Tension ceiling on the attic: design examples

In European countries with a problem related to the expansion of residential space, it has already figured it out for a long time: Europeans are equipped with mansardes. Attic premises become residential: now they have all the necessary communications. Residents of Russia quickly appreciated this useful and interesting novelty. Many today purchase stretch ceilings for attic: the use of such coatings opens up many opportunities for various experiments. It is worth considering the features of such materials in more detail and interesting examples of design.

Distinctive features

It is worth starting with the fact that the attic room in principle is very different from ordinary rooms, because its geometry is very non-standard. Features attic: non-standard windows placement, output communications, various differences, transitions, large amounts of bends. In such a room, everything is not very familiar.

All this makes it possible to embody a variety of design ideas into reality, but on the other hand, due to each turn and angle, the cost of installation works increases. Ceiling of the attic floor looks like a relief area.

Stretch ceiling coating is very well suited for such a room, because it can disguise all irregularities.

Mansard will be original and very beautiful.

Pros and cons

Stretch ceiling coatings in mansard premises a lot of advantages.

The main advantages of such ceilings are:

  • provide heat and noise insulation (especially in the presence of heat insulating material between the base and stretch ceiling);
  • Open the ability to experiment with light: if the geometry indoors is very difficult, the lighting options becomes even more;
  • Provide protection from the course: if leakage arises, you can simply remove the liquid and install the ceiling coating again;
  • Can hide wiring.

But any material has its own minuses. Tension ceiling coating on attic is no exception.

Disadvantages of such products are as follows:

  • High price. Installation of the stretch ceiling on the attic floor will cost quite expensive. But this option will still be more profitable than, for example, the installation of ceiling plasterboard ceiling coatings.
  • Mechanical instability. It is necessary to exercise special caution, cleaning film products. They can be easily damaged by sharp objects. Fabric materials in this regard are more reliable, but they are less resistant to fluid.
  • A decrease in height of several centimeters – depending on which lighting is used in the room.

If you suddenly protrude such a ceiling, you can fix the situation by closing the defect with the applique of vinyl. So you not only understand the problem, but also additionally decorate the room.

Which option is optimal?

A film product is best suited for the attic room. Since the attic is located right under the roof, it is ideal for it, characterized by increased resistance to fluid effects. Fabric materials are not very moisture resistant. Similar options should be chosen only if you use the dwelling only in the warm season, and the house does not heated in the cold.

Film coatings are better to acquire for heated rooms: they crack from the cold.

Children’s indoors are usually low. If you want to fix it, it is better to stop the choice on the gloss ceiling. It will reflect the light, make the room more spacious, illuminated. Tint of the product can be any: brown, blue, green and so on. Tension ceilings are actively experimenting with color.


If the attic room is small enough, but at the same time you want to zonail him and visually increase, pay attention to the two-level glossy stretch ceilings. Combining plasterboard and stretch ceiling, you can hide insulating material and wiring.

Wrong geometric shapes

Ceilings of improper geometric shapes look very unusual and aesthetically. They allow you to create an unique atmosphere in the premises. This option is suitable not only for the residential room, but also for the workshop of the artist, the work office. The ceiling is installed in several levels that look original geometric patterns. With this finish, you can make the room more interesting and choose the optimal lighting option.

Implementation of installation work

When installing the stretch ceiling coating, it will be necessary to leave free space between it and the basis. So you will prevent the occurrence of mold, which may appear due to high humidity.

Options for tension products on attic are different. You will first need to create a design of wood (for this bars are used). Then attach to her profiles. Most often Aluminum products are used – dividing baguettes.

The design can be attached to the supporting roof beams. When using PVC film, which is characterized by elasticity, you can carry out installation even in the most difficult areas.

If you use drywall inserts, the combination will be very original, but note that such a material is not so flexible.

At an angle

In the attic floor, the roof can be located at an angle – for example, in a chopped house. The ceilings are usually quite low. In this case, it is better to make the design of the corner. So you will not only be able to create a spectacular design indoors, but also not “take” height. Similar ceiling covers visually lifting the room.

The procedure should be as follows:

  • Install thermal insulation on the ceiling, use vapor insulation material;
  • Draw a sketch of the ceiling coating;
  • On the ceiling, tick the place where the profiles will be attached;
  • Attach basic rails to the rafyles;
  • Mark the place where lighting devices will be;
  • Attach baguettes;
  • Candle or bend a profile in the place of curvature.

After that, it will be possible to start the installation work. You need to do everything with maximum accuracy (especially if you install a complex design that has many ribs and bends).

Installation is carried out as follows:

  • Premise the room;
  • Fix the base corner of the coating in the baguette;
  • Secure the remaining corners of the canvas.


For stretch ceiling coatings on attic uses a variety of lighting devices. If you choose a suitable lamp, you can emphasize the benefits and disguise the shortcomings of such an unusual room. The main thing is to approach this issue as seriously and take into account all the nuances. Remember that in the cold the roof also becomes cold, and in the heat – heats up greatly. Choosing suitable lamps and engaged in the placement of lighting devices, you need to take into account the heat transfer.

For the attic room, luminescent or diode lamps are best suited, dot lamps.

To visually lift the ceiling, you can fix around the perimeter of the LED ribbon.

Selecting the most suitable lighting devices, you need to focus on the following recommendations:

  • Small lamps are very well suited for small rooms (their circular combinations);
  • With the help of small M-shaped luminaires, you can get the effect of the dome;
  • To adjust the basis of the wrong shape, you can install small light bulbs along the lowest wall (with this approach, the main lighting device can be any);
  • In the cold season, it is better to use warm yellow light, in the summer – cold.


Behind the ceiling on the attic one does not need to somehow care for. The ceilings in such premises are polluted quite slowly because they are separate from other rooms.

PVC film with a glossy surface is characterized by antistatic properties, so similar surfaces are resistant to various contaminants and dust. It will be quite enough time from time to carry out wet cleaning, without using aggressive chemicals and abrasive detergents (they will have a negative impact on the surface). In a solution from soap and liquid, you can add the ammonia alcohol (there will be enough drops enough). So glossy material will become more brilliant.

Fabric products need to be cleaned more carefully and often, because dust is clogged in them. Such surfaces should be treated with a vacuum cleaner or a brush having a soft pile. If you do it regularly, in the future you will not have to acquire expensive cleaning products.

Choosing a suitable stretch ceiling, you should pay attention to consumer feedback.

So you can navigate in the assortment and choose a coating that will not disappoint in terms of qualities, and will also become the real decoration of the attic.

On the benefits of stretch ceilings you will learn from the video below.

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