The 6 best sealants for pipes

When installing plumbing, heating or sewerage, an important goal is to make connections airtight. In case of bad assembling leaks are possible that will require disassembly and re-doing the work. If the system leaks over time, you can ruin the flooring and even flood the neighbors. Suction of outside water or debris into the drain line can disrupt its operation. Here is an overview of the six best pipe sealants, which our experts selected based on product characteristics and reviews.

Rating of the best sealants for pipes

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best sealants for pipes1PVC COSMOFEN SL-660.220360€
2Kim-Tec 101E Si
  • con Acetat
  • 236€
    4TYTAN PROFESSIONAL white 280ml 71552279€

    enosil S white H1199

    6SOUDAL Fix All FLEXI white 117383476€

    PVC COSMOFEN SL-660.220

    Rating: 4.9

    PVC COSMOFEN SL-660.220

    In first place sealant from the German brand COSMOFEN. It is a diffusion adhesive with a one component composition, where the basis are vinyl chloride polymers, immersed in a solvent. The color of the sealant is white and has a viscosity of 4000 MPa.s. It can be applied at temperatures from +5 to +30 degrees. Functional durability after only 4 hours. Customers in the reviews warn that the sealant dries quickly – hardening comes in 60 seconds, so you need to quickly assemble the junction. Masters are pleased with the plasticity of the substance, which ensures the preservation of the integrity of the seam despite the vibration of the pipes. Also, when applied, the product does not drip, but remains viscous, so it is easy to feed it precisely into the joint.

    Experts consider it the best sealant in terms of durability. Popularly referred to as “liquid plastic”. It perfectly fills gaps in the joints of plastic pipes, fusing with the material at the molecular level. The product is UV-resistant and will not dry out over time. Once you assemble your plumbing with this adhesive, you’ll never need to dismantle it to fix leaks again.


    • Forms a semi-solid adhesive joint;
    • Good resistance to UV rays;
    • Does not drip from the tube when turned upside down;
    • resistant to temperature fluctuations.


    • there is an unpleasant smell;
    • If it drips on the linoleum, it can leave a stain;
    • Cures in 60 seconds, so you have to act fast.

    Kim-Tec 101E Si
  • con Acetat
  • Rating: 4.8

    kim-tek 101e SI<li></div><p>CON ACETAT” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/431666194251-126-.jpg” height=”400″ title=”KIM-TEC 101E SI</p><li>CON ACETAT”><p>Second place for the sealant from the German manufacturer Kim-Tec. It has a different basis – silicone rubber. On contact with moisture in the air, the product cures to form an elastic but strong joint. Elongation at rupture is possible up to 450%, so pipes can withstand vibration from both fluid movement and external accidental shocks. Shore A hardness is 20, which makes the product suitable for professional use on riser pipes in multi-storey buildings. Buyers in the reviews like that the sealant can be used even for DHW, because the maximum allowable operating temperature is +160 degrees.</p><p>Experts consider it the best sealant for beginners. The film on it is formed after 9 minutes. This allows you to assemble a section of sewer or heating and, if something turns out to be wrong, disassemble the pipes without much effort. The elastic mixture will not have time to stick, so you won’t ruin the system elements.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Adheres well to the surface;</li><li>easy application;</li><li>elastic joint;</li><li>comfortable long spout.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Emits an unpleasant odor when drying;</li><li>a mounting pistol is required;</li><li>The construction should not be immediately overloaded.</li></ul><h3>KRASS<ul>TRASEAL</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=KRASS<ul></div><p>TRASEAL” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/29216666194251-866-.jpg” height=”410″ title=”KRASS</p><ul>TRASEAL”><p>On the third place of honor pipe sealant from Switzerland. True, the product of the brand KRASS</p><ul>TRASEAL directly in Poland. the composition contains a silicone component and solvents. You need an application gun, but the long spout makes it easy to bring the cement to all deep plastic pipe joints. In the reviews of craftsmen share that it is easy to add sealant even after the jointing of the sides. The product is suitable for inside and outside plumbing and sewage installations. But it cannot be used for heating systems, because the maximum positive temperature must not exceed 80 degrees. It is sold in tubes of 260g and is white, thanks to which it is easy to control the amount of application on dark pipes.<p>This sealant, according to the magazine’s editorial board, is the best in terms of storage conditions. It can withstand up to five freezing cycles at -35 degrees. These characteristics allow you to buy the product at a bargain price and store it in a building under construction or repair that is not heated until it is used.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>resistant to water in constant contact;</li><li>designed for temperatures from -20 to +80 degrees;</li><li>easy application without dripping</li><li>high adhesion to glass, ceramics, all types of plastic.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>A mounting gun is needed;</li><li>complete drying after 24 hours;</li><li>Clean excessive areas on the pipes with solvent only.</li></ul><h3>TYTAN PROFESSIONAL white 280ml 71552</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=TYTAN PROFESSIONAL WHITE 280ML 71552TYTAN PROFESSIONAL WHITE 280ML 71552

    Continues the review silicone sealant in 280 ml TYTAN brand. It creates a seal at the joint and is designed for use with materials such as: aluminum, steel, ceramic, rigid plastic. Masters in the reviews especially praise the sealant for the glueability of even stainless steel pipes. The maximum temperature of use is allowed up to +100 degrees, so the substance can be applied to the joints of heating pipes, provided that the boiler will not boil. Control of the product is easy due to the white color. Operation of communications with the sealant is allowed outdoors at temperatures down to -40 degrees. With this adhesive, the pipe construction is further strengthened because the joints are elastic and capable of up to 20% movement. The substance does not break down in direct sunlight.

    The peculiarity of the sealant is its hygienic and sanitary properties, which are achieved due to the acidic base with fungicide. We recommend this sealant especially for sewer pipes, as in the joints will not form mold and the apartment will not appear unpleasant smell.


    • Suitable for plastic and metal pipes;
    • eliminates the risk of fungus;
    • Elongation at breakage up to 200%
    • Short A hardness – 18 units.


    • The cost is higher than others;
    • an installation gun is required.

    enosil S white H1199

    Rating: 4.5

    Penosil S white H1199

    Estonian manufacturer offers a sanitary pipe sealant in white. The sealant belongs to the silicone group and is available in 310 ml cartridges. Application temperature is +5…+40 degrees, and after hardening the sealant can withstand differences from -40 to +100º C. The product has a high water resistance, which ensures reliable sealing throughout the life of communications. In reviews, buyers note the excellent adhesion, which increases the strength of the entire structure. But they warn that if you do not remove traces of glue from PVC immediately, then later it will be impossible. The spout of the tube has a cap, so the work on the laying of pipes can be carried out for several days, using one unit of product.

    Our experts considered the sealant the best in terms of the ease of determining the amount of feed. Other sealants have a shrinkage up to 15%, which must be taken into account when filling the joint. As a result, there is a possibility of too little seam volume or, conversely, excess, which will have to be quickly removed with a rag. Here, on the other hand, there is no shrinkage at all, so the sealing technician can precisely apply the necessary amount of sealant and not to worry about the seam becoming thinner after drying.


    • does not crack;
    • can be used inside and outside;
    • tensile strength by 200%;
    • Joint movement is allowed up to 20%.


    • unnecessary fragments are difficult to remove from plastic pipes after drying;
    • strong odour.

    SOUDAL Fix All FLEXI White 117383

    Rating: 4.4


    Completes the review of the best sealants a product from the Belgian brand. In last place we put it due to its high cost. The adhesive consists of SMX hybrid polymers. The paste is designed for wet curing that occurs after 10 minutes out of the tube. After curing, the joint can freely tolerate temperatures from -40 to +90 degrees. In addition to white sealant, the manufacturer produces the substance in gray, brown and black. Users in the reviews like that the sealant has virtually no odor. This is not a subjective opinion of individual buyers, but one of the features of the product, which is accompanied by a certificate of Emicode EC1 Plus. According to the document, the product does not emit volatile organic compounds.

    Our experts give the sealant the title of “Best”, because it has a Shore A strength of 40, which is twice as strong as other products. Note the elongation to rupture – it is 750%! This product is the best for constructions made of pipes with high mechanical load.


    • for all types of materials;
    • Does not leave stains;
    • neutral chemical reaction with surfaces;
    • almost no odor.


    • high cost;
    • Not suitable for heating systems due to inadequate temperature rating.
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