The 5 best mini circular saws

*A review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should consult a professional before buying.

Modern power tools know how to amaze. If earlier circular saws were big and consumed a lot of energy, now it is easy to find smaller sizes in the store. But not all of these power tools are worth your money. If you don’t want to make a bad choice, check out our selection. It consists only of the best circular saws, the power of which is approximately 400-600W. For this rating we were guided by reviews of specialized publications engaged in testing of such tools, and customer reviews.

Best Mini Circular Saw ranking

Rating of best mini circular saws1BOSCH GKS 12V-26 08 440 €
2The Makita HS301DWAE12 569 €
3Status CP90U7 935 €
4DIOLD DP-0,55MF5 420 €
5Worx WX4267 690 €

BOSCH GKS 12V-26 0

Rating: 4.9

BOSCH GKS 12V-26 0

German company BOSCH has been manufacturing power tools for decades. If you buy the GKS 12V-26 0 circular saw, you can count on a very long lifetime. This is important in the case, if the purchase will be used in proffesional purposes.

This model is notable for its battery life. The battery used here is the same 12 volt as in many other Bosch professional power tools. Because of this the manufacturer delivers the circular saw without battery and charger. Supplied with only suction adapter, saw blade, wrench and depth stop. However, on sale you can find and expanded set, which includes not only a battery and charger, but also a reliable carrying case. Of course, such a purchase would cost a lot more.

This circular saw can be of great help when you are working in a non-electrified environment. Also for outdoor workers in the field. amazingly this power tool does the job, even when it is not connected to the mains. It is proved by the review of Mr. Dyakov Victor, left at the online store Ozon: “The professional blue line of Bosch tools, now with a 12-volt battery (interchangeable with 10.8-volt). Perfect tool for left- or right-handed use. Very convenient in operation. Indeed, it proves to be a very comfortable work. You can thank for that also the weight of the saw which is no more than 1.4 kg (add the battery weight to that). Backlight can also assist in operation. Battery indicator is included – cordless power tools previously had to do without one.

Other specifications are standard. The accessory here rotates at up to 1400 rpm. 45-degree angle of inclination. The drive hole diameter is 15mm. It remains to be added that the saw uses 85 mm discs.


  • You can work with both left and right handed;
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery;
  • There is a backlight and a charge indicator;
  • It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • Modest size and weight.


  • The skate and battery variant is expensive;
  • Equipped with the best parallel stop.

The Makita HS301DWAE

Rating: 4.8

Makita HS301DWAE

Japanese company Makita produces a variety of power tools. And these tools are increasingly designed with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to look for the nearest outlet. This is another advantage with the circular saw: you won’t injure the power cable, which usually doesn’t want to get under the rotating cutting attachment.

The Makita HS301DWAE is mid-sized and weighs only 1.6 kg (not including the original battery). The device has an ergonomic shape and a lot of rubber pads. All these features make your work even more comfortable. And cutting shouldn’t take long either, since the speed of the accessories is an impressive 1500 rpm. The good news is that starting is not a big load on the battery because it is a soft start. As with most other power tools from this company.

This model can not be called cheap. No wonder, because it is packed with lots of features. With this tool you get two batteries, a charger, a saw blade, a wrench to fix it in place and a plastic carrying case. You have to buy additional accessories – of course, a complete disc is not suitable for all tasks, and one day it is sure to be out of use. In order not to make a wrong choice, look for the accessories for a 15 mm holesaw. Diameter of the disk should be the usual 85mm.

The tool is capable of producing a 25-millimeter depth of cut. Sufficient in most cases. It is a good thing that a construction vacuum cleaner can be used in time with the mini circular saw.

As for the supplied batteries, they have a voltage of 10.8V and a capacity of the standard 2A*h.

Finally, let’s note the review of one of the “Yandex.Marketplace.” “Seemed like a toy at first glance – low RPM, buzzes like a mosquito. I charged the batteries, took it for a test drive. Turns out to be a neat and tidy saw. I work with slaminate, argalite, 12mm plywood – it works just fine.


  • Battery operation;
  • Decent equipment;
  • Good cutting depth;
  • Implemented soft start;
  • It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • Modest size and weight.


  • The lock button is located out of convenient place;
  • Comes without a parallel stop;
  • No depth-of-cutting ruler;
  • Not everyone can afford the price.

Status CP90U

Rating: 4.7


This circular saw is justifiably called a miniature saw. It really is smaller than many competitors. But that doesn’t stop it from making very deep cuts. Manufacturer says the maximum depth is 28 mm! And the tool speeds up the process considerably. The fact that they use a mains connection is irrelevant – there’s no way to run the battery. As a result, the motor gets the right amount of current, which allows it to spin the tool up to 5500 rpm. By the way, the length of the mains cable is 3m. In most cases, that’s plenty. A longer wire would simply get in the way. And it would not allow to place the tool in a very compact plastic case.

The power of this model is 600W. This is more than enough to cut through wood and even some metal. To use this tool you need an 89mm diameter tool. However, you’ll have to buy it only sometime in the future – you’ll get several saw blades in a set. Also in the case will be found a parallel stop, a hose and a suction tube.

The CP90U has no particular disadvantages. It is spoken about by buyers. They say the minimum weight is 2.3 kg. Also please please laser marker. There is a spindle lock that is a safety feature. The only complaint about the gearbox heating when making cuts in thick plywood. Also, you must be prepared for the fact that you will need batteries, because the laser runs on batteries.


  • It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • Modest size and weight;
  • You can work in different planes;
  • It has a decent cutting depth;
  • High speed of rotation of the equipment;
  • Rich package;
  • Laser guidance is available;
  • extended warranty period of up to two years.


  • The laser requires batteries;
  • The reducer gets very hot;
  • It has a non-standard diameter of disks and holes;
  • No soft start.


Rating: 4.6


Many home-built miniature circular saws come with very little kit. This is due to the attempt to achieve a very low cost. But there are some exceptions to the rule. For example, a buyer of DP-0,55MF will also get a case, which significantly simplifies transportation and storage of the tool. Nothing else interesting you will not find in the package saw.

The power of this model is 550W, the name hints at. This should appeal to those who work, for example, in the garage, where there is an old wiring. Such a modest motor had a positive impact on the size of the tool, not to mention the weight of the tool, which is only 2kg. The motor is capable of turning the tool at 4500 rpm. It’s good enough for metalworking, not to mention woodworking. In the case of the latter, you can count on a 25-millimeter depth of cut.

Finding accessories for this tool is definitely not a problem. The saw blade should be designed for 10mm set hole and its diameter should be 85mm.

This circular saw is in steady demand. Numerous references on the Internet already hint at that. Many of them described only positive emotions. Vladimir said, for example, that the tool is easy to hold and the cut is high quality. As for the disadvantages, he wrote the following: “Sawed a wet board of 20. Chips clog up in the cover. It is difficult to forge out. This is also a problem for many other miniature circular saws.


  • Very small size and weight;
  • High rotation speed of the saw blade;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Metal work is possible
  • Comes with a case;
  • Not very high cost.


  • The location of the release button is not very convenient;
  • It heats up quite a lot;
  • It is impossible to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • Backlashes may be present.

Worx WX426

Rating: 4.5

Worx WX426

The easiest way to describe this tool is with the words “optimal choice”. The fact that this model is sold quite inexpensive. Moreover it is not inferior in many respects to much more expensive analogues. For example, it has a laser marker that most competitors do not have. Worx WX426 allows you to connect a vacuum cleaner that keeps the workplace clean.

The manufacturer claims that his tool can be used even to work with metal. That’s true. The metal should not be particularly thick. Otherwise, the saw may not have enough power, being only 400W. It should be noted that the tooling here rotates at a speed of 3600 rpm. Not too high a figure. But this figure is still higher than that of the cordless models.

The device uses 85 mm saw blades (three of them are already available in the kit). The diameter of the attachment hole is 15 mm. In short, to find the right tool is not a problem.

Despite its low price, the circular saw boasts a plastic case. It makes storing the tool much easier, not to mention transporting it.

Why the Worx WX426 closes our ranking, not opens it? The thing is that the work with this tool takes some getting used to. And the fact that every material will be processed perfectly. For example, here is what Yandex wrote.Rating of the best assembly knives at “Market” by a certain Andrey: “The body is made of high-quality materials. Comfortable in hand. Unusual plunge mechanism, when you want to hold the saw with the other hand. Worked great for cutting 16mm chipboard, but tears off the top edge of the kerf when sawing. Another buyer noted the presence of a slight play on the plate relative to the body. Another review noted that the position of the laser marker cannot be adjusted.


  • Vacuum cleaner connection available;
  • Laser marker available;
  • The metal work is available;
  • Decent tooling rotation speed;
  • Extremely rich equipment;
  • The price is not prohibitive.


  • The laser can shine a couple of millimeters to the left of the blade;
  • You may not have enough power when cutting metal;
  • Not everyone will find it so handy.


Now you know how small modern circular saws can be. And now you see that even these small circular saws can do the job without too much trouble. It remains to decide on the amount of money you are willing to spend.

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