Stretch ceilings pongs in the interior

Among the widest range of stretch ceilings from various manufacturers, customers can be confused. And it is not surprising, because many brands offer decent products at good prices. Stretch ceilings from the German company PONGS deserve special attention, because they always highly emphasize any interior in a private house or apartment.

What features of stretch ceilings of this brand, as they look in the interior, will be discussed in this article.

A little about the company

The stylish modern interior is very difficult to imagine without stretch ceilings, because they became its integral part. PONGS is from Germany, for many years it has been producing high-quality stretch ceilings that are in great demand in many countries of the world, including Russia.

Mark offers excellent products that meet international quality standards, at quite reasonable prices.

From year to year, Pongs produces new and improved versions of stretch ceilings that will satisfy all customer needs. Excellent reviews can be heard not only from numerous customers, but also from real professionals in their case.

Features and advantages

To certainly be confident in brand products, its main advantages should be considered, as well as pay attention to some features.

  • Brand PONGS produces ceilings from a special material in which there are no organic compounds. You can be safely confident that even over time, the coating will not lose its external attractive look, and the mold is not formed on it;
  • Among the wide range you can pick up a variety of velocities of stretch ceilings, not only under modern interiors styles, but also under the classic. A huge selection of colors and textures will be able to please even the most arring clients;

  • Since production from the brand is made of safe and tested materials, it is not susceptible to burning and deformation. In addition, the ceilings are not afraid of temperature drops;
  • Use finishing materials from PONGS even in children’s rooms;
  • The main characteristics of the ceilings from the brand include their moisture resistance, very low thermal conductivity and, of course, ease of care;

  • With the help of ceilings of this brand, you can perform one whole and seamless design, which will delight you for many years;
  • Pongs stretch ceilings can be chosen for any premises. It can be living rooms, halls, and bedrooms, and even bathrooms;
  • Installation does not require special efforts, mainly carried out in the shortest possible time. A huge advantage is that before installing stretch ceilings, the main surface is not necessary to process and additionally prepare.

Product range

Among the wide choice, you can meet the following varieties of stretch ceilings of this brand:

  • satin;
  • matte;
  • varnish.

The color palette will delight even the most pressing, because it is just over 130 diverse shades in which ceilings can be made.

  • One of the most popular varieties is Mattfolie film from the brand. It is presented in satin and matte versions. Matte film has such a luxurious appearance that it can even be compared with decorative plaster. The color palette is mainly represented by calm and unobtrusive shades;

  • From the Lackfolie series You can choose excellent shiny and glossy films that will be complemented by any room. The color palette is represented in bright and rich colors that have a mirror effect;
  • Effektfolie It is a brilliant cloth for the ceiling with a pearl effect.

A large advantage of a wide range of products is undoubtedly the fact that it can be implemented with its unusual ideas, combining different materials. In addition, the ceilings in the interior can be favorably supplemented by correctly selected lighting, which will also emphasize their beauty.

Customer Reviews

Assessing a lot of reviews about ceilings from various customers, we can safely say that:

  • Pongs brand products can be chosen for any interior style. And at the same time it is not necessary to use the help of designers;
  • According to many customers, the ceilings are so strong that now they are not afraid of any floodings from the neighbors;
  • Despite the prices that may seem slightly above the usual, the products will surely justify themselves over the subsequent years of operation;
  • Pongs products have many embodiments that also can not but rely customers.

To the small minuses, buyers include an unpleasant smell that remains immediately after installation, but for several days he will disappear. Summing up, it can be said that the products from the brand are worthy of special attention.

More information about Pongs stretch ceilings See next video.

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