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Performing locksmith or welding work, very often the wizard faces the need for additional support or fixing any detail. For this usually use clamps. These are such small assistants, to the presence of which every master gets used very quickly and can no longer work without them. In today’s article, we consider F-shaped clamps, their features and varieties.


Clamp of this type is considered The best for long-term use in the joinery workshop. Long operation This tool is obliged to a steel rack of a large thickness. It is she who provides durability of the tool. Due to the notches on the mobile strip during the clamp, the probability of displacement is excluded.

Depending on the model on sponges there are plastic lining, which prevent dents on the tree during a tightening.

The main advantages of this tool are considered:

  • a big thread step, which provides long work without slipping;
  • The design of the sliding part is very convenient for quick resizing;
  • Such clamp is universal and can be applied in any conditions and works.

No matter how good the tool is, he will always have its drawbacks, namely:

  • For the clamp, you need to use both hands:
  • with a too long clamp the guide can bend.

This product mainly serves to work with a tree, and therefore, the last of the flaws in this case is not terrible, since it will not be able to squeeze wood with such force without his deformation.


Using in its work clamp, it is worth remembering that they are much weaker than vice, so they can not be considered a reliable retainer. In addition, its clamping capabilities are limited to the size of the clamping frame. Therefore, for reliable fixation of the workpiece, it is necessary to use several clamps at once. If you need to glue the joiner shield, then it will take more than a dozen tools.

The joiner’s masters have a saying “Clamps does not happen much”, and the more reliable and stronger will be captured surfaces, the better the result will be.

Clamp can be made of Tree or metal. Metal models much stronger and serve longer than their wooden competitors, and they are not afraid of moisture. Metal devices can not only fix the workpiece, but also press with the necessary force. This moment is very important when working with facing details where dents are unacceptable.

There are a large number of different clamps:

  • F-shaped;
  • G-shaped;
  • for angular compounds;
  • for end fit;
  • Spring mechanisms;
  • screw;
  • tube;
  • lever;
  • automatic;
  • tape.

Each type of clamping tool performs a certain type of work. There is no one good view of clamps, which will suit all cases of life. Like any device, clamps need to be able to use and know their purpose.


    Consider several manufacturers of F-shaped clamps, which can be found on the counter of any tool store.

    • Matrix. This company is engaged in the production of manual tools since 2003. List of brand products are quite large – it includes plumbing, carpentry, cutting, construction and finishing and measuring instruments, among which there are F-shaped clamps. Holding the price within the budget category, the firm is constantly working to improve the quality of his product. The last few years brand began to produce power tools. Tools of this firm are reliable and easy to handle. On F-shaped clamps there is a good coating that does not allow rust rubbing details for a long time, and the wrought part is durable and serves for a very long time

    • Sparta. This firm is aimed at providing the necessary tool to the ordinary buyer. Products are not complicated and can help in a home workshop or when repairing cars. Clamps of this manufacturer have a wooden handle, wrought-iron sponges and coating that protect the tool from corrosion.

    • Gross. This is a brand positioning itself as a professional instrument manufacturer, and their consumer is specialists who provide high-level services. Clamps of this brand have a snoring type mechanism and a metal case. Such products can clamp a blank with a thickness of more than 600 mm. The original tool will last for many years.

    The following video discusses the varieties of F-shaped clamps.

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