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Stabila History has more than 130 years. It is developing, manufacturing and implementing measuring devices for various purposes. Brand’s tools can be found in stores around the world, which is due to a set of special technical characteristics: durability, accuracy, ergonomics, security and durability.



These are high-tech devices emitting a powerful light beam – laser. In most cases, used when conducting marking works inside the building. Some models, with a stronger emitter, can be used outside the room, but it should be remembered that the laser device is dependent on external (outdoor) lighting: what it is brighter, the lower the accuracy of measurements. In case of sunlight (more intensive lighting source), the device of the device becomes dim and practically invisible.

Use this level in conjunction with additional devices: a tripod or fastener to vertical surfaces. The first element allows you to use the maximum number of functions attached to the device. The device can rotate on a 360 degree tripod platform, which makes it possible to measure in various directions. The presence of a tripod reduces the physical and temporary costs that go to the installation and subsequent use of the device.

Modern models of laser levels of Stabila are equipped with a pendulum mechanism for self-leveling position. This means that in a certain range of placements, the device itself adjusts the position of the laser emitter. The mechanism gets up so that the radial mark on the surface was strictly vertically.

Stabila laser levels are distinguished by high production quality, increased measurement accuracy and impact resistance. Measuring error of the beam at a distance of 200 m not higher than 1-2 m. This type of levels can be divided into subspecies: rotary, point and linear.

Rotary levels, due to the special mechanism of rotation of the laser, allow you to design entire planes. The beam of this device can be sent to Zenith. This function allows you to measure the difference in the level of height.

The point-level laser generator proacts only the point. It is the starting point of all subsequent measurements. The design of the mechanism of such an appliance allows you to project up to 5 separate points. Other His name – Axis Builder. It allows you to set the direction of further measuring and marking manipulations.

Linear laser level projects on line surface. Depending on the design of the mechanism and the number of splitting prisms within it, the number of individual linear intersections generated by the instrument is determined. Laser scanner can reach a circular value – 360 degrees.

How to choose?

Laser type level from Stabila refers to an increased price category. His acquisition may be associated with large cash costs. This means that before buying, you need to accurately determine the purpose of the device and the degree of need to use. For example, if you buy a point laser device for carrying out workshops, construction of axes and planes, then you can get a functional device, from the set of functions of which is used only to a minimum.


Represent an oblong frame. Made with the use of various materials: iron, aluminum, glass plastic and T. NS. Marking of various types are applied to the device. It can be made in the form of a scale of ruler, measuring formulas and branded signs.

The level form allows the estimate of the position of direct planes. If the latter has surface irregularities, the use of the device may be difficult. To ensure the best measurement result, it is necessary to prepare the surface of the plane, as well as keep the right side of the level frame.

Features of some models may assume the presence of additional structural elements. Their number includes the presence of additional enhancements of the frame that prevent the deformation of the device during shocks (which could reduce its accuracy), corner bubble levels of levels, drawn couples and other.

How to choose?

The main criteria for selecting this tool are its dimensional parameters and the level of accuracy of indications. To perform construction work of a different nature, it is necessary to purchase the level of the corresponding length. The convenience and quality of the actions performed depends on its magnitude.

If the length does not match the type of work, it may be difficult to carry out measurements using the device. In a narrow space, it may lie to the working surface loosely, which will lead to the uselessness of the testimony.

The accuracy of the tool data may differ. Than it is higher, the higher its price. For construction work, in which high accuracy is not needed, there is no need to choose a high-precision level, which will save money and will be appropriate in terms of benefit.


Stabila manufactures electronic levels. They according to the type of main design are the analogues of bubbles, with the exception of one addition – the bubble block replaces the electronic mechanism. Digital display displays the instrument readings in various metric systems.

Electrician allows you to produce instant high accuracy measurements. In this case, the device is sensitive to destructive loads and shocks.

How to choose?

The presence in its design of the electrical block determines the limited list of conditions in which it can be used. Such instrument, Despite the presence of a security threshold, poorly suitable for performing work in high humidity, dust and pollution.

Before buying an electronic level, it is worth assessing the nature of future work and analyze the feasibility of its acquisition, since its price plank is at a high level.

Full overview of construction levels Stabila See next video.

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