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Sandblasting pistols “Russian Master” Can be an excellent alternative to products of the same appointment from other manufacturers. Attention deserve modifications PS-10 with recirculation and PS-2. Also worth paying attention to the features of the relief models.


Sandblasting gun “Russian Master” allows you to quickly and solve almost any solid surfaces. All major varieties of such equipment are a binding category. Inside the abrasive recycling occurs. Special cap is used for nozzle insulation. The optimal force and the rate of exposure to the surface is guaranteed.

A closed loop allows you to exclude dustiness and reduce powder costs. Equipment can operate in a bunch with a compressor of an ordinary household or industrial sample. The main thing is to create a pressure over 6 atmospheres. The products of the Russian Masters are suitable for cleaning metal planes almost any area. Nozzles on nozzle may apply to solve specific tasks.

Pistols “Russian Master” have greatly proven themselves in repairing cars. They can be used to fix and restore various metal products. Very important area of ​​use – Corrosion cleaning in small foci.

Perform such work more convenient, applying special leases, excluding empty cleaning of unnecessary places.

For feeding to the surface, you can apply:

  • typical quartz sand (carefully, it is a dangerous option);

  • Kupershlak;

  • more durable nickelshlak;

  • corundum.

A typical set of delivery includes, in addition to the tools itself, aligning nozzles, patterns, bags for abrasive substances and clamps for fixing them. Reviews:

  • the possibility of working in closed rooms;

  • simplicity shift nozzles;

  • optimal recycling of the working fluid;

  • Fitness to work in hard-to-reach places;

  • suitability for working with low-power compressors;

  • fully justified price;

  • small enabarity of “pistols”;

  • The rigidity of the nozzles and not enough firmly adjustment;

  • small dusty.

Using the directional stream of abrasive, you can remove dirt and fall. Alternative opportunity for guns “Russian Master” – a change in surface texture and engraving. After processing, the optimal grip of varnishes and paints with a surface is guaranteed. Abrasive cleans the surface even where a simple tool cannot access. The general principle is the same as in kraskopulticks:

  • inside the compressor accumulates the mass of air;

  • After reaching the critical pressure, it turns into a gun;

  • The discharged area delays abrasive;

  • Separate particles are accelerated to 40 m / s;

  • There is a discharge of air through the nozzle and his blow to the treated surface.

Review models

Very good “reputation” has a sandblasting gun with a lower tank location of the PS-4 model. The model is designed for minor work. The device is mobile and suitable for working with local corrosion foci. You can clean even hard-to-reach areas using various abrasives. The calculated pressure is 4.8 bars, in the maximum mode it reaches 10 bar.

The manufacturer focuses on the well-thought-out nozzle configuration, which guarantees high performance. The optimal balance between power and accuracy is also achieved. Effective processing of cast and stamped disks is guaranteed. It is possible to qualitatively to treat the surface only with the right choice of abrasive. There are some more excellent models from the “Russian Master”.

Bright example – PS-2. The supply of abrasive can go through the hose or tank. The operating pressure is from 4 to 8 bar. At maximum it can reach 10 bar. Equipment of the introductory fitting on ¼.

Even more advanced sandblasts with the recirculation system PS-10. The model is designed to work with various abrasive materials, including washed quartz sand. Special recycling system reduces abrasive costs. The package includes a whole set of patterns and nozzles. The accurate cleaning of local areas is guaranteed, while the premises can not be very clogged.

Abrasive emission from PS-10 comes at high speed. It is then not scattered in different directions, and retained after a collision with a surface of the surface inside the rubber cap. Then, along with the air, this mass arrives back to the working bag. The design is optimized for working with smooth surfaces and with the overwhelming majority of the shaped products.

The manufacturer indicates that this model allows you to work with abrasives without fully isolated overalls, limited to gloves, respirator and safety glasses.

How to use?

It is critical to choose the right place. Only the work in a closed room of a specialized workshop or platform guarantees 100% that even individual grains will not fall there, where they should not be. It is possible to work on the street with gates, fences and other large-scale surfaces. You can collect possible abrasive remnants by laying out the floor with linoleum or loaf.

Good sandblasting is obtained only with excellent lighting, otherwise the probability of something to miss something.

Be sure to remove all unnecessary items that do not plan to process. Otherwise they can be easily spoiled. Sandblastiers must wear special protective glasses. Only made from high-quality glass, tightly pressed to the skin glasses. Plastic models under the influence of grain and other abrasives are too fast, and it is impossible to fight it or very difficult.

Be sure to wear and respirator. Simple facial mask not enough – need reliable protection of respiratory organs. It is also necessary to wear dense clothing from the nervous fabric and the same headdress. Abrasive pressure and the pace of its feed are determined by the type of surface and the problem being solved. It is best to hold the pistol nozzle at an angle of 45 degrees so that the particles work more efficiently. Hold time in one place is determined by experience.

Apply Simple Street Sand Cannot. He quickly displays even the most undemanding devices. Yes, and the impact on the surface is not too good.

Be sure to pay attention to the magnitude of the fraction, the degree of hardness, performance (i.e. abrasive ability). Still need to take into account the possibility of recovery of the material used.

Quartz sand is cheap and easily accessible. However, harmful to his health is undoubted. When working with durable materials, it is recommended to use corundum. Kupershlak safer quartz and economical. But when working with it without protective devices can not do.

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