Rotary level: principle of operation, rating of models and tips on the choice

None of the construction or repair work are not carried out without performing the necessary measurements. To obtain accurate area parameters, many measuring instruments formed a group of geodetic instruments were invented. One of them was the level. Like his other “counterparts on the workshop”, he constantly developed and improved, more accurate varieties appeared on the world. These include a rotary level, which markedly facilitates the performance of measurements.

In this article we will tell you in detail why this tool is applied, what technical features does and on what principle functions, as well as how to choose a level and on which manufacturers pay attention.

What is it needed for?

Levelier is a highly specialized device and, unlike some kind of theodolite, has a not so wide range of applications. Its main task is to measure the height of several points on the surface. This determines the degree of irregularity of the relief. These data are extremely important when building buildings. Also, with the help of levels, the qualities of completed construction or repair work are evaluated.

To date, there are three main varieties of levels.

  • Optic – the very first type of levels, which is distinguished by the simplicity of construction. Equipped with lenses to perform measurements. Such devices need to be learn to use. But optical models are most affordable by price.

  • Digital – more modern and easy-to-use level of levels. Distinguished by the presence of electronic elements, such as display and built-in memory, which allows you to save the obtained data.

  • Laser – The most perfect variety of levels. It has high accuracy that does not depend on operator skills. Very in demand among professional builders.

Laser levels, in turn, are divided into three subspecies:

  • linear;
  • point;
  • Rotational.

    It will be about the last type of apparatus. It functions on the same principle as the species preceding it, but equipped with an electric motor. The engine allows faster and smoothly to move the level, because the “rotary” means rotating.

    Technical specifications

    The most important in the level are six design details, which are needed for competent and accurate measuring heights.

    • Optical system – one of the main elements. Lenses allow you to build a ray of a certain thickness and project it over long distances.
    • Regulating mechanism – We are necessary to install level levels on the ground. Modern complex models are equipped with a system of automatic definition of an angle of deviation, which makes it easy to easily maintain the device.
    • Control elements – There are all types of laser levels, but rotational devices are distinguished by a variety of features. But despite this, it is quite simple to understand management – it’s enough to get acquainted with the instructions.
    • Light emitter – represented by the built-in LED, which projects the ray on the plane. High power LEDs are used for long distances. However, they consume energy charge faster and cause heat heating. In one level can be from one to three LEDs at the same time.
    • Power elements – Need for continuous operation of levels, as rotational devices are autonomous. In this role, finger batteries or removable batteries, whose charges are enough to 10 hours of continuous operation. Powerful levels at the same time require several power sources: separately for electric motors and LEDs.
    • Rotation regulators – allow you to adjust the speed of rotation of the movable head to perform a specific task.
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      Also, the rotary laser level has an additional adaptation, among which consoles, targets and glasses, which facilitate the operation of the device.

        Each model has its own technical description in which its characteristics are described in detail. These include:

        • extreme accuracy;
        • the magnitude of the error;
        • maximum distance;
        • ray color;
        • Available features and features.

        Now that you have an idea of ​​the parameters of the laser level and its design elements, we can proceed to the description of the operation of the device.

        Operating principle

        As we mentioned above, the principle of rotation levels is similar to the work of the point variety. But still they have a lot of differences, so comparing their meaningless. Rotary devices are used for outdoor measurements. Point are used for internal measurements. They are not protected from dust, dirt and moisture, because of the dull beam it is difficult to identify the projection, and the range rarely exceeds 20 meters.

        Let’s look at the benefits of rotary levels before analog models:

        • the ability to measure all 360 degrees around the level;
        • Measurement in 3 different planes;
        • a large range of measurements that can reach 1000 meters;
        • the ability to control the device using the remote;
        • Relatively low weight facilitating operation.

          Without flaws, either does not do. However, they are not so much, and they are not so significant. First, the greater the projection distance, the higher the error. And secondly, quite a high price. Laser Rotary Levels are considered the most expensive species. But the cost is completely paid off by a variety of useful functions.

          Before proceeding with measurements, levels need to be properly placed. It can be installed on a tripod or bar. The first is applied on the street, the second – inside the buildings. The second important step is to align. It is performed according to the built-in water level. Dear professional models are equipped with automatic leveling function. Now you can turn on the level.

          If it is working, a red or green LED will turn around. When changing the location of the device will have to reinstate the alignment procedure.

          Measurement is performed by the interaction of the LED, lenses and electric motors. When filing electricity between semiconductors, photons are formed. They go out through a special hole in the buffer zone, standing. The lens is necessary for focusing this beam so that it does not differ in the distance. Laser plane is created with continuous rotation of the LED around its axis. Its rotation speed is 600 revolutions per minute.

          The principle of operation may seem not easy, but most of the processes are performed automatically. The operator is enough to know the basics of rotation control control.

          Laser device allows you to perform the following types of work:

          • laying tile;
          • installation of plasterboard;
          • shook wallpaper;
          • electrification work;
          • furniture manufacture.
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            In some cases, the level can replace other geodetic tools, for example, theodolite. With it, you can measure horizontal corners on the ground. However, the results obtained are not so accurate. Professional builders at the same time have in their arsenal all the necessary measurement instruments.

            Overview of the best models

            Speaking about the best manufacturers of levels, first of all, you need to mention German company Bosch, which is known all over the world due to the release of high-quality household appliances and other electronic devices. In fact, the scope of activity of this company is much wider: it also includes automotive, industrial, construction technologies and T. D.

            Bosch produces some of the best models of levels.

            But it is impossible to say that the Germans monopolized the market of measuring instruments. Some manufacturers are little inferior to them in the quality of their equipment.

            We give the best models of rotary levels.

            • BOSCH GRL 300 HVG Set – The most popular device in many areas. Contains almost all available functions. Very accurate, error is minimal. The length of the plane projection is 150 meters. Wavelength – approximately 530 millimeters. Cost starts from 90 thousand rubles.

            • Dewalt DW 079 PKH – by the number of functions is inferior to the previous model, but exceeds other parameters. For example, the wavelength exceeds 630 millimeters, and the projection length of the plane is 300 meters. Just like levels from Bosch, equipped with automatic leveling function. Price – about the same.

            • Bosch GRL 250 HV – cheaper model and not so powerful, but no less accurate. Works at a distance of up to 250 meters. Wavelength – 635 millimeters. The design includes two LEDs. The cost slightly exceeds 50 thousand rubles.
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            • ADA CUDE 360 – Affordable option with an average power for little money. The range of work is only 20 meters, which is enough with non-scale construction. The error is somewhat higher than that of expensive models. But the average price is only 10 thousand rubles.

            • Sokkia LP415 – model with good laser head protection. Measurement range is 150 meters. It has a remote control with a remote control that markedly facilitates operation.

            • ADA Topliner 3×360 – can build planes in all directions at the same time. The error is small, and the range of work is 20 meters. The price is somewhat higher than that of the previous model from this manufacturer, – 30 thousand rubles.

            We also recommend paying attention to levels from Hilti, Infiniter and Control manufacturers. They have good characteristics and quite reasonable price.

            How to choose?

            Of course, the above manufacturers and brands represent only a small part available at the current market. If you decide to choose a suitable model to you yourself, check out our advice. The cost of these devices begins with 9 thousand rubles and can reach 300 thousand.

            It is important to have all the necessary opportunities, but also not to overpay for unnecessary functions.

            When choosing, consider the following parameters:

            • Error – all models have, choose the one where it is below;
            • wavelength – determines the visibility of the beam at large distances;
            • Measurement range – For domestic use, a large range is not needed, and the cost of level depends on it;
            • Elements of power – appliances with built-in batteries longer hold charges;
            • Protection – protects the main elements from dust and moisture, low-level models can not be applied on the street;
            • Temperature limit – determines at what air temperature can be used outside the room level.

              Equipment from different models may also vary. Additional tools include bags for storage and transportation, consoles, receivers, battery charge chargers and tripods. In some cases, it will have to acquire all this separately, but the most expensive levels often have all this complete.

              It is also worth noting that, according to some buyers, green rays when measurements are distinguishable better than red.

              If you decide to seriously engage in construction work, for example, on your site, the rotary level will provide you with significant help. Now you know enough to choose a suitable device and apply it to practice.

              The following video presents an overview of the Rotary Laser Level Firecore FRL 500HR (207A).

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