Self-tapping screws: choice and fastening

Metal products today are very popular and are considered one of the most universal, durable and budgetary building materials. With the help of a metal professional flooring, you can build a fence, cover the roof of economic or residential buildings, make a covered platform and so on. This material has a decorative coating in the form of staining of polymer paint, and cheaper options can be covered only with a zinc layer, which is designed to protect material from corrosion exposure. But whatever a durable and beautiful professional flooring, Its successful use depends largely on how many hardware you use when performing installation work.


Self-tapping screws applied to fastening professional flooring are self-causing. That is, it is a housing with a working head, which over the entire length has a triangular shape of self-tapping thread. To secure in the material, the screws have a pointed tip in the form of a miniature drill. This metric can have a different configuration – it is selected for installation, depending on the type of fixing of the professional leaf and the options for creating aesthetic appearance of the finished design.

Working with self-drawing for professional flooring has the same principle as when using screws – with the help of a carving, the methis is included in the stress material and reliably strengthens the adjoining of the proflist in the right place.

In contrast to screws, To use which you need to pre-drill the material, the screws performs this task itself, at the time of screwing it. This type of hardware is made of particularly durable carbon steel alloys or brass.

Self-tapping screws have their own characteristics.

  • The head has a kind of hexagon – This form has proven itself most convenient in the process of performing installation work, and in addition, this form reduces the risk of spoiling a polymer decorative coating of a methization. In addition to the hexagon, the heads meet another type: semicircular or counted, equipped with a slot.
  • The presence of a wide round washer – This supplement reduces the likelihood of a tillar material break or deform it when installing. The washer prolongs the period of operation of self-pressing, protecting it from corrosion and evenly distributing the load at the point of attachment.
  • Round shape Neoprene gasket – This item not only performs the insulating properties of the fastener, but also enhances the effect of the washer effect. The neoprene gasket also performs the role of the shock absorber when the metal is expanding when the temperature modes drops.

    Self-tapping screws are covered with a protective layer of zinc, but in addition, with a decorative purpose, they may have a coating of polymer paint.

    Self-coating color corresponds to standard sheet paintings. Such a coating will not spoil the appearance of the roof or fence.


    Self-tapping screws for fastening profiled flooring to carrying structures are divided into types, Depending on the fastening material.

    • Self-tapping screw – Hardware has a sharp tip in the form of drill and threads with a big pitch on the core case. These products are intended for work in which the metal professional is needed to secure on a wooden frame. Such hardware can fix the sheet without prior drilling, the thickness of which is 1.2 mm.

    • Self-tapping screws for metal products – The product has a tip, which is similar to the metal drill. Such hardware apply when it is necessary to fasten a sheet with a thickness of up to 2 mm to the design made of metal. Drills for metal profiles have frequent threads on the housing, that is, with a small step.
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    Roofing selflessness can be released with an enlarged drill, and you can also purchase options with a press washer or without it.

    There are also anti-vandal variants of hardware, which externally similar to ordinary self-tapping screws are very similar, but there are recesses in the form of stars or paired slot.

    This design does not allow you to unscrew these hardware with conventional tools.

    Sizes and weight

    According to GOST standards, Self-drawing hardware for the professional leaf used for fastening on a metal frame, are made of carbon steel alloy brand C1022, To whom the ligature has been added to harden the finished products. Ready self-sufficiency for the purpose of corrosion protection is treated with a thin zinc coating, the thickness of which is 12.5 microns.

    The dimensions of such hardware are in the range from 13 to 150 mm. Product diameter can be 4.2-6.3 mm. As a rule, the roofing type of self-press has a diameter of 4.8 mm. Having such parameters, methols without prior drilling can work with a metal whose thickness does not exceed 2.5 mm.

    The difference of self-tapping screws for professional flooring, intended for wooden frames, consists only in carving. Externally, they are very similar to ordinary screws, but in contrast to them, have a more enlarged head in size. Methms made of carbon steel and can drill a sheet of professional flooring to 1.2 mm thick.

    On sale you can see the non-standard sizes of screws for professional flooring. Their length can be from 19 to 250 mm, and diameter from 4.8 to 6.3 mm. As for the weight, it depends on the model of self-building. On average, 100 pieces of these products can weigh from 4.5 to 50 kg.

    How to choose

    In order for the metal professionalist from being reliably enshrined, it is important to choose the necessary hard metment materials. The selection criteria here are as follows:

    • Self-tapping screws should be made only from alloyed carbon steel alloys;
    • The metric hardness indicator should be higher than the same indicator at the sheet of professional flooring;
    • on the head of the self-drawing must be the markings of the manufacturer;
    • Products are packaged in branded packaging, on which the manufacturer data must be displayed, as well as the series and release date;
    • The neoprene gasket must be attached to the spring washer with glue, the replacement of neoprene rubber is not allowed;
    • To check the quality of neoprene gasket, it is possible to compress it with passatsis – at the same time the action of cracks should not appear on it, the paint does not get out, and the material itself quickly returns to the original form.

      Experienced installers Recommended to acquire the screws of the same manufacturer, which produces metal professional. Trade organizations are interested in quality and complex supplies, so the risk of buying low-quality goods in this case is minimal.

      How to calculate

      Self-tapping screws, if they are completed According to GOST standards, have a rather high cost, so it is necessary to correctly determine the number of hardware that will be required to perform work. In addition, it is necessary to determine the parameters of hardware, based on how to work with what materials.

      Determining the length of the working part of the metric, it must be remembered that its length should be larger than the amount of the amount of the thickness of the professional leaf and the base of the design, at least 3 mm. As for the diameter, the most chassis is 4.8 and 5.5 mm.

      The determination of the amount of self-samples depends on the type of construction and the number of fasteners.

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      Calculation of hardware for the fence from the proflist looks like this.

      • The square meter of the professional flooring is on average by 12-15 self-samples, Their number depends on how many horizontal lag will be involved in the fence design – on average, each lagua accounts for 6 sams, plus 3 pieces need to be in stock for unforeseen situations.
      • When the docking of two sheets of professional flooring is going, the self-sufficiency has to pierce 2 sheets at once, Located to friends – in this case, consumption increases – 8-12 self-tapping sheets.
      • Calculate the right number of sheets of professional flooring – the length of the fence should be divided into the width of the professional leaf without the deployment of the admission.
      • The number of horizontal lag is calculated on the basis of which height is planned to make a fence, At the same time, the lower lag should be located about 30-35 cm from the surface of the earth, and the second supporting lag is already retreating 10-15 cm from the top edge of the fence. In the event that a distance equal to at least 1.5 m is obtained between the bottom and the upper lags, then the average laguance will be made for the strength of the structure.

      The consumption of hardware on the roof is determined based on the following data:

      • To work you need to purchase short self-tapping screws and long for fastening various elements of goodness;
      • methies For fastening to the crate take 9-10 pcs. per 1 sq. m, and to calculate the shade of the crates take 0.5 m;
      • Number of selflessness With a larger length, it is considered, dividing the length of the goodness by 0.3 and rounded the result in the direction of magnification.

          It is not recommended to acquire self-tapping screws in strictly limited, according to the calculations, the quantity. You always need to have a small margin, for example, to enhance lateral mounts when installing a professional sheet or in case of loss, damage a small number of hardware.

          How to kp

          Reliable fixing of the professional flooring implies preliminary making frame design from a metal profile or wooden bars. To spin the screws in the right docking nodes correctly, on the roof or on the fence, you need to have a mounting scheme according to which the whole complex of work is performed. The installation process is not easy to turn screws – it is necessary to perform preparatory, and then the main stages of work.


          For high-quality performance It will be necessary to choose the diameter and the length of the self-building. There is a single rule here – the heavier weighs the metal professionalist, the thicker the diameter of the fastener methism must be selected to ensure the reliability of fasteners. The length of the fastener is determined on the basis of the wave height of the corrugated. An indicator of the length of the self-press must exceed the height of the wave of 3 mm, especially if 2 waves are connected by the Van.

          Even despite the fact that manufacturers claim that their self-tapping screws themselves pass the sheet of professional flooring, if it is necessary to work with a metal thickness of a professional sheet 4 or 5 mm, then before fixing this sheet, it is necessary to place the places of its fixtures and drill a drill in advance of the screws to enter the screws.

          The diameter of such holes take 0.5 mm more than the thickness of the self-press. Such a preliminary preparation will help to avoid the deformation of the sheet at the place of fixation by him with a self-tapping screw, and will also provide an opportunity to firmly consolidate a straightener to the support frame. In addition to these reasons, a slightly larger diameter of the hole at the fastening site will allow you to move the proflist when the temperature modes drops.

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          The next stage of the installation work will be the fastening process of the frame to the frame. The sequence of actions in this case is assumed as follows:

          • To align the lower edge of the proflist At the bottom of the fence or roof stretch the cord;
          • Installation start from the lowest leaf, At the same time, the side of the direction of work can be any – right or left;
          • sheets of the first block, if the coating area is large, installed with a small overlay on each other, At first they are attached to 1 self-tapping screw in places of overweight, after which the block is aligned;
          • Next, self-tapping screws in each low part of the wave at the bottom of the sheet and after 1 wave – on the other sheets of the vertical block;
          • After the end of this stage Self-tapping screws and on the other low sections of the waves;
          • Self-tapping screws are administered only in perpendicularDirection relative to the frame plane;
          • Then go By mounting the next block, placing his brass with the previous one;
          • The magnitude of the allen make at least 20 cm, And if the lengths of the crates are missing, then the sheets of the block are cut and combined with each other, introducing them in a row to each wave;
          • Oplement area for sealing can be treated with insulating moisture sealant;
          • Step between mounting nodes make 30 cm, the same applies to.

            To protect against the effects of corrosion, the metal in the region of trimming can be processed specially selected in the tone of the polymer paint.

            If the professional flooring is used to cover the roof, then special roofing hardware uses for fasteners, and the shape of the crate makes the minimum.

            To secure the element of the skate, you will need to apply the screws with the long working part.

            When installing the professional sheet for the fence of a large area It is allowed to fasten the elements of the straw in jack, without performing the allen. Such an approach will help reduce the susceptibility to strong wind loads in the construction. In addition, to mount the professional clothes are needed in every wave and to each lag, without skips, and only hardware equipped with a sealing washer is recommended for installation.

            The choice of metal professional flooring is a budget variant of the building material, which can be quickly and easy to assem. With the correct installation of installation work using high-quality screws, such material without repair and additional maintenance can maintain its operational properties at least 25-30 years.

            About the design, features of applying and tricks of mounting of self-tapping for professional flooring tells the video below.

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