Selection and use of oil for electric saw

    Oil for electric saw – it is hardly the most important and necessary consuming. It is he who has a positive effect on the work of the tool. Good oil significantly simplifies the process of operation of this device. With it, the cutting cannon is better in contact with materials having different structures. In addition, thanks to this consumable, the tool can serve much longer.

    We’ll figure it out how to choose the right oil for an electric saw.

    For what is needed?

    Many electroplated owners are asked as a reasonable question, for which this tool needs oil. The answer is simple – this tool is used as a lubricant for the chain to level the impressive strength of friction between individual parts. Due to the oil presence, important elements of the device do not suffer from excess heating, in contact with each other.

    Sometimes there are cases in which for cutting it is necessary to apply additional efforts. This fact signals an insufficient amount of lubrication or its dubious quality. In such a situation, experts advise as soon as possible to look at the oil level in the aggregate tank. You can immediately smear the chain to complete the work already started.

    When using good and timely made of oil saws will work not only more efficiently and easier, but also longer. Technique, deprived of this service, is exposed to very serious breakdowns. Long she will serve hard.


    On the modern market there are several oil options intended for processing chain electropolis. These compositions may have a mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic basis. It should be borne in mind that there are synthetic and mineral components in the latter. Another category of modern chain oils for electric saws of different firms represent products based on raw materials of plant origin. Of course, each group of oils have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    If we consider the properties of all oils from the point of view of stability and the ability to effectively act in fairly difficult conditions, then, of course, The first place overlays synthetic products. They are able to ensure the work of electric saws, even if it is very cold weather (up to -40 degrees). However, these species have oils and one important disadvantage that needs to be taken into account – they are expensive. That is why many consumers refuse their purchase in favor of more accessible options.

    As for popular mineral oils, they are at times cheaper than synthetic options. However, their operational characteristics are very inferior to the characteristics of the above compositions.

    The lion’s share of mineral oils in a temperature of -25 degrees simply stops to enter the plot where the destructive friction of the saw parts takes place, that is, ceases to perform its main function. Such an oil should not be used in the cold winter period – in the cold it will be ineffective or even completely useless.

    Semi-synthetic oils represent a cross between synthetic and mineral products. We produce such types of oils and for electrical, and for gasoline devices.

    To date, choose a lubricant for the saw chain is not labor. Such goods produce many well-known brands. The main thing is to choose the appropriate composition, knowing about the optimal performance.

    As mentioned above, modern oils for PIL produces a large number of brands. Among them there are and little-known, and very popular. If you decide to purchase high-quality and reliable saws for a saw, then you should familiarize yourself with the list of the most sought-after models.

    Forest Plus

    This oil enjoys enviable demand and has excellent adhesion properties. Forest Plus is characterized by the fact that it can be operated if the window is worth the temperature not lower than -15 degrees.

    If you observe all the conditions for the storage and operation of this product, it can remain high quality 3 years.

    Bio Plus

    Products of the company called Bio Plus is made on a vegetable basis. Oils of this company when penetrating the soil very soon begin to decompose. Far from any oil boasts such honors. Use this product is permissible at temperatures up to -15 degrees, as is the previous option.

    Sunth Plus

    This is no less popular oil based on synthetic components. It easily makes pretty serious burden on equipment.

    It can be used in more stringent conditions – the ambient temperature can reach -25 degrees.

    Because of this, the oil will not cease to act and enter the necessary nodes.


    Champion adhesion type oil is customary to use for work with a fairly large temperature range. This lubricant is sold in Tara 3 and 10 liters. There is a product inexpensive, it is also convenient for use.


    The name of this world-famous brand causes confidence. Oil for saws from Husqvarna is the most profitable and economical solution for the lamp of the electric saw mechanism. Such products are characterized by moderate consumption and high efficiency.

    Can I use engine oil?

    Is it possible to use as a lubricant for saws of engine oil – this is another common issue of tool owners.

    In fact, transmission and motor formulations are permissible to use separate models for lubricating the circuit, but it should be borne in mind that such mineral compositions are better to avoid.

    It should be borne in mind that such compositions are suitable exclusively for specific models of saws. That the tool can be lubricated by motor or transmission oils to be indicated in the technical documentation attached to the technique.

    In no case do not lubricate the chain similar means, if there is no permission from the manufacturer. Do not forget that such compositions are not calculated on the functioning conditions of the chain. To fully protect the technique they simply will not be able to. Therefore, it is better not to risk and not resort to the use of these types of oils.

    Do not fit for the label of the chain mechanism and ordinary vegetable oils. Of course, the short-lubricating effect they will be, but it is worth remembering that such compositions have a characteristic property – they dry. Subsequently, this may lead to the fact that the chain will move in the mechanism very bad, with delays. Because of this, the work of the saw as a whole will noticeably deteriorate, therefore it is not recommended to experiment with vegetable oils regarding said technology.

    How to choose?

    If you want your email to serve for a long time and did not give you any hassle, you should choose quality oil for her. It is very serious to approach this issue, because the condition and productivity of not the cheapest tool will depend on your choice.

    When choosing lubrication, several main criteria should be taken into account.

    • As mentioned above, the engine or transmission oil is permissible to go into the course only if it allows the tool manufacturer. Open the instructions – there must be an item for the admissibility of using such oils. Also do not use only mineral formulations. Motor oil can not only lubricate the chain, but also to help various systems in the device.

    • It is advisable to buy a specialized lubricant for electric saws of different firms. You can find many options for such compositions. Often and saws and oils to them makes one manufacturer. It is worth purchasing compounds with good adhesive qualities. These oils will not crawl from the chain during the operation of the saw. In addition, the composition should be branded.

    Krastarly made and too cheap oils are not worth trusted, they can only harm the tool.

    • Some people in caring for electronics turn to the use of waste motor oil. It is important to know that such a composition is extremely polluted. Therefore, it can strongly pollute the entire system, and with it and the chain itself.

    Many users argue that with such a lubricant, their electric saw continues to work normally, but experienced professionals strongly recommend to resort to the use of waste oils.

    Tips for use

    Little to choose oil for saw. Need to know about how to fill it into such a technique.

    So, modern models of electric saws are equipped with a specially thought out system of automated lubricant in the necessary nodes, where the friction occurs during the operation of the instrument.

    If there is such an technique in your tool, then you don’t have anything too much. Just need to be carefully pouring the selected suitable oil in a specially designated container. After that, it is worthwhile to give the device to work literally a few seconds, but without load (the saw should act “inhabitant”). During this work, the equipment lubricant is the same way evenly “will disappear” along the entire length of the chain.

    If your saw refers to already outdated models, then the above system of automatic feeding (like adjustment) of oil there is simply no. So it will be necessary to fix the saw in another way. In this case, the chain is required to dip in the existing lubrication.

    It is permissible to apply brushes or a syringe-butter for the promissory of an important tool node. The compositions in special packing of aerosol type for such purposes are most suitable, to use them very convenient.

    Why it does not arrive on the chain?

    Many chain-type electric saws are faced with the fact that at some point the oil is no longer fed to the necessary component of the tool. It is worth considering that such a problem may eventually entail more serious trouble.

    This can occur due to several factors.

    • If you notice that the oil does not go to the chain of the instrument, it may indicate that the oil pump and its gears could fail. Similar breakdowns preferably notice on time.
    • It may occur and because of a serious blocking of the moves in the oil filter, by which the lubricant goes to the device chain.
    • Also, this trouble often occurs because of the holes clogged in the tire.
    • If the oil container is unloaded, the indicated problem will happen inevitably.

    As you can see, the reasons for the absence of oil supply to the necessary saw nodes can be a lot. Of course, in most cases, it can be understood independently, but it is better not to pull the time and not to conduct experiments, but to seek help from experts with rich experience in such matters.

    Useful advice

    It is important to keep in mind that in the conditions of growing turns of the engine, the speed of pumping of the lubrication composition is also significantly increasing. That is why it is necessary to fill the oil mixture into an electric saw blade only under the condition of the engine.

    If you decide to fix your technique spent oil, then you should consider that it can harm saw. In no case do not refer to such compositions, especially if you have a new tool.

    Buy lubricating compounds for the chain electroplate should be exclusively in specialized outlets. Only such funds are qualitative and effective. Do not purchase goods in the markets or street shops. Most likely, there you will be sold for a fake, which not only will be useless, but will lead to the tool breakdown.

    Oils on sale occurs a lot. But The best option is an oil that is characterized by good adhesive qualities. There are special additives in such products. Thanks to the latter, the composition does not shake and does not flow from the chain of electric saw as they actively rotate. Only such a tool will be effective and will be beneficial to the tool.

    How to choose an oil for electric copies, learn from the video below.

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