Silicone paint: advantages and disadvantages

Silicone paint – a special means for painting containing silicone resins and representing a kind of water emulsion. It is completely harmless in various states, whether it is liquid or solid. Initially, it was used exclusively in painting. Today she has become very popular, they began to use it in industry. This means is universally, which can be used for various types of work. Such paint is a kind of water-based dye, it resembles acrylic, is a water-dispersion mixture.


Silicone paints relatively recently gained wide popularity and became in demand view of paints. This happened due to the fact that they have more advantages than other analogs. Polymer paint can be applied on the walls and ceilings even indoors with high humidity and temperature drop. It is water-repellent, so perfect for the kitchen.

This water-dispersion composition comprises a polymer silicone resin, It uses water as its solvent. This is a completely ecological coating that does not have any smell in the process of painting. This quality allows you to use a waterproof solution on a silicone basis for decoration of a bedroom or a children’s room. Silicone paint combines all the advantages of acrylic and silicate varieties.

A characteristic feature of silicone-based paints is vapor permeability. It supports natural moisture exchange in the room. These dyes are water permeable, as a result they can be used in rooms with high humidity, not fearing the appearance of mold. Silicone paints are resistant to the harmful effect of the natural environment. They are not exposed to sunlight, they are not afraid of frost, heat, sharp change in temperature.

Such paint is resistant to pollution. Dust particles are not attracted to it, so it is used for interior decoration of surfaces and external walls of the building. She is elastic: it can be covered with a small gap. Material inherent durability: coatings are enough for 20 – 25 years. Silicone remedy Universally, it can be applied to concrete, brick, stone and other types of surfaces.

During production in silicone paints, various components can add, improving material properties. Due to this, raw materials becomes refractory and protects the processed surfaces.


Working with this paint, it is necessary to prepare the base of the surface. Before using the material, you need to remove the old layer, pollution and dust particles. Next, the surface is washed, dried.

Paint on silicone basis can be applied to the old coating without removing it. However, experts are not recommended to do this: the fresh layer may emphasize all surface defects. You must first put it off, but only after applying silicone paint. Next, it is necessary to progress the surface: it will reduce the consumption of the applied means.

The next step is the painting itself.

Paintwork material can be applied in several ways:

  • with brushes;

  • by means of a roller;
  • Applying a spray gun.

It is easier to apply paint with a spray gun, but the cost of this fixture is high. Therefore, in work more often use roller. For inaccessible places you need to prepare a brush: it will not be possible to do without it. Tassel for painting should be flat. Such a tool work more convenient.

Before starting painting, you need to protect the surfaces that do not need to be painted. In the process of work on them may accidentally get paint. Paul can be displayed with newspapers. If they are not, you can use the greasy tape and the oilbox, closing the places to which the splashes of paint can get.

Silicone agent is usually sold in tin cans or buckets. Before painting it needs to be stirred to get a homogeneous composition. If necessary, you can add any kel, if you need to achieve a specific shade. Add a koler in paint need gradually so as not to overstat the color.

Next, the tool is poured into a special pallet, then pick up paint using roller. It must be well powered by the composition, then it needs to be squeezed on the surface of the pallet, after which you can start painting. It is carried out from top to bottom. Ceiling coloring you need to start from the wall opposite to the window.

Apply silicone paint with a thin layer, excluding drums. If necessary, painting corrected (especially in hard-to-reach places). Usually grabs one layer of material for finishing. If you need to cover the surface with a double layer, the second time you can paint the surface only after the first layer is dry.

If necessary, paint pipes and radiators. For them, you need to choose high-quality paint material based on silicone, then you do not have to paint them often. Paint is perfect for paint, protecting metal surfaces from destruction and rust. Silicone paint leaves no divorce after applying whether it is a concrete base or a plane of wood. Considering its high price, it is worth buying, providing unlimited time and intensity operation.


Silicone paint is universal, she has a lot of advantages. This type of paints and varnish materials can be applied to different surfaces (wooden, concrete, metallic, stone). Paint is distinguished by excellent damping property. It can be applied on surfaces without special preparation for painting. It can mask small cracks and nuances of any surface, perfectly withstands temperature change.

The useful properties of silicone-based paint can be attributed to the fact that it can push moisture. This tool is recommended to be used in the bathroom. This type of paintwork materials prevents the formation of harmful fungal, bacteria. In the course of operation, it does not slide from the surface, it lasts firmly, does not lose the original freshness of the shade.

If you use such a kind of paint in the finish of the building facade, it will not crack, thanks to its elastic properties. Painted plane will repel dust and pollution. Silicone paintwork Environmentally friendly, working with him, no need to use a respirator. Among other things, the paint makes exposure to the Sun, it does not fade over time.

Detailed information on the benefits of silicone paint you can learn by looking at the following video.


In addition to the advantages of silicone paint has its drawbacks. The main drawback is the high cost. Not everyone can afford to finish the premises of such paint. Especially it is noticeable if you need to paint the large area. In this case, the flow can significantly hit the wallet.

Due to the fact that the paint is gas permeable, when applied to pipes, their corrosion may increase. Before painting, metal surfaces need to be protected by special means to prevent rust.

If this does not want to do this, you can buy a variety based on silicone, which contains an anti-corrosion additive. However, experts recommend cleaning the surface: it is a pledge of high-quality finish.


Silicone paint is considered a good finishing material. This is evidenced by reviews left at the Internet Internet. Those who worked with this material, notes the convenience of painting, optimal drying speed, pleasant color and texture. In the comments, it is noted: this material does not have a sharp smell, it allows you to work quickly and efficiently.

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