Rules and options for the collapsed LDSP

Laminated chipboard (LDSP) today is the main material for mass production of furniture. This woodworking product is applied not only on furniture factories, but also used by domestic masters.

For the manufacture of furniture LDSP sheets must be cut in such a way that the material is not covered with a network of cracks or chips. You can perform such cuttings using special industrial equipment or ordinary home instruments. Performance of work requires certain skills and experience.

Basic Rules

A feature of the laminated chipboard is that the material has a solid protective coating, which is a multi-layered paper film with a resin compressable under the action of high temperature and pressure. The thickness of the laminated layer at the LDSP is small, but it reliably protects the material from the effects of moisture and mechanical damage. The sawmilling of the LDSP is the complexity associated with the fact that under the action of the cutting tool, the laminated layer cracks up, thereby worsening the aesthetic appearance of the sheet. The width of the chips is small, but it is not always possible to eliminate them.

The cutting of the laminated chipboard can be performed using an electroll batch, a disk saw or a conventional hand saw with rare small teeth.

To cut the material to be accurately and efficiently, you must follow the following rules:

  • To the teeth of the saws do not damage the laminated layer of the material, the adhesive mounting tape is glued to the cut line;
  • To facilitate the sawing process, a sharp blade of a knife must be scratched a layer of lamination until a layer of chip is reached, while the direction of the blade should be due to the tangent relative to the surface of the material;
  • The saw blade in the process of sawing is important to keep under an acute angle of 30 degrees relative to the surface of the workpiece;
  • When using power tools, work is performed at low speeds;
  • On the finished part it is necessary to make a slice of a thin layer of the laminated part at an angle of 45 °;
  • After cutting the edge of the workpiece is treated with a file in the direction of the periphery to the middle;
  • After the edge of the cut will be processed with a file, it is closed by a self-adhesive patch melamine strip, or it can be a kant in the form of a letter C or T.

What may take?

On furniture plants, sawing LDSP is performed on special equipment – usually this is a CNC machine, on the table of which the sheet sheet is placed. Circular saw of such a machine makes a pure cut without chips. Format cutting of blanks occurs in mass quantity, and in addition to sawing in the production process for processing furniture parts uses additional devices and materials. Most trading companies have a population for sawing the acquired furniture shields, but some masters prefer to perform this work independently. Saw Material LDSP with their own hands at home much more difficult. The handpill will require the caution wizard and the presence of a specific tool.

It is the most convenient to perform the cutting of laminated wood chipboard with a milling mill or electric bike. The productive than the entire cutting is performed using a circular saw, but the correct choice of disk for pure cut is quite complicated.

In addition, a special desktop with guide edges will be required to work on the processing of LDSP.

When performing the work with a conventional electric bison in the absence of experience on the material, chipsets are often formed, since it is quite problematic with this tool to make the perfect slice. The sawing process can be facilitated if the bimetallic pylon for laminate is fixed on the jicial, whose teeth are sharpened in the inner direction. The operation of the electric bike is performed on small turnover of the supply of saw blades, it makes it so that cracks do not appear when working on the laminated surface.

Another way to split the laminated sheet chipboard is the use of a havice cloth. For the work is suitable for a metal with a metal, which has very small teeth. To work the cloth will have to prepare, that is, to complete the breeding of teeth by 0.5 by the thickness of the canvas. The canvas itself must be made of tempered steel brand. Not all power tools are suitable for working with laminated material. This furniture slab is impossible to spill with a high-gland tool, called a grinder. The speed of rotation of the disc from this tool is very high and the chips on the LDSP will be inevitable, especially if the circular disk with a large size of diameter will be used for operation.


Sections performed on a sheet of wood-chip material can be performed in various ways.


At home, the task of rectilinear sawmaking LDSP can be done using certain tools.

  • Electropolitanzik. Hand tool that can be applied to dug chipboard small sizes. Pillet for the electrolovka must be taken with the smallest cloth. Lobzik movements must be performed without push and jerks, the feed rate of the canvase is chosen the smallest. As a rule, on the side of the furniture slab, where there was a peer with teeth, chips do not happen, they can form on the opposite side of the canvas. But if the sawing do neatly and slowly, you can achieve a clean and high-quality cut.

  • Circular type saw. The use of this power tool greatly facilitates the task of performing a straight line. The performance of work in the circular saw is significantly higher than the electric bike. To work, you will need to choose a disk with small cloths. The desktop where the circular disk is installed is usually equipped with guide clamps, with which it is much easier to perform a smooth and neat slice.

The listed tools are well coped with the task of sawing material, but they are able to make only straight cuts.


At home to get a figured slice is quite difficult. To perform this task, the home master will require a special power tool called cutter. This device will not only help accomplish the curvilinear slice, but also protects the material from the appearance of chips during the execution of work.

The process of operation of the mill is as follows:

  • On a sheet of ordinary chipsert or plywood outlines the necessary contours;
  • With the help of the electrolybiz, it is cut out the part according to a given circuit, retreating from it 1-2 mm for the accuracy of the execution of propyl;
  • The finished pattern is cleaned with a file and emery paper;
  • The plywood pattern is applied to the leaf of LDSP, fixing it from all sides by clamping clamps;
  • Using a cutter equipped with a bearing, cutting material, moving along the contour of the plywood pattern.

Electrophree can be 2 or 4 cutting blades. All blades must completely capture the height of the working thickness of the workpiece.


In some cases, in the manufacture of exclusive design furniture, it is required to apply the technique of straight and curvilinear cutting in combination with each other. In production, this task is performed by format-cutting equipment. Leaf LDSP is placed on the desktop and locks. On the sheet, the lines of the execution of the cut and the machine start the saw disk. The table at the machine is moving and controlled automatically. The sheet on the table moves to the direction of the saw disk, which performs a smooth and neat slice.

At home to perform a smooth rectilinear cut, an electrolovka or circular saw is used to perform. After the straight cuts are made, the milling mill is used and the blank is cut on the specified contour.

Technology cutting

To make it with your own hands to make LDSP Rivne, at home, it is important not only to use the necessary power tools, but also apply additional devices to help carry out quality sawmills.

Cut the laminated chipboard at home and get a good result, will help compliance with 3 conditions.

  • Cut the material with the use of the guide. For this purpose, you can use 2 carpentry clamps and a construction level.
  • The smaller the sawing blades in the saw, the easier and the cutting of laminated material is performed.
  • The speed of execution of the cut should be small. If you increase the number of power tools, then the saw blade can begin to be curved, so it will not be smooth.

Straight sections of LDSP are performed on format-books. Before performing sawing, you need to prepare material for work. To do this, on a sheet of material with the help of a knife or acute colost, a straight line is shown according to the ruler, which makes it possible to cut the layer of lamination in advance with the minimum risk of chipping. Next, they take a handwheel on the metal or an electrolovka and put the working fabric in such a way that it rolled into the previous scratch.

After the leaf of the LDSP will be cut down, its cuts must not only be ground with a file and sandpaper. The melamine self-adhesive tape is usually pasted over the cut. The cut on the corners of the blanks is usually under 45 degrees, while parts of the tape will need to be cut under the same corner and close to docile with each other.

Most often for furniture products are used by LDSP, the thickness of which is 16 mm or 18 mm. Tape for treating sections are chosen according to sheet thickness.

In the next video, it is waiting for you to cut the LDSP without chips in a simple and efficient way.

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