Spilkie costumes of the welder

The peculiarity of the welder’s work is the constant presence of high temperatures, splashes of hot metal, so the employee needs a special protective equipment. Spilkaya suits are popular with all the necessary characteristics.


The welder’s suit must satisfy many requirements:

  • In addition to strength and resistance to mechanical impacts, it must be moisture-resistant;
  • He must create comfort during the fulfillment of difficult work, do not shoot movies;
  • One of the basic requirements is the ability to provide a high level of high temperature protection in the presence of open fire, from sparks and particles of hot metal;
  • Chemicals should not affect it;
  • It is necessary to preserve protective properties during the entire period of operation.

Spilk suit welder fully satisfies the claimed characteristics. It usually has the highest level 3 level of protection, that is, it can be operated on a distance of 0.5 m from the source of fire, it can be used in closed rooms, weld the seams in the tank, container, pipeline. It has natural material on its manufacture, which is obtained in leather production when skin separation into several layers. Spilkaya part is under the front layer. After special processing from the seller, work shoes, mittens, workwear.

As a rule, the kit consists of a jacket and pants. Since work can be made not only indoors, but also outdoors, in different climatic conditions, the summer and winter models distinguish. Warmed suit allows you to work at very low temperatures, it perfectly withstands atmospheric precipitation. An all-spot suit with a synthetic insulation provides excellent protection from both a hot metal and weather conditions.

But the sprocket is a dense heavy material, so a combined costume is often used to work in the room or outdoors. Spille covers the front of the jacket and trousers. A set of tarpaulin or other material in combination with a spike also provides a high level of protection.

Advantages and disadvantages

Spilkny costumes have advantages over equipment from other materials. They have a lot of advantages:

  • provide the highest class of protection due to heat resistance;
  • A large density (on average 550 g / m2) increases resistance to mechanical effects;
  • maintain low temperatures, the influence of moisture, chemicals;
  • have a long service life without decreasing characteristics.

However, some drawbacks also have. Because of the high density of the material there is no air exchange. Impenetrable all-spot suit causes the appearance of a feeling of discomfort at the working. In the constant presence of high temperatures, it will be hot, heating may occur.

To solve the problem, perforation is applied to overalls, but there is a decrease in protective properties. In addition, the use of high-quality natural materials significantly increases the cost of the product.

Overview of brands and models

On the modern market a lot of decent manufacturers. They are manufactured both allopalkane and combined, summer and insulated models. Products meet all modern requirements.

  • For example, URSUS products are in demand. The brand not only produces overalls, work shoes, personal protective equipment, but also supplies its products. One of the products of the company – Suit “Welder”. This is a winter combined model, its purpose – to protect against sparks and melted metal particles. The top is made of tarpaulin with a density of 530 g / m2 impregnated with fire-resistant substance. Front Clothing is equipped with spilch linings with a thickness of 1.3 mm. Lining made of cotton. The jacket is insulated with three layers of batting, pants – two. On the jacket counted clasp, pockets are provided in the side seams.
  • For any welding summer and demi-season work, the product “Bastion” is perfect for the “East-Service” brand. This large brand is one of the leaders in the development and production of special products. The costume is made from the sail, fire-resistant impregnation is used for it. The fabric has a density of 550 g / m2. Front costume details are reinforced with spilch linings. Loops and buttons on the jacket are in a secret clasp, pants are fastened by side. There is provided in the presence of internal pockets in the seams of jackets and overhead – in pants. So as not to graze the skin of the neck, on the collar there is a bumping pad. Since the costume is designed for summer work, it has holes for ventilation. Their accommodation – the coil of the back and the lower part of the armor.
  • For more than 10 years, the Belarusian Company Safety Company is in the market. Among its partners is the famous Russian brand “Technoavia”. One of the products of the company is an all-spot suit. For it, the material is used with a thickness of 0.9-1.2 mm, the lining is made of bosy. Costume Provides 3 Protection Class. If you comply with storage conditions, the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 5 years.


To choose a suitable welding suit, you need to take into account some nuances.

  • First of all, it is necessary analyze the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing materials, To choose the appropriate option for working conditions. And also need to remember what winter and summer models.
  • Will not be superfluous to try clothes. She must be comfortable. Both close and too free equipment will interfere with work, it makes it difficult to move. The length of the jacket must be sufficient to overlap the pants minimally by 20 cm. The length of the trousers is considered suitable if they cover the shoes, there should be no cuffs on the pants.
  • The ends of the sleeves should firmly lay down to the wrists.
  • On the pockets – both overhead and those who are in the seams – necessarily the presence of lipukes, valves to avoid hitting the sparks inside.
  • It is desirable that On the clothes were holes for air exchange, What is especially relevant for summer models.
  • Clasp must be secret so that the plank from the material protects the buttons from high temperature and spark fire. To ensure additional protection, the presence of inserts from soft materials in the area of ​​the elbows and knees is welcomed.
  • Each time before starting work, clothes should be carefully inspecting: Unacceptable presence of spots lubricants, oils, other combustible materials. And also should not be gaps of fabric, scuffs, torn edges.

Even small defects can create traumatic situations, lead to burns. Do not allow presence in pockets of lighters, paper, other flammable items.

The following video presents an overview of the welding costume.

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