SANT AGOSTINO Tile: Product Features

Italian ceramic tile SANT AGOSTINO is represented by a wide range of various textures, colors, forms. It is ideal for the arrangement of residential premises, streets, commercial buildings, harmoniously combining almost with any decor.


SANT AGOSTINO Tile Business Card is the quality and reliability of materials. With its manufacture, the most modern technologies are used, allowing to achieve stunning results. Tile is distinguished by naturalness, spectacular species, long service life. Use of environmentally friendly raw materials makes a product safe for use.

High strength properties make tiles resistant to various types of exposure, for example, temperature drops, chemical reagents, mechanical load.

The surface of the ceramic tile is several types:

  • Structured.
  • Matte.
  • Grinding.
  • Polished.

On the texture there are models for wood, clay, metal, stone, leather, cement. The original solution is presented in the form of a ceramic mosaic or mosaic from natural stone.

Large selection of models allows you to use the tile in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living rooms, bedrooms, halls, offices. Various color solutions allow creating natural images that will be perfectly combined with any modern style design, whether classic, minimalism, provence or loft.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any products have pros and cons, knowledge of which will allow you to make the right choice.

The indisputable advantages of the SANT AGOSTINO brand tile can be attributed to:

  • Moisture resistance.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Lack of toxic substances.
  • Universality application.
  • Easy to care.
  • Ideal surface edges, which makes it possible to easily produce work on laying.
  • Stylish modern design.
  • Products have been certified for compliance with quality standards.

Among the disadvantages can be allocated:

  • Low surface temperature.
  • Price.

Despite the fact that advantages are much more, it should be carefully approaching the choice of products, given all the features of this modern material.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a tile, it is necessary to consider the type of room, features of the surface coated, operating conditions, overall design. The tile must be harmoniously combined with the rest of the decor, giving the room a special refinement.

Before buying tiles, it is important to carefully examine the purpose and characteristics specified on the package. For example, when choosing a ceramic flooring for the floor, it is recommended to pay attention to the presence of roughness. You can stay on the matte cover. Too smooth polished surface will slide.

It is important to choose the color composition. It should be remembered that the shades of different lots of goods even at one and the same article may differ slightly. So the required amount of tiles is better to purchase immediately. If there are doubts about choosing a product, it is recommended to apply for advice to specialists. This will help get the desired result without unnecessary temporary and labor costs.

Color solutions

One of the universal and spectacular drawings used on the tile is mosaic. This design allows you to use unusual images, extravagant images, geometric shapes. Allowed both bright sharp tones and calm natural shades. Any bold decision will be relevant and appropriate.

In the manufacture of tiles, the special technology of through staining is used with subsequent distillation surface treatment. Due to digital surface treatment, color is distinguished by maximum depth, intensity, smooth transitions.

The color series of models is represented by almost all colors and shades that can satisfy even the most refined taste.


Constant improvement of tile production technology allows you to create more advanced and unique models.

Among the new collections of the brand can be noted:

  • Fineart. The collection contains options stylized under wicker fabrics with mosaic elements, drawings. Color range is represented by calm beige, gray, blue tones.
  • Patchwork Black & White. A unique collection contains samples with an ornament made in monophonic or black and white, gray tones. Color range in combination with clear contours of the drawing is characterized by expression and sharpness.
  • SET. The collection contains a tile, stylized under metal, wood, stone, marble, cloth, concrete. The presence of various shades is expanding the tile application horizons.
  • Tailorart. The collection contains a tile with a surface stylized under the texture of the fabric. Also there are examples with a pattern in a cage and mosaic. Color gamut is represented in calm pastel colors.
  • Tipos. The collection is stylized under the ornament of a sawn natural stone.

The wide range of the represented range will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated esthete.

What kind of varieties of ceramic tile Sant Agostino, see next video.

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