Satin stretch ceilings: pros and cons

Many of the ordinary people with Azart lead the disputes, what kind of ceiling should be purchased which one is better – glossy or matte. Advantages undoubtedly present from those and others. But many designers today offer to stop their choice on stretch satin ceilings.


Satin – one of the classic types of weave threads that create a smooth surface and a special gloss of matter. Some ceiling coatings made from the finest PVC film have the effect of such a fabric.

The designs of such ceilings are durable and when flooding, the tension canvas withstands a huge amount of water, after it is removed, takes its original shape. Benefit and installation. Installation and disassembly – simple: one procedure requires no more than 5 hours.

The cost of satin ceilings is lower than glossy or matte, and is available to any buyer.

Thanks to the special weakness of the threads and micro-relief, the cloth acquires the so-called “chameleon” effect, that is, changes shades depending on the lighting of the room. An image is often applied to a monophonic coating using photo printing.

In addition to the positive performance characteristics inherent in all stretch ceilings, satin has their own advantages:

  • The structure of the weave does not allow the web to deform;
  • The material does not fade under the influence of sunlight;
  • The design is practically soundproof – this is especially true for housings of panel houses;
  • Large strength of the web – when flooding it can hold 100 liters of water for 1 kV. m, that is, his fortress is enough for a small children’s pool;

  • Elements of the system are safe and environmentally friendly – do not harm human health, due to hypoallery and the presence of non-combustible components, such a coating can be used even in medical institutions;
  • during operation does not absorb odors;
  • Satin – the most durable tensioning coating, the average life of its operation – up to 15 years.

Special coating protects the surface of the stretch ceiling from all sorts of dust and contamination. If there is a need for satin, you can simply wipe out a dry cloth or process specialized sprays.

In some cases, it is possible to use washing products based on.

The disadvantages of satin ceilings are also available, but do not exceed the minuses of the remaining ceiling coatings:

  • The canvas does not make sudden temperature drops, absolutely not suitable for premises, where there is no heating – in this case cracks appear on it. But at high temperatures, such a coating can be saved.
  • With a large area – more than 20 kV. M. – It is possible to write connecting seams. You can avoid this problem with zoning or complex multi-level construction.

  • Satin ceiling requires careful care, it concerns sharp items that can damage the surface.
  • White ceiling resembles the usual high-quality whitewash.
  • The presence of a specific smell in the initial period – then he disappears.
  • If the ceiling is more than 20 m, then you will have to accept the seams. True, an experienced master will be able to make them “invisible”.


The appearance of satin coating directly depends on what room you stretch it: in the apartment, in a private house or office space. Lighting changes surface perception. The canvas may differ from the original width – are made from 1.2 to 3 m and even more.

Of course, you yourself will have to make a choice what is better – satin, gloss with a spectacular mirror surface or a matte canvas.

Glossy ceiling Greets and possesses a high reflection coefficient, which means that many large items will be reflected in it, as in the mirror, although not with such accuracy and brightness. Some consumers may not like it, because the room should always be in perfect order. There are advantages. Gloss visually increases the size of the room.

Matte ceiling, On the contrary, it absolutely does not reflect the light, which means that it will look great in the illuminated room.

If the light is artificial and cuts eyes, the matte coating can muffle the excess light.

In appearance Satin surface Balancing between glossy and matte varieties. It is not so glare as gloss: reflective ability is very small, but not as cold as matte.

Visually satin ceilings resemble a silk fabric that fits great in any interior. White satin looks noble, color – like expensive matter, which was drawn up their palaces Medieval Royal Operations. Unusual pearl brilliance of such a ceiling covering with the game of light create a magical impression.

Many do not notice the principal difference between matte and satin canvas, and in vain. Satin coatings do not have graininess inherent in matte surfaces, and this is a certain plus.

Design and colors

Choose which color is preferable to your room, of course, only you yourself. As you know, gamma satin coatings numbers about 120 shades. However, it is not bad to remember the advice of famous designers.

The color of the canvas must be chosen depending on the lighting of the room.

Thanks to different colors of satin design, the room can be divided into zones in the case of setting multi-level ceilings and different lighting brightness in separate parts of the room.

Using different colors, you can create a pretty joyful atmosphere in the room. First of all, it is stylish and always raises the mood.

The blue ceiling in the bedroom will act as peaceful, set up to a relaxing condition. Don’t love bright colors? Use the cloth of the ivory shade.

You can try white color. Such a ceiling – a symbol of purity and perfectly combined with any interior. The room will be located in the room, made of any material, depending on the selected style, how to use the wallpaper of different color shades. White is also perfectly combined with drawings of any brightness and tone.

In the nursery, there will be perfectly glad colors bright and funny, with different patterns. For example, gently pink – for a girl, salad or turquoise – for boys. Blue shades cause a feeling of lightness and carelessness. By the way, it is the blue color that it is not recommended to use in the kitchen: according to experts, it reduces appetite.

The living room is better to “dress” into warm tones. It will also be beautiful and orange, and peach and even yellow – this is a symbol of wealth, cheerfulness and fertility. Such a ceiling visually increases space.

Neutral, pastel colors will create an atmosphere of calm and nobility.

Salad color ceiling in the kitchen – great option. In tone, he can pick up the furniture in the same cheerful color and you will become the owner of an extraordinary, stylish kitchen, where you can spend evenings with your loved ones. Green tone will help concentrate attention and relax in stressful state.

You are a bright, dynamic person who is not afraid to experiment? Choose a red ceiling. However, remember that this color is not suitable for small rooms. The ceiling in coral colors will help you raise the mood, stimulate brain activity. But in the cozy kitchen in red tones I always want to eat, so this color excites appetite.

Given the texture of satin coating, you can not doubt that any of your chosen color will constantly open in a new light, because it all depends on the lighting.

For example, if you choose not a monophonic canvas, but with a sticker or artistic to it, you can pick up rhinestones in Swarovski or with silver effect.

Such a ceiling is always exquisite and stylish, create a luxury atmosphere in the room.

How to choose for different premises?

Choosing a ceiling coating for the house, you need to carefully inspect the sewer plane. If it has obvious flaws, the satin coating is the perfect exit in that case.

Volumes and forms

You can not be afraid to experiment with the ceiling volume – satin cloth looks great when bunk design. Such multi-level systems are able to turn an ordinary room into a stylish and amazing. In addition to all, it is such structures that all the drops of the height of your walls will correct. And if you skillfully tune the illumination, then the impression will become fascinating.

If you prefer an arched model, then such a ceiling will create smooth transitions to the walls. With thoughtful design, the ceiling can be decorated in the form of the dome. In the big hall, the so-called “ridges” will be perfectly fit – the wave-like ceiling form. If the interior of your room includes columns, use a cone shape.

Selection for room

  • In the bedroom Pearl ceilings will create a romantic mood. Pastel tone – a sign of comfort and calm. In combination with saturated wallpaper of dark color, your bedroom will acquire a view of a luxury recreation area, fully isolated from ambient noise.
  • Satin ceiling coatings are often used in the living room, Studios, Spacious Hall. In such premises, you can implement any ideas, picking up appropriate furniture and accessories.

  • The ceilings with illumination in bold pink colors will give the room a bright, colorful taste, hitting those present by the abundance of shades and the saturation of light.
  • Choosing between materials for the ceiling in the kitchen, Experts recommend to stay on the glossy canvase, not satin. However, many still prefer satin, as it is pretty just to care for him.

  • Special attention – Corridor or parishion. These are usually small rooms, where there are few lighting and no windows are provided. Lack of light visually make them less, so you need to think not only about the ceiling, but also about possible additional points of lighting. To make your corridor become lighter and higher, experts recommend using the starry sky effect or add metal shine.


Before repairing repair work Many of us are looking for reviews on a particular material on the Internet. Did not avoid the fate of the assessment and ceilings with satin coating. Many owners of noble ceiling coverage are pleasantly surprised that the material exceeded all their expectations.

First of all, it is noted that the canvas externally resembles silk, makes the room with a cozy and respectable.

Smooth canvases perfectly align the surface, all the shortcomings on the ceiling become almost invisible.

Also, a pleasant discovery for many was an unusual reflection of the light of satin ceilings – they are not so “mirrors” as their glossy counterparts, thanks to the structure, the light is very unusually refracted and the unique color shades are created – from gently pearl to saturated tones. It all depends on the main color.

Many buyers experienced that white ceilings will become ordinary, not bringing the novelty effect in the interior of the room. However, as a result, they received a sleek ceiling, which looks great with any kind of room design: you can not be afraid to make a mistake with the choice of curtains and wallpaper. Ideal white ceiling creates a harmonious atmosphere.

And most importantly, as Satina fans believe – this is a simple care and waterproof ceilings. That is, in case of cleaning, it is enough just to wipe the dust with a dry cloth with a coating.

Beautiful examples in the interior

I am even more difficult to surprise the type of ceiling coverage today: the variety of models does not leave without choosing even the most preissual client. Therefore, determining the interior and style of your room, you must use the tips of the “experienced” experts.

So that your accommodation is unlike anything already seen, decide on the style.

Modern and in demand High-tech is a bright satin coating with a “metal” glitter. Well, and of course, the original backlight.

Prefer classic style? Pastel tones, white satin with gentle flicker will make special notes in design design. The ideal option will also be shades of beige, coffee, ivory. Very popular color of ripe flax.

Modern admissors will have to choose from two colors – black, giving clarity lines and the finishes of design, and crystal white without any inserts and decorative moments.

Original coloring and unusual inserts are fusion style characteristics. Your ceiling design can be performed “under the tree” or with a “stone” pattern. Such an unusual solution will fully transform the room, and if you still use the photo printing of an unusual form, the interior can achieve perfection.

In such a style, multi-level ceilings are welcome, arches with smooth lines. If necessary, add your interior of different shapes with lamps or unusual illumination colors.

Ethnic style more and more popular. Concerns it and ceilings. Create an atmosphere of hot desert with endless sand dunes, wild savanna, indian mysteriousness and riots of paints with the help of an unusual ceiling cover.

Minimalism does not require special fantasies, but the color gamut of the ceiling coating must be professionally thought out. Here is not the place of perseverance, gold and gloss, everything should be restrained and worthy.

Whatever color and the form of the ceiling cover, you would not choose, satin ceiling will necessarily emphasize the sophistication of your taste.

How to properly carry out the styling of the stretch ceiling, look in the following video.

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