass interior solutions in Russia.

    St. Petersburg company “AKMA” is one of the largest manufacturers of glass interior solutions in Russia. It produces not only the doors themselves, but also furniture and decorative and practical solutions.

    The assortment of glass doors of this manufacturer includes several lines, which differ in price and functionality. So, the AKMA series

  • ght includes budget solutions with simplified fittings, which are suitable for use as interior doors. The “Hamam” range is equipped with special fasteners (including reinforced) made of anodized aluminum, which is resistant to moisture. Decorated solutions are extremely diverse – there are with non-standard patterns, and photo printing, and engraving, and with relief fusing. In all cases, foreign decoration techniques are used (ceramic paints, Belgian ink), which are characterized by durability and richness.


    Rating: 4.8


    Why it: High quality and maximum reliability.

    Dorma company can not boast the same high assortment of glass doors as, for example, the previous manufacturer in the rating. But it is distinguished by the German quality of its products. Despite the fact that it is based in Moscow, the production technology and materials used are exclusively foreign.

    It’s not so good with the assortment. The company has literally a few models of glass doors, which, in addition, are made without decor by default. The range includes both classic swing solutions and slightly more modern swing solutions.

    The company also performs decorative solutions, but outside the model range and only to order. Because of this, the production of the appropriate model can take a long time. Nevertheless, the quality of fittings and tempered glass will satisfy even the most demanding users, and the product itself will last for several decades.


    Rating: 4.7


    Why it is: Maximum modern design.

    In terms of design, the Russian company Sofia produces the only door type with full matting of the leaf. But the appearance of these solutions is really impressive. With a specially selected range of colors from warm to dark tones, including metallic shades and accent or complementary toning fittings glass doors from the manufacturer “Sophia” look as modern as possible. And it’s not surprising, because their appearance is engaged in the professional Italian designer!

    The manufacturer offers three model lines. The 1000 lines and Scala collections offer classic swing doors with contrast anodized aluminium fittings and metal frames, while the Phantom series has sliding doors with virtually invisible fittings, a rail which adds to the elegant-modern design and no bottom rails (because they are not needed).


    Rating: 4.6


    Why it: Large collection of glass doors for baths and saunas.

    The Russian company Aldo specializes in the production of glass doors designed for installation in saunas, saunas and similar rooms with extreme microclimatic conditions – high humidity and temperature. The manufacturer’s range includes a variety of models, which differ not only in design, but also in construction features.

    Aldo, for example, offers three different profiles for their glass surfaces. Budget versions don’t have any framing at all, mid-priced doors have an aluminum edging. Top models offer a specially treated wood profile that is not only resistant to aggressive environmental influences, but also looks very expensive and stylish.

    The door design is also very diverse. There are completely transparent solutions, and matt, and painted, and engraved, and even with close to photo-printed, but more translucent, patterns.

    The best manufacturers of premium glass doors

    Astor Mobi
  • Rating: 4.9

    ASTOR MOBI<li></div><p>” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/99016666195531-339-.jpg” height=”200″ title=”ASTOR MOBI</p><li>“><p>Why him: Italian manufacturer of reliable glass doors in several materials.</p><p>Italian factory Astor Mobi</p><li>is known for its high-class interior doors made of various materials. For example, in its catalog you can find truly unique solutions (which are not presented by any other manufacturer from the rating), such as models with a glass door leaf, lined with veneer and “enclosed” in an aluminum profile for maximum reliability.<p>Thanks to the bold combinations of materials, glass doors from this manufacturer can also boast an unusual, very modern and stylish design. And thanks to the translucent base they look “light” and do not visually burden the room.</p><p>The manufacturer also offers a variety of design solutions – from classic swing doors (which are also reworked by the company’s designers for an unusual look) to sliding and roto. So, in its catalog you can find models for any interior.</p><h3>Adielle</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=ADIELLE

    Why him: The unique design of boxes and fittings.

    The Italian factory Adielle is one of the biggest manufacturers of glass doors and partitions in Europe. And this popularity is well deserved. The company is not shy about using the most modern and high-tech fittings – often developed and manufactured in-house – to create truly unique design solutions.

    Slim, decoratively concealed frames and guide rails, vertical hinges and lightweight locking mechanisms make the doors seem invisible. Nothing in the wall design “informs” that there is a closed passageway between the rooms. In combination with completely transparent glass, the door becomes invisible to the eye – and the room is visually enlarged and brightened.

    However, the matt and decorated with different patterns in the catalog of this company is also present. So you can choose any desired configuration depending on the style.


    Rating: 4.8


    Why him: Manufacturer of unique glass doors with a concealed sliding mechanism.

    In the lineup of the Italian manufacturer Longhi, the models of Wall-Up series cause the greatest interest. They have a unique design of the sliding mechanism, which is fully hidden in the opening and therefore is not visible to the eye. The technology is patented, which is why no other manufacturer in the league is able to offer similar design solutions.

    However, this company can boast not only with the Wall-Up line with invisible guides. There are a lot of design solutions in its range, which have a non-standard appearance and are produced in limited editions – so that the doors are not only beautiful but also unique. Unusual patterns and colors are complemented by specially designed fittings for these models.

    Also worth mentioning is the Spark collection. The models are made of laminated glass which, in addition to being more reliable, ensures better thermal and acoustic insulation.

    Movi Ita
  • a
  • Rating: 4.8

    MOVI ITA<li></div><p>A” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/98216666195531-869-.jpg” height=”200″ title=”MOVI ITA</p><li>A”><p>Why it: Modern design and very high quality.</p><p>In the collections of the Italian manufacturer of glass interior solutions Movi Ita</p><li>a extremely difficult to find something classic and traditional. On the contrary, the company updates the design of its products every year, making them more and more modern – but still practical. This is evident in many ways: in the sliding models of the Andros collection with its unique vertical handles; in the minimalistic Less series with its accentuated profile; in the bright Segno Filomuro panels with their intense, passionate colors; in the reinforced and protected lock mechanisms of the Extra range with a hidden key hole; in the round recessed handles of the Idra range..<p>The design of solutions from this Italian manufacturer is constantly updated – but always true to the principles of elegance and modernity. And the premium materials make Movi Ita’s products</p><li>a truly reliable, durable and practical.<h3>Foa</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=FOA

    Why it: A wide range of decorated models with artistic patterns.

    Unlike previous Italian manufacturers in this rating segment Foa is not focused on modern minimalistic design and other “hi-tech” stuff. No, on the contrary, it combines state-of-the-art production technology with a traditional look. As a result, the design of its products embodies the Italian concept of beauty in the interior, but complements them with modern technology.

    Almost all models in the Foa range are decorated in one pattern or another. Classic floral motifs or modern geometric patterns, complex design lines with a mysterious intertwining or maximum simplicity… But whatever the type of pattern, it looks elegant and full of characteristic Italian flavor.

    The technologies used in the production of Foa are also modern. That’s why the solutions from this company are also equipped with high quality fittings.

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