Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

Plastic windows are very popular – they are comfortable and practical. In addition to the frame and glass package, there are still accessories that are included in the kit. Nicknames, differently they are called repeated straps, are also part of the set. Self-adhesive models are simpler and more convenient in operation.

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

Description and appointment

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows simplify the decoration of the space between the windowsill, walls and the frame itself. They allow not to spend money on putty. The feigned plank closes the place of the junction of the elements and protects the window frame from the destruction. So the material does not affect the external factors and weather conditions.

Nachchelniks not only improve thermal insulation, but also make the window opening more aesthetic.

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

Planks are used both from the outside and internal. Nicknames can have a different appearance, there are any color and texture – in order to be able to select the appropriate option for any window frame.

Self-adhesive nicknames make from PVC. It is quite simple to use them, regardless of the type.

Products protect window frames not only from moisture and sun, but also from education fungus, mold.

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows


  • Installation is simple and takes just a couple of minutes, it is easy to dismantle and replace nicknames if necessary;

  • It can be used both outside and inside the building;

  • able to hide inaccurate seams;

  • models of this type are distinguished by the available price;

  • Improve the appearance of the window, fit into any interior;

  • There is a wide range, which allows you to choose a bar for any plastic window;

  • Long service life.

Naschelniki from PVC practically do not have cons. It is important to choose the product and install it.

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

First time you can not water the nickname so that the moisture does not break the glue layer. Better wipe these places with a wet or dry cloth.

Review of varieties

The market presents a large number of PVC models with adhesive layer. Plastic Planks can be different widths and rigidity. This option is best suited for modern plastic windows. He harmonizes style and design.

Self-adhesive nicknames have a special coating and protective tape. Many experts assure that this option is the most convenient for masking seams.

Usually used models with a width of 50 or 80 mm depending on the size of the window. And the rails are tough and soft. The latter is easier, they are sold in a roll, it is enough to just cut off the right amount.

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

Child Nuances

Nicknames must be combined with windows. This will make the appearance more neat and high quality will protect the seams from external influences.

It is worth noting that self-adhesive models are pretty easy to install.

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

There are several nuances for which you should pay attention to when choosing.

  1. Planck must be the same color as the window frame. So the image will be harmonious and attractive. Nachchelniks should not stand out, rushing into the eyes.

  2. Texture must also match. Do not glue on the usual white plastic window nickname with wood imitation. It will look ridiculous and too noticeable, even if the colors are the same. It is worth noting that the PVC panels are rarely used with wooden frames, but it is permissible. But they will not suit the metal windows at all.

  3. Before going to the store, it is necessary to measure the width of the seams between windows and walls, windowsill. The bar must fully close the place of the joint and go slightly on the facade.

  4. It should be used products of well-known manufacturers who managed to establish themselves. The cost may be slightly higher, however, the service life is much longer. If you save on the nachetnik, then the risk is that it will not protect the frame qualitatively. As a result, the window will gradually come into disrepair.

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows


Naschelniki from PVC can be glued to plastic, wooden or metal windows.

The installation process itself is as simple as possible due to the presence of the adhesive layer on the reverse side of the rail.

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

It is worth noting that the fastening of flexible and hard models is slightly different. When installing it is worth considering some features and advice of specialists.

  1. Pre-measure the required length of the segment. Embers of the plank are cut off at an angle of 45 ° using stusl.

  2. In the case of a flexible overall, you should remove the protective layer with adhesive bases gradually. First removed the tip, the bar is applied to the window frame. Then you should simultaneously glue the rail and remove the film.

  3. With a tough oschetnik will have to work more clearly. The whole protective film is removed immediately. Rake must be glued to the right place at a time. If necessary, you can pre-outline points on the frame that will allow you to locate the product.

When using flexible products, the risk is the risk that they will split and turn back to its original position. Therefore, it is very important to qualitatively add them when installing.

Self-adhesive nicknames for plastic windows

In this case, the use of hard models simplifies the installation. After removing the model, it cannot be reused. Glue layer spars and no longer hold on.

How to install plastic nachets, see the following video.

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