Selection and use of Dewalt logs

One of the tools that the builder must be mandatory, is a jigsaw. Yes, and in everyday life this device will be odd. There is a wide range of similar techniques in the market. Loving positions here are the jigsaw Dewalt. What features of the device should be considered when choosing how to use it?

About manufacturer

DeWalt is an American company that works in the construction equipment market for more than 90 years. Plants companies are located worldwide. Under this brand, overalls are produced, high-quality high-tech tools for builders, including electrolovka.

Advantages and disadvantages

Dewalt Lobzik is a cutting tool that can cut off a tree, plastic, plasterboard and even metal both in a straight line and curvilinear. Lobzikov Dewalt has a number of advantages.

  • These are ergonomic devices that have a small weight and comfortably lie in hand. It is convenient to work the logs.
  • Have a wide range of where everyone will select the device in accordance with the assigned task.
  • Almost all the jigsaws have the ability to switch the frequency of moves, which allows you to adjust the device under yourself.
  • Most devices have a brushless engine that does not require periodic replacement of brushes.
  • The guide roller on these devices is located below, so the pinks are not bent while working.
  • On the sole device has a special spraying that protects material processing from scratches.
  • The device can be installed T-shaped types of pylons from most other manufacturers of similar products.

The disadvantages of the Lobzikov Dewalt include only their cost, but it is fully justified by the quality and functionality of the instrument.

How to choose?

When choosing a dewalt electrolybiz, you need to consider several aspects. The tool of this manufacturer is available in two types: rechargeable and with work from the electrical network, so if you plan to work this technique away from the electrical outlet, then it is better to choose a model with a battery. But this type of device requires periodic recharging. If you have a long work with a logby and there is a number of power grid, then it is better to purchase a model with a cord.

Devices have a different handle shape. Dewalt electrolls are available with D-shaped and T-shaped handle. Before buying, you should hold various modifications in your hand and choose the most suitable for ergonomics.

Technical characteristics of different models are also different. Here you need to pay attention to the power of the device, the depth of propyl, the presence of a smooth start and laser pointer. Some models are equipped with convenient storage cases, so the device will always be carefully removed.

How to use?

Electrolovka Dewalt is easy to use, the main thing will carefully read the instructions. Initially, you need to install the pink on the device. This is done elementary, without the use of any tool: the clamping lever rises, the saw blade is installed for the teeth forward, the lever is released, the reliability of fixation is checked. Next takes place the sole. It can occupy a horizontal plane or installed at an angle of 15, 30, 45 degrees in one direction or another.

Now the logs can work. To do this, you need to enable it on the network or insert a battery and click on the trigger. Most models have a start-up button block, so you can translate the device into continuous operation.

To turn off the device, you need to release the trigger, and in the continuous operation mode, once again click on the Start button.


According to the reviewers of the Lobziki Dewalt buyers have excellent quality, they are easy to use, they easily make a neat propyl. The disadvantages include the fact that the tool is noisy works, quickly lights up the backlight, and the fact that there is no parallel focus.

Lobzik Dewalt DW349 Look in the video below.

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