Stretch Walls: Design Options and Selection Tips

Stretch ceilings are already sufficient time. They acquired deserved popularity, reputation of modernity, elegance. Stretch walls – Innovation in the field of interior design. In principle, it is the same materials (polyester fabric and polyvinyl chloride), installation methods, features and qualities.

Features of application

This innovation in creating the interior and decor of the room is not so popular today, as a stretch ceiling. But such walls were known in ancient times. True, it was a luxury and accessible only for the elect, since the wall decoration was drawn up by expensive fabrics that had enough many. Today, stretch walls are available to everyone who decided to change in their home.

The priority among the design options is given to the tensioning walls decorated with photo printing. This method of wall decoration leads in popularity, advantages, artistic modifications. Stylish interior type will give the original photos with landscapes and a variety of color solutions. Located behind the frame lamps transform a room. For example, the starry sky, the moonwalk, night city will be superbly. Revive the photo printing on the stretch wall will help the sound effect. So, trill birds will be an excellent addition to the morning coffee, and the noise of the waterfall in the bathroom will add sensations in contact with water.

Installation of photoconstruction does not differ from the creation of ordinary walls. Options with photo images are made using printer, ultraviolet or electress. Thus, the clarity of the lines affects: on light monophonic panels they give saturation and volumetric drawings. Thanks to the methods used, the picture does not fade over time and is not washed off with water.

The range of images is diverse, so they can be selected for the premises of different style and purpose.

Technology of translucent stretch walls – innovation in the design of the premises. Other materials, create the entire area of ​​the stretch wall luminous impossible. In rooms, where there is little natural light, such a lighting solution will be truly a find: multiple uniform light around the canvase resembles daylight. The only inconvenience – for the installation of the luminous wall, the additional space will be required.

The next design version of tensioned walls is the transition of a similar ceiling to the wall itself. Smooth transition from one plane to the other will make your apartment unlike others.


In its texture, stretch walls are several species.

  • Glossy, with some mirror effect. Help visually expand the room, fill it with light and space. More interesting such a wall will look in the niche of the room. They reflect the elements of the interior, especially if applying dark shades, it gives a room of some mystery. On the glossy film, it is amazing a photo – clarity, contrast, brightness will also play a role in the room design.
  • Matte texture will not give so much shine and light. However, their pastel shades or white color will create a neat transfusion effect.

  • Tissue Stretched Wall more often used in combination with photo printing.
  • Innovation in the finishing sphere are Art-web with drawing. This film on which the picture is applied at the factory is ready to use immediately. The range of such films is quite wide: they can be applied classic pattern, texture of various materials, modern images.

Pros and cons

The number of advantages of tensioned walls is enough to become one of the most sought-after design elements in the interior of the premises:

  • Mounting process is simple;
  • the ability to hide almost any defects on the wall;
  • Installation takes not so much time;
  • acceptable cost (to equip such a wall in the room is available to many wishing to many);
  • durable;
  • Protect from external noise;

  • retain heat indoors;
  • do not miss moisture;
  • Quite resistant to temperature differences (materials from which canvas are made frost-resistant);
  • wall mounting allows you to create a variety of backlights, more often by LED lighting;
  • amazing on shades and drawings assortment;
  • High strength (in case of any damage, they are eliminated easily and quickly, if necessary, is also freely dismantled);

  • Under the rays of the Sun do not lose their color;
  • Caring for the stretch wall does not represent difficulties – it is easy to wash it;
  • Stretch walls with photo printing aesthetic and unique;
  • possess multifunctional;
  • High characteristics of materials and components (safety, durability, reliability);
  • Walls are not collecting dust, since they have antistatic properties.

In addition, the indisputable advantage of stretch walls in front of all known photographic windows is the ease of replacement of the canvas. At the same time, the frame itself does not change and serves more than a dozen years.

All the advantages speak for themselves. However, it is worth saying about the lack of! ): It is impossible to hang a picture on the tensioned wall, a mirror or which other accessory. But the output is: You can add wallpapers to the design, on which there is a print with nature or 3D effect. Such combinations are mainly positive reviews.

Subtleties of the installation process

The most complicated and rather labor-intensive process during construction or repair is the preparatory stage: cleaning walls from the old coating and installation of the frame.

To correctly mount the basis for the stretch wall, the service of specialists is necessary. We are talking about strict compliance with the rules to determine the desired level of fixation of the box.

The next moment is the installation of the design itself: carefulness and attentiveness are needed, otherwise the slightest SCOS or small curvature will drive all the work to zero. It is possible to start working with tension material only at the end of all processes on this plane.

Technological installation is uncomplicated when the sequence of actions is met. First of all, the perimeter of the selected wall is equipped with a special metal profile.

Fastening methods can range from each other:

  • The compound can be common with an insert from plastic along the contour of no more than one and a half centimeters;
  • Fastening without slots, forming a smooth junction with adjacent walls, floor, ceiling.

Then the mandatory wiring of all communications is performed: the necessary devices and wires are installed. After these works, the tension of the web itself, which was chosen by the customer on texture, color, design. In conclusion, switches, sockets and other devices are strengthened.

Recommendations for registration

Interior design by tensioned canvases will provide not one possibility for embodiments into the reality of design designs:

  • Hidden illumination, creating an image of a luminous surface, makes it and a decorative element, and additional lighting;
  • Resistance to dampness allows you to create such walls where only tiles were intended before;
  • An interesting colorful and soft surface can appear in the bathroom, in the pool.

Restrictions on the variety of forms in the design of the planes do not exist. This finish contributes to the creation of a perfectly smooth surface.

More Popular Stretten Wall Mountain, which gives a fantasy space to decorate the whole room. Calm pastel tones are perfectly combined with various styles. Attention should be paid to the color gamut of the walls:

  • Warm tones (orange and yellow) raise the mood, fill the room with comfort and comfort, cause appetite;
  • Green canvas relax, harmonize the internal state of a person, allowing you to relax and relax;
  • purple colour Surrounding tenderness and tranquility, it is amazingly combined with light wooden furniture;
  • White Color gives space for the embodiment of modern and vintage ideas.

Interesting ideas in the interior

Utilization areas considerable quantity.

  • In the bedroom most often such a wall is located behind the bed. So it practically will not be damaged, and the original drawing will give elegance of the headboard. In these cases use romantic and non-heavy plots: aquatic spaces, flowers and trees, modern night megacities. To the selection of the image you should come carefully: if the color spot is bright and saturated, place the rest of the room in restrained and calm colors.

  • Stretch designs in the living room also have place. Macro shot here: Original snowflakes, water splashes or one drop, stones. Closeup of elements skewly looks backlit.

  • Pools and baths Designed in marine motives: marine smooth, sandy shores, blue sky. Also look original in these rooms. Photo with underwater world.
  • Stretch walls can be found in the hallway. Solutions of the ideas of designers set, and they all bring a highlight and unusual. Creative solution will be a drawing with a wet pavement or a photograph of a lamppost with a bench.


Stretch canvas will help create a bright focus in the room, expand it, draw attention to the selected zone.

Choosing stretch designs, remember: the canvas should approach the style of style and color.

The so-called fake windows are capable of dynamizing the deaf wall, and the vintage frescoes a narrow corridor will make a sewn.

The main thing is that you need to consider: small rooms reject large, massive drawings, and spacious, on the contrary, will be extremely bad to look with small pattern.

      The mirror tensioning surface is better to arrange a niche, and not decorating it all the wall.

      From the foregoing it is clear that the future for such registration. And this is due to its large spectrum of advantages. And if today few pay attention to such a finish method, then tomorrow willing to increase several times.

      Installation of the Stretch Wall is shown in the following video.

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