SHESHBI CHICH tile in the interior

    Nowadays it is very difficult to surprise people. But the new direction “Shebbi Shik” immediately attracted the attention of the owners. This is the most original and romantic style with which you can create a comfort in your own home. The main thing is to properly use Shebbi Chic tile in the interior.

    A bit of history

    This style appeared in the old good England for about twenty years ago, thanks to the innocent hobby Rachel Eshil “Flea Market”. Finding various vintage little things, she created a new direction in the world of design, which began to call “Glamor of Starina”.

    The fans who appeared ascended this style to one of the highest steps. One of the reasons is that things in this style can be made with their own hands. Hostess got the opportunity to create a fairy tale in the house independently. At the same time, you should not forget that excessively speaks only about the absence of taste. This style has gained popularity with modern designers who began to apply it in the design of bedrooms, living rooms, canteens and bathrooms.


    The tile in the style of “Shebbi Chic” looks almost exactly the same as the usual. The only difference is even a new material seems to be rubbed as long as long as a decade.

    The main feature of this style is that the tile is artificially aged. It gives the room comfort and extraordinary. Bright shades during decorating create a romantic mood, so when finishing the rooms in this style, such colors of tiles, like white, milk, peach, are used. Bright they are appropriate on small accessories and individual furniture items that finally fill its characteristic atmosphere for this style.

    A large range of tiles allows you to create a wonderful interior. For the walls, facing material made in darker colors are suitable than on the ceiling, as well as painted patterns in the form of complex ornaments or delicate flowers. Such a tile is well used in the kitchen, because it is easily and quick. Placing a floor with a tile with a pattern, you will create a cozy atmosphere in any room. It will not only create the effect of antiquity, but also adds sophistication.

    Where used?

    SHESHBBY CHICH tile is used in many rooms. The most common option is the use of such tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen.


    The kitchen has always been a territory where women reign, so making it up, you need to consider the opinion of the hostess. The kitchen is a cozy nest, where you can arrange both maiden gatherings for a cup of coffee and a sought dinner in a family circle. Such a situation will help you create a warm gamma of colors and an unusual decor in the style of “Shebbi Chic”.

    The dishes are also a piece of design. Very beautiful will look for sets, decorated with patterns of flowers. Vintage samovar will find a place in the middle of the table.


    Put the floor with such a tile can also be in the dining room. This is an interesting designer decision that in recent years receives mainly positive feedback.

    Creating the interior of the dining room, not necessarily buying expensive furniture in antique stores. Vintage furniture you wanted to throw out here will look appropriate. Vintage dressers, chairs, tables renovated and anti-corrosion treated, will become the center of your interior completely free.

    You can use braided chairs, and hand-tied by hand, and napkins made in Macrame technique. Vintage things of your grandparents and grandmothers will cause beautiful warm memories, and also give novelty interior. In the style of “Shebbi Chic” most often use ceramic tiles, which will suit both the floor and walls. It gives a dining room original view. In addition, such a tile serves longer than other materials.

    Persian carpet perfectly fit and add comfort In the creation of the interior of the dining room in a classic or vintage style. Ceiling can be decorated with plasterboard stucco or just to twist and paint it into white.


    Shabbi Chic bathroom is different from other rooms with its highlight. Here can accommodate a huge wall mirror in a gold-plated artificial frame. Candle chandelier will create a romantic mood. Such a designer move is appropriate only in the style of Shebbi Chic, in other cases it is inappropriate. In this interior will ideally look a bath with metal carved legs.

    Paul can be decorated with tile “under the tree” with specially made flaws in painting, but at the same time excellent quality. In decorating it is necessary to use bright, pastel tones to create a cozy interior. On the old shelf you can put artificial flowers, shampoos and shower gels in old bottles. For interior supplement rave linen towels

    As you can see, the Shebbi Chic tile will become an excellent decoration of any room. Although, at first glance, such a designer solution seems too extravagant, with time you can make sure that the antique effect really reflects the interior.

    Design Mirrors in the style of “Shebbi Chic” See next video.

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