Stretch ceiling “Starry Sky” in the interior of the children’s room

The starry sky is full of riddles, it always attracts to itself with his mystery. That is why it is so often used as designers and decorators as inspiration. In recent years, a particularly interesting idea for children’s rooms is a stretch ceiling in the style of “Starry Sky”. The fact that it is a ceiling of this type, which features, the possibilities and design designs, will be described in more detail in this article.

What is myself?

“Starry Sky” is not just the name of the stretch ceiling, it is a whole construction that is performed using a plurality of miniature LED bulbs, a light generator and luminous threads. It is these light bulbs and allow you to achieve the creation of the starry sky effect right in the children’s room. Patterns that are created using various lamps and light ribbons, as a rule, mimic stars, planets, constellations, comets and other space bodies.

“Starry Sky” can be realized in a children’s room using the use of several technologies.

  • With the help of a special “star thread”, which is made of optical fiber.
  • Using additionally attached crystals on glowing threads. Special crystals are designed in such a way as to effectively dispel light by room, while creating the illusion of the present night sky.

With the help of both ways you can create a very realistic night sky with stars in the child’s room.


In order for the star ceiling to be the most spectacular and fascinating, experts install a special light generator on it, With which you can achieve the following:

  • the right and uniform flickering of stars and other celestial bodies on the “illusion night sky”;
  • The desired shade of the stretch ceiling.
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As a rule, to make high-quality and durable design, specialists create several levels of stretch ceiling.

It is important to note that, despite the bunk ceiling, it will not make the room less or lower, on the contrary, with such a design, the room can be significantly expanded.

Space light design on the ceiling has a mass of features and features that include:

  • unearthly view of space without leaving home;
  • the possibility of designing this Northern Light;
  • Registration of the tensionable web is not only a ceiling, but also other parts of the room;
  • Large selection of design options: from the simplest to the most difficult and designer;
  • The widest choice of textures and shades.

To create the most natural view of the starry sky in the interior of the children’s room, of course, you will have to contact the specialists, since non-professionals are unlikely to be able to realize real beauty, which will delight not only a child, but also parents.

Basic effects

Stretch ceiling in the style of the starry sky can be issued using a lot of various effects. They can be combined and create their own. The most relevant options for designing the ceiling with additional effects are considered:

  • background with flicker;
  • zodiac signs and symbols;
  • Galactic design variations using designer ideas;
  • imitating constellations;
  • covered with stars sky, falling comet or star;
  • Image of Planet.

Options for registration

  • Stretch ceiling “Starry Sky” can be embodied not only with the use of such equipment as light generators and special threads. It can be created and using conventional techniques that will not require serious costs.
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  • No less beautiful and at the same time the budget option is the use of photo wallpaper for the ceiling, which depict the starry sky, galaxy or individual stars. With the correct location of diode lamps on such a ceiling, you can achieve excellent radiance, no worse than using a special generator.
  • Often parents use the help of designers, ordering an individual drawing of a starry sky on the ceiling in the kid’s room. This work is valued especially expensive.
  • You can arrange the ceiling under the starry sky using special paint. This option is considered very profitable because it does not require serious waste.
  • To date, some manufacturers offer special flickering pins, with which you can create on the ceiling any space pattern. With the help of this kind of products, you can post any shape on the starry sky and highlight it with a ribbon of LEDs.
  • Create real stars on the stretch ceiling can be used with the projector.

When making a star ceiling, special attention should be paid to the overall interior. Especially winning the walls will look in the same style of registration.

Beautiful patterns, imitating galaxies, hanging stars, shimmering bulbs of different colors – all this will help create a ceiling that will not only be decorating the room, but also help the child in development from the earliest years.

Each of the design options have its pros and cons. When choosing one of them, first of all, to rely on personal preferences and wishes of the child, take into account the parameters of the room and the general interior, and also do not forget about the financial issue. Stretch design ceilings most often cost quite expensive.

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How to make a stretch ceiling, look in the following video.

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