Review of Swedish wallpaper manufacturers

On the wall finishing materials market, a separate segment occupy Swedish wallpaper. What brands are presented in Russia and what is their peculiarity, let’s see.


Despite the small area of ​​the country, several wallpaper factories are located in Sweden. Their products have a number of advantages.

All goods are distinguished by unsurpassed quality. It meets the highest European standards.

The life of the wallpaper is large enough, years later they remain in primevar. They are not terrified by ultraviolet or mechanical damage. Stick them on the wall will not work. Products are safe for both adults and children. It is environmentally friendly, does not contain toxic substances.

Design of wall coatings pretty original. They are distinguished by a unique color scheme, elegant and aesthetic.

Only their high price can be attributed to the disadvantages of Swedish wallpaper. But it is quite justified.


Swedish wallpaper are performed in different designs. Here you will find products designed for both classic interiors of different focus and for modern solutions.

There is even such a steady expression – “Swedish stylish wallpaper”, And it is not good. All in them is thought out to transform your room: ornament, embossing, color gamut.

Working out its collections, designers from Sweden often borrow ideas from the most famous wallpaper manufacturers in the world, and at the same time they necessarily contribute their addition, making them truly unique.


Swedish wallpapers are of different species, here are the main of them:

  • Paper. This type of wallpaper is the most eco-friendly and simple. They do not accumulate dust, allow the walls to “breathe”. Their cost is minimal, but also the life is very limited. Such finishing materials will have to be changed. Although it is the perfect coating for the walls in the nursery, especially since kids can and paint them, and stain, and children’s ornaments will become irrelevant soon, and the walls will still have to each.

  • Vinyl. This type of wallpaper looks pretty rich due to coverage, they are sufficiently dense, easily glued on the walls. The Swedish wallpaper uses vinyl acetate – a harmless substance that does not cause allergies, unlike analogs, where vinyl chloride is often used. Such wallpapers are ideal for almost all rooms, although they are still not recommended to glue them. This is due to the fact that the convex coating attracts the kids to the selection of a piece, so in this room they quickly lose their appearance.

  • Fliselinovye. It is a wallpaper based on a nonwanted material that replaced the paper. They are sufficiently dense, they are not visible under them the irregularities of the walls, perfectly passed the air, do not accumulate dust. In addition, flieslinic wallpaper is easy to glue, they do not sit after drying. This type of coating is suitable for painting, so you can change the color of the walls by mood, without crossing them.

  • Liquid. This type of wallpaper is recently gaining popularity. They are a mixture of cellulose particles, an adhesive of identical PVA and coloring pigments. This is a fully environmentally friendly coating that does not contain any chemicals. Swedish samples are made using the most modern technologies.

Basic manufacturers and reviews about them

Several Swedish brands are presented on the Russian wallpaper market.


    This is one of the oldest enterprises in Sweden, which is engaged in the release of this type of production over 20 years. Wallpapers of this brand are able to bring genuine comfort to the interior. Nature is the main focus of the design of this company, so plant motives prevail in the collections of this manufacturer.

    With the help of the wallpaper of this company you can create an exclusive interior in your home.

    Here you will find both the classics and modern specimens. Here are some samples that may interest you:

    • Silent Nature. Flizelin wallpaper in neutral pink gray color scheme with floral ornament. Fit almost in any room of the dwelling. Small flowers will add lightness to the interior, bring notes of romanticism. Roll cost 10×0.53 m is about 1800 rubles.

    • Scandinavian Designers II. Bright wallpaper from phlizelin, which will help create a unique design in your room. True Scandinavian motifs depicting various vegetation. The unique color decision will make them the main emphasis in the room. The cost of the roll 10×0.53 m is about 7,000 rubles.

    Product Reviews BoraStapeter Extremely high. Its quality, a huge collection of colors, the possibility of selecting not only companyon wallpaper, but also panels to them, did not leave indifferent even the most demanding buyers. But the cost of the wall covering from this manufacturer is very large.

    Eco Wallpaper

    This brand belongs to BoraStapeter and positions itself as a youth brand. If you are ambitious, dynamic and want to express yourself in the interior design, then you should definitely consider the collection of wallpapers of this manufacturer more carefully. Fresh look at wall cladding – It is this slogan that can be given a characteristic of the company Eco Wallpaper.

    Here are some non-standard solutions for the design of walls in the home:

    • Happy Art 3885. This panel is truly able to fill with happiness, comfort and comfort your home. An ornament resembling a patchwork blanket is able to “warm up” you, calm your emotional state. The cost of this sample is 15600 rubles per roll in size of 2.65×1.8 m.

    • Revival Art 5682. Design of these wallpapers intensified time styles. At first glance, you will see a drawing that resembles bright ties, which decorated the neck of the young men of that era, although looking after you will understand that only the weave of geometric shapes is depicted here. The cost of the roll size of 0.53×10.05 m is 2600 rubles.

    Reviews about the wallpaper of this brand are very good. Buyers say that here you can find wallpapers not only for every taste, but also at different budget. At the same time, the quality of products remains the highest.

    Mr Perswall

    Under this brand, unique panels are available, which are able to become a center in any interior. Here you can order a web or photo wallpaper for individual sizes, embodying the most courageous ideas. Brightness and self-sufficiency – the main features of this company’s products.

    Here are some panel samples developed by designers who collaborate with TM MR Perswall:

    • Collection of wallpaper Flowers & Aquarelle. This series creates the impression that your walls are painted with watercolor paints. Here you can choose a pool of flowers, flight in the clouds or hike in the jungle. The cost of panel is about 3,000 rubles per square. M.

    • Interaction Collection. If you want something unusual, which will make your interior special, then you should surely get acquainted with this series. Here you will find and cut out newspapers, and a computer monitor, and paintings in the Cubism style, and much more. The cost of panels is from 9000 rubles to 28,000 rubles per roll of 4.06×2.65 m.

    Product Reviews MR Perswall Also on top. If you have ideas, how to paint the walls, then you should order a panel of this manufacturer.

    Where can I buy?

    Swedish wallpapers are presented in many retailers stores. You can also buy them through the Internet. One of the most reliable Internet sites, which is the official distributor of this product in the domestic market is Studio Odesign.

    Here you will accurately acquire a genuine product straight from Sweden.

    How created a collection of Swedish Wallpaper Eco Wallpaper, you can find out in the following video.

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