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The modern age has led humanity to the fact that in every house now there is a large number of the most diverse equipment that connects to the power supply network. Often there is a problem of lack of loose outlets. In addition, in large cities and remote settlements, residents are faced with such a phenomenon as voltage jumps, as a result of which household appliances fail. To control the situation, get a reliable network device – a network filter, which will give an additional number of outlets for the user, and will also protect the equipment from voltage drops.

What is it and for what you need?

A device called a network filter has a basic purpose consisting in preventing closures in electrical appliances devices. The electrical device in appearance can resemble the extension, but its device has a different principle of operation, and the protection of devices from overvoltage in the power grid is the following.

  • The presence of the varistor – its purpose is to differ excess electricity, which appears when the voltage jumps in the network. Variastor makes electricity transformation into thermal. If the level of heat energy is obtained too high, then the variastor operates at the limit of its capabilities and, having completed the task, burns out, while your equipment still remains intact.
  • Many network filters have a built-in thermal curler, capable of cutting the voltage that exceeds the allowable level. The thermal scatter works automatically and protects the variastor, extended its performance. Thus, the network filter does not burn at the first voltage jump, and can serve for a long time.
  • In addition to voltage jumps, the network filter eliminates the interference of the high-frequency level power grid. To filter interference, the device has special coil-type devices. The higher the network filter, the high-frequency noise level level indicator, which is measured in decibels, the better and more reliable device.

Network filter is a reliable assistant when short circuit occurs in the electrical network – This happens when the electric pipe breaks, at this time the phase and zero are connected to each other without loads, and the filter is capable of protecting the electric appliance from breakage. As for the electrical industry, it is worth noting that now all modern domestic equipment works on the principle of pulsed power supply, and the pulsed blocks of the equipment give high-frequency interference and in the power grid.

In addition, such interference can create high inductive load devices, for example, it can be a refrigerator. High frequency interference does not harm electrical engineering, but poorly affect the process of its work, for example, ripples appear on the TV from such interference. To protect yourself from manifestation of interference, you need to use network filters.

Than the network filter differs from the extension?

Most recently, it was very easy to distinguish a network filter from the extender – by the presence of the power button. Extensions have no such button. Today, such a difference is no longer working, since the manufacturers also began to set the contact disconnection button with the power grid, so it should be distinguished by these devices only according to the characteristics of their operation and the technical device. The extension is a mobile version of the electrical outlet, some species are equipped with built-in overheating protection or short circuit. The task of the extension is to provide nutrition for equipment at some distance from the usual outlet.

Electrofalters are capable of providing equipment with power supply at some distance from a stationary electrical outlet, but also perform protection against high-frequency impulse interference and warn the occurrence of electromotive. The filter, in contrast to the extension, contains a variastor, filtering choke to eliminate interference and a closer, which has thermal sensitivity and protects equipment from overvoltage.

When selecting between the network filter and the extension, it is necessary to determine the purpose for which this or that device will be applied. The extension can solve the transmission problem of the power outlet, and the electrical filter will protect the equipment from the closure.

Comparison with voltage stabilizer

In addition to the network filter, a stabilizer is used to control the electrical barrier, which has its difference, and this difference is as follows.

  • The stabilizer provides constant power voltage. When voltage jumps on the network, this device increases or reduces the current transformation coefficient.
  • The stabilizer converts the voltage and protects the equipment from the effects of impulse and high-frequency interference.
  • If the voltage level in the power grid exceeds the allowable parameters, the stabilizer will be able to lower the input value of the current and turn off the instruments from the network.

Voltage stabilizer is advisable to acquire for expensive electrical engineering – computer system, television, refrigerator, audio equipment, etc. D. If you compare a network filter and stabilizer, then there are differences between them.

  • The cost of the stabilizer is higher than that of the network filter. If you put the stabilizer for the network, where there are no sharp voltage drops, the device potential will not be involved, so it makes sense to use a network filter.
  • To power sensitive equipment, the stabilizer cannot be connected, Such devices need a sinusoidal voltage flow curve, and not in the step, which the stabilizer will provide. The network filter does not affect the type of power supply, so the spectrum of applying it is much wider.
  • The stabilizer slows the speed of response when the voltage jumps, Therefore, for computer equipment, the device will be unsuitable, since the equipment will already be damaged by the closure. In this case, the network device will provide smooth and continuous power supply and timely protection. For devices that are important to the speed of protection of protection, you will need to choose specialized stabilizers or use the uninterruptible power source.

To unambiguously say that it is better – a stabilizer or a network device, it is impossible, since the choice of such devices depends on their functionality. Each device has its advantages and disadvantages.

Types of protection

All network filters are conditionally divided into types, depending on the degree of protection they provide.

  • Basic protection option. Fixtures have a minimal stress-protecting voltage in the power supply. They are used to connect inexpensive hardware with low consumption power. Filters are replacing the usual extension with protection against voltage jumps. They have a low value, the design is the simplest, and the service life is small.

  • Advanced security option. Filters can be used for most household and office devices, they are produced from the RCD and are presented in the market of similar goods in a wide range. The cost of devices is above average, but the price corresponds to the quality of the equipment.

  • Professional security option. Devices can extinguish any pulse network interference, so with them can be connected to any, including industrial type of equipment. Professional network filters are usually produced with grounding. These are the most expensive devices, but their reliability corresponds to the acquisition of funds.

Network filters of various purposes are suitable for working with a current frequency of 50 Hz and protect the connected equipment from interference and short circuit situations.


A variety of network filters today is great, choose the desired model will not work. The filter can have a vertical view or round, it can be used as a desktop version or hang on the wall, if you wish, you can use a network filter as built into the worktop. Advanced electrochildren types have adjustable remote control. The difference in types of network filters makes it possible to implement:

  • USB port protection – You can connect to such a design to recharging the device with the appropriate connector, for example, a smartphone, a media player and t. D.;
  • The possibility of separate inclusion of each outlet – Conventional models with a single button turn off the power of the entire network filter, but there are advanced options where you can select and turn on the outlet to use and turn on autonomously;
  • Fastening the design of the network filter on the wall – It is possible to carry out this using a special loop existing on the device housing, or perform a durable mount by using 2 fasteners located on the back of the structure.

Most modern high-quality network filter models have special protective curtains in sockets that protect the design from dust and from accessing children to electrical equipment.

Rating the best models

The range of network filters is enormous today, their products in Russia are selling leading world manufacturers, such as England, Germany, Finland, supplying quality goods, as well as unfamiliar Chinese firms. The most advanced products for network voltage control have a fuse design, an embedded thermal turbine, as well as a “smart” remote control unit, with which the device can be disabled or turned on without wire.

Completed steel filters with a timer when the power button at a certain time is activated automatically. The most convenient models have a standalone switch with a switch for each outlet – as a rule, it happens quite powerful and expensive type of network device. Most of the products found on the shelves of specialized trading networks – Russian production. Overview of some top-models of network filters looks like this.

On 3-6 sockets

The most common option is a network filter for 3-6 outlets.

  • Pilot XPRO – This option has an ergonomic case of an unusual view of 6 open-type sockets. The length of the wired cable is 3 m, the filter operates under the voltage of the household power supply 220 V, the maximum load for it is 2.2 kW.

  • APC by Schneider Electric P-43B-RS – Compact network filter with grounding on each outlet, the length of the electric shower is small and is 1 m. Designed for office use when connecting work computer equipment. On the building case there is a mount for wall location. The switch is equipped with an indicator backlight, a curtains are installed on sockets. Can work on a network with a voltage of 230 V with a maximum load of 2.3 kW, has 6 outlets.

There are filters on 4 or 5 sockets, but most often used designs with 6 nests.

With USB port

Modern network filter models provide defense of devices with a USB port during recharging.

  • ERA USF-5ES-USB-W – The device made in version b 0019037 is equipped with 5 sockets for European-type connectors, grounding is provided in each rosette. The design is equipped with 2 holes in the housing, which allows you to fix it on the wall. Near extreme rosettes on designs 2 USB ports are placed. The length of the electrocable is small and is 1.5 m. The network filter works in a voltage with a voltage of 220 V, with a maximum load of 2.2 kW.

  • LDNIO SE-3631 – It has an attractive appearance and a compact housing, where at a convenient distance from each other 3 oscillates are located 3 USB ports and 6 USB ports. Such a network filter is intended mainly to protect equipment with appropriate connectors, here you can simultaneously recharge several modern gadgets at once. The length of the cable is small and is 1.6 m. The device operates from household power supply 220 V.

Most often, the model equipped with a USB port has a European-type outlet housing, which allows connecting many modern devices.


Network filter versions are varied. There is even a one-dress filter that is used to connect, for example, the refrigerator in the kitchen – the device does not take up much space and successfully performs its tasks. As an example, consider other options.

  • Crown Micro CMPS 10. This device has a very catchy and unusual design that makes the filter attractive. Constructive device is quite wide and allows you to connect not only ordinary electrical appliances or gadgets for recharging, but also a television antenna. The filter includes 10 sockets, 2 USB ports, a telephone line protection port and a coaxial Navy to protect the television antenna. Electruscut is made on sufficient length – 1.8 m. The network filter works from household power supply 220 V with maximum load to 3.68 kW.

  • BESTEK EU POWER STRIP MRJ-6004 – This is a small size multifunctional network filter, which has the ability to simultaneously connect 6 electrical appliances, and on each outlet there is its own autonomous switch. In addition to sockets, the device includes 4 USB ports. The length of the electrocable is 1.8 m. The device operates from 200-250 V mains, with a maximum power of electric cooker to 3.6 kW.

Options for selecting a network filter model depend on the purpose of use and power facilities.

How to choose?

The optimal option that combines the properties of the network filter and the stabilizer in one device is the UPS device with a battery that is an uninterrupted power supply. The UPS is characterized by a smooth sinusoid of voltage drop, so it is used to stabilize work for household appliances and for a computer. Selecting a network filter for home or professional use are made after studying all the features and characteristics of the power grid. Many modern buildings have grounding, but there are old buildings that do not have such protection, such cases require a reliable network filter. Often in the same apartment use different filters for the TV, for the refrigerator, for home apparatus.

When choosing a network filter, you need the following.

  • Determine the power of the device – to calculate how many instruments and with how power will be simultaneously connecting to the filter, to the total number of add a stock equal to at least 20%.
  • The parameter of the maximum energy of the input pulse is important – the higher this indicator, the more reliably there will be a network device.
  • Determine the presence in the thermal fuse filter protecting the filter from overheating.
  • Determine the number of sockets for connection, and if the devices must often be disconnected from the network, it is better to choose a filter with autonomous disconnection of each outlet.
  • Think over which the length of the electrocable will be necessary.

After determining the main parameters, you can consider the presence of additional options – the timer, the presence of remote control, USB-port and T. D.

How to check?

Perform the test of the network filter before purchase is impossible, so it is selected only by key characteristics. Most modern models have a range of operating voltage up to 250 V, more expensive professional options can operate up to 290 V. For the manufacture of high-quality network filters, conscientious manufacturers use colored metal alloys, which, when used, do not overheat and do not melted the filter housing, becoming the cause of fire. Cheap devices are made using conventional metal. You can check the composition of components if you bring a magnet to the network filter housing – if it is made using non-ferrous metal, the magnet will not adhere, and if cheap ferrous metals are used – the magnet will adhe.

Operating tips

For a network filter to serve for a long time, it is recommended to comply with some rules:

  • When connected devices, do not exceed the power limit of the device;
  • Do not include several splitters at each other at once;
  • The network filter is not connected to the UPS, as this will lead to a protective system malfunction.

If you want to be confident in the reliability of the network device, then preference when you choose during purchase should be given to proven manufacturers with a good reputation.

About how to choose the right network filter, see the following video.

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