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The electrifuncher is the device needed to provide power to electricity consumers in cases where the sizes of their cable are insufficient in order to get to the stationary network. In many cases, the extension consists of a large number of outlets, so it is possible to connect several devices at once.

Nowadays, this is an integral appliance for an active user. Popular Chinese Brand Xiaomi Produces Similar Products.


The Xiaomi extension allows the instrument capability. Network filters presented by this trademark are equipped with a switch that triggers in voltage failures and is characterized by a high degree of fire safety. There are options with SMART names, which, in addition to ordinary indicators of overload protection on the network, contain a “smart” chip, providing coherence to work with an application in a smartphone and remote control of the connected instruments.

The main advantages of the products of this brand are a number of factors:

  • standard type outlet is equipped with curtains that provide protection from children;
  • The hull is made of material resistant material;
  • There is an automatic shutdown if there is a risk of ignition, overheating or short circuit;
  • Stylish decoration where there is nothing superfluous, as well as the possibility of connecting domestic and eurovilock.

Produced Network Filters and Trademark Extensions Xiaomi are allocated among such devices from other manufacturers with a comfortable design, location of sockets and USB ports.

Review models

Xiaomi Mi Power Strip extension is distinguished by stylish and reliable. Equipped with three sockets and three USB ports. The presence of 3 sockets allows compatibility with a different kind of technique. For the manufacture of the device, materials of good quality are used, and elements that serve as current conductors are made of tin-phosphorous bronze. As part of any of the outlets, there are 4 contacts, which makes it possible to prevent overheating of devices and the occurrence of short circuits. The material from which the case is made, resistant to ignition. The color of the device is white and well fits into the setting of any room.

Voltage drops on the network may cause overheating or ignition, But the presence of the NEC protection system does not give it to happen. Once similar failures occur, the device turns off the current supply, not allowing the emergence of fire hazardous situations. You can run the device operation using the switch buttons.

Xiaomi Mi Power Strip is equipped with 6 sockets and 3 USB ports. Included there are adapters for EuroShweples. The product is characterized by elegance and functionality. The extension is highlighted by a concise appearance, has a reliable and safe microswitch. On the bedside table, along with a TV in most cases there is a wide variety of equipment – the TV itself, the modem, speakers, receivers. This device, having 6 sockets, allows you to connect most instruments. The material conducted using the device used in the manufacture of the device is tin-phosphorous bronze, which is distinguished by elasticity and has a large electrical conductivity, while very resistant to wear. The product is produced in a constant white color.

Xiaomi Mi Power Strip. This option is equipped with 3 outlets and 3 USB XMCXB04QM ports to recharge mobile devices. In the manufacture of the product, the material is applied, resistant to ignition. The extension is equipped with a button for switching on with light indication.

The main purpose of the device is protection against voltage jumps, electrical network overload, short circuit.

Extension center Xiaomi Mi Power Strip 5 Socket. To ensure complete compatibility with home appliances, a network filter is equipped with 5 outlets. Made a product from high quality materials that are resistant to ignition. The electrically conductive parts are made of tin-phosphorous bronze. Any of the outlets includes 4 contacts, which avoids overheating and short circuit. The case of the device is equipped with an autonomous fuse and grounded. The product of the concise white color will fit well into the setting of any room.

The voltage failures arising in the network can cause overheating or ignition, but due to the fact that the device has a NEC protection system, such problems will not arise. As soon as the voltage failure occurs, the system dealers the device, preventing the occurrence of the danger of ignition. Further extension will work after switching on the switch key. All outlets are protected from falling inside foreign objects, which is represented by special curtains. So that the extension can be resistant on any plane, the reverse side is equipped with special linings. The product is different from the rest of a white touchdown of an indication that does not catch up and distracts.

Xiaomi King Mi Power Strip Wi-Fi 5 Socket White – The case of this device is manufactured using high quality plastic, with elements that are resistant to overheating and ignition. Contacts The extension sockets are made of bronze, which completely eliminates the possibility of shocking. The presence of a 3-level prevention system makes it possible to avoid short circuit. The device has a cord with copper wires, which does not feel the effects of mechanical loads.

For the stability of the extension on the plane from any material, it is equipped with special anti-slip legs that will not allow scratches on furniture subjects and will ensure excellent stability.

Xiaomi Mijia Power Strip. The device is equipped with 8 sockets. There are 3 levels of protection. The product equipped with a protective system is automatically de-energized if there is too long a load on the extension, protecting all connected devices from overload and short circuit. The body of the device is made of a polycarbonate of excellent quality, resistant to ignition. All outlets are equipped with special curtains that make extension safe for children.

All internal components that serve as electrical energy conductors are made of copper alloys. The presence of the toggle switches allow you to control sockets and check their condition. The product is equipped with a thick cable that does not overheat during long work.

Criterias of choice

When purchasing the extension, the councils of specialists should take into account. The main criteria used when choosing a product are:

  • the number of sockets;
  • presence of grounding contacts;
  • cable dimensions;
  • Maximum permissible load;
  • presence of an automatic fuse;
  • Qualitative characteristics of insulating properties;
  • Auxiliary components.

Based on the model, The number of outlets will be from 1 to 7. The presence of several outlets allows you to simultaneously connect several units of household appliances. It is important here to control that all power of the plug-in devices has not been greater than the maximum load of the network filter. The presence of a home contact serves as a man’s protection from electrical shocks, when problems with the device connected to the extension, lowers the effect of electricity interference to another connected technique. It helps to increase instrument utilization.

Extension with grounding contacts is best used in a complex with a frequently used computer, refrigerator and other devices. Cable dimensions are individual for individual cases. Maybe not a very long cable up to 2 meters, and may require maximum size.

If the extension cord is required with a cord more than 30 meters, it is better to choose a round design with a blouse for saving cord.

The greatest load is an indicator showing the power of the device that can be connected to the extension. Any of the models has a permissible load size, which is listed on the case. Before connecting the device, Initially, it should be monitored that its parameters correspond to the power indicated on the extension. In the case when an extension is required for an electric drill, then a device having a power of 1.3 W. A 2.2 kW model is suitable for the washing machine, because it has a high power water heater.

The automatic fuse is an additional protection that is needed when voltage interruptions occur in networks. Automation will save from overload when several household appliances are connected to one network filter. The extension is equipped with a cord – both one-layer and two-layer. The first are used for operation in areas at low temperatures and the optimal level of humidity. Two-layer cords are used in areas with excess moisture level, temperature, and also under negative temperatures. The electrical extension also includes auxiliary components, one of which is the indication system, which makes it possible to observe, the extension is connected or not.

In the next video, you will find a detailed review of the MI Power Strip extension from Xiaomi.

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