Review and secrets of furniture selection from LDSP

LDSP furniture review is very important. In addition to deciphering the abbreviation, it is useful to explore the key features of the care of the furniture material. And it is also required to carefully examine the quality of the sheets, evaluate potential harm to health and find out the sections of the choice.


From the very beginning it is worth dealing with deciphering such a name. Literal sound – laminated chipboard. Most often, such material is used in the manufacture of cabinet furniture. Although it can also be used when working on tables, sofas, beds and other similar products. Waste wood industry is the key component of the link.

The start of the release of such a material has not only allowed to expand the possibility of furnishing. Woodworking waste has become emitted several times less than before. Furniture plates (sheets) most often form from large wood chips. So that the effect of hot pressing is higher, phenol formaldehyde resins are used. That is why even those people who do not know how LDSP decoded, they know exactly what this word means something potentially dangerous to consumers.

It is worth noting, however, that not everything is so unambiguous. Such material is actively used for about 100 years. So the fear of some extreme threats does not have to. And yet with the topic of harm to health, it is necessary to deal with more deep. Concerns related to the fact that any new furniture some time exudes odors.

Avoid this is completely impossible. GOST 10632-2014 is distributed on all stoves. This standard regulates the quality of all materials in dry conditions. Length and width of individual products, thickness can be regulated by supply contracts (purchases). The following points are normalized:

  • deviations from strictly straight orientation of edges;
  • deviations from strict perpendicularity of the tiles used;
  • humidity;
  • victim;
  • limits of strength when exposed to bending load;
  • moduli of elasticity with bending load;
  • the presence of paraffin and resinous spots;
  • The presence of large chips inside the plate.

Returning to the question of the safety of the laminated plate, it is worth noting that the high harmfulness of a simple DSP is recognized as back in 1985. This variety of materials is harmful due to the potential allocations of formaldehyde. A special laminating film ensures the prevention of emissions of harmful substances, but only when the protective layer is complete. It is only worth damaging the film, as all insulating properties are completely lost.

Used varieties of LDSP

Each manufacturer due to its commercial policy marks the structure of the material specifically. However, there is a certain generally accepted approach that is characteristic of most firms. Typical composition designations are as follows:

  • SE – there are surface pores;
  • SM – Fully smooth surface;
  • Mat – the surface is not only smooth, but also matte;
  • PE – the visual effect of “orange peel”;
  • Pr – abundance of pores.

High Quality Office Furniture is often marked with BS letters. In the overwhelming majority, except BS, use more material category SE. Less in demand PR category. Use SM, with rare exception, try only for internal partitions.

Important: Having met any unusual marking that is not included in this list, you must immediately clarify all the details.

Types of furniture

Laminated chipboard can be used even in bathroom hull furniture. Of course, water can get on the tree and lead to his swelling. However, as long as the film remains the whole, the likelihood of such a development of events is zero. Most often in the bathroom are limited to bedside tables and / or suspended cabinets. Some people also equip the room by shelves.

A much more familiar solution is the children’s and adult bed of laminated chipboard. Many people even try to make her with their own hands. It turns out in such cases sometimes quite unusual and interesting design. Fortunately, the possibilities of alteration are practically not limited. Design can be prepared independently or choose from ready-made options in popular sources.

From LDSP you can make such furniture as:

  • modular;
  • built-in;
  • transforming;
  • headset;
  • closet;
  • stands;
  • walls;
  • showcases;
  • slides;
  • buffets;
  • Servants;
  • Pretty elegant facades.

Variety of colors

Loft furniture is most often done with strict laconic colors. Similar finish is little compatible with bright colors. But if you wish, you can always enter single saturated accents. Manufacturers can offer laminated material of various colors and from warm and cold part of the gamma. Imitation of natural materials is widespread.

Ordinary, however, more modernist solutions with abstract images. Calm tones are usually dominated in office space and in domestic work offices. It is not difficult to use such colors, of course, in any room. However, in the style of Provence more relevant traditional white or pastel color. A variety of light tones are more in demand in a minimalist interior. Dark color is relevant for the following directions:

  • Modern;
  • ampir;
  • classicism;
  • Baroque style (especially in the Rococo version).

How to choose?

Of course, in any case, it is necessary to carefully collect the entire kit and check the compatibility of its parts with each other. Only a thorough approach guarantees harmony and pleasant appearance. As for security, it is important to have a certificate of compliance with the emission category E1. All certificates must be reconciled in advance, when meeting a specific instance. If the firm does not provide such documents, or something is wrong with them – this is a serious reason to contact another supplier.

Even better if the emission category corresponds to the level E0.five. Acquire furniture level E2 and worse in residential buildings and apartments. In addition to accompanying documents, it is worth paying attention to the visual properties of the material. Any irregularities, roughness and other deviations from the perfectly smooth surface are categorically unacceptable. It is also impossible to allow dents and even small scratches.

The absence of such defects The manufacturer can provide only when applying expensive high-quality components and precision equipment. Skoles indicate violation of technology or that the expenditure parts of the instrument wear out and are not replaced in a timely manner. It is thoroughly studying not only the facial surface, but also the edges. Invalid any looseness of her fit, peeling. About problems also speaks in accordance with the main color and texture.

Another critical momentum – fittings. All flaps, drawers and not only work normally only when using good fittings. Difficulties may occur if the gaps are uneven if the boxes and doors move with difficulty, with creak. It is better to spend a few unnecessary minutes to inspect all parts and details than then suffering from problems. High-quality hinges from leading firms are coated with several layers of protective coating and perform along a strengthened scheme.

Attention should be given even packaging. Responsible suppliers will not save on it. You need to go shopping only in specialized or branded shops. It is necessary to carefully study the reviews of both specific models and manufacturers, and about outlets. Finally, it is undesirable to seek to save the most and buy the most expensive, which is only possible – in both cases only excess costs are waiting.

Tips for care

The most important thing is to carefully study a specific instruction manual or rule from a particular enterprise. Such information will definitely be more valuable than “universal” recommendations, in the abundance occurring on sites and forums. Dust cleaning is a very careful matter. For this purpose, only flannel or suede will be suitable. Farmers, especially scrapers, knives use categorically impossible. ATTENTION: Systematic dry cleaning provokes accumulation of static electricity charges.

At least once in 2-3 weeks it is required to use a wipe as special antistatic. Dirt usually rub off with wet napkins. With a very strong stammer wash furniture with soapy. After that, you will definitely wipe all dryness. The widespread belief that the LDSP itself and varnish wet cleaning are not afraid – not too correct. To get involved in such a procedure should not be.

Try to wash the marker is not too reasonable. It is easiest to rain such pollution by a banal stationery eraser. Another option is a white combination (not multicolored!) Toothpaste and drinking soda. But this method is better to postpone until the end, if the main method was useless. In any case, it is necessary to refrain from the use of solvents and other aggressive substances.

Both built-in and cabinet furniture from laminated plates should be stored, used only in a dry and warm atmosphere. Optimal temperature values ​​- from 10 to 30 degrees above zero. In this case, relative humidity varies from 45 to 60%. Containing fat stains, traces of coffee, jam, pencil you can remove ethyl and ammonia alcohol. Cannot be allowed to contact with objects, heated above +85 degrees.

Moisturizing the ends of the details is unacceptable. And it should also be found out to which the angle doors can open. It is better not to unpacing the doors to the maximum, to open them should be carefully. Of course, you have to carefully contact both other retractable elements. The overall movement of furniture should also go carefully.

Make great efforts to handle and drawers, allow them to ride children can not. In the drawer on roller rails you can not store over 5 kg of cargo. Will have to ensure that the fittings mechanisms are not polluted or clogged with foreign objects. It is worth protecting furniture from constant intense illumination both from the Sun and from the lamps. When assembly, it is necessary to apply only the fastener recommended by the manufacturer or their exact analogues.

Beautiful examples

Furniture from LDSP does not necessarily look like something “promsted”. On the contrary, you can make excellent creative solutions from it. The photo shows the original type of stand under a small decorative subject, with non-standard geometry.

You can seek and to such a version of bookshelves. An extraordinary curved configuration is perceived very well and will accurately make a fresh stream in the design.

But this is a great children’s corner. Its unusual due to a special geometric shape. And yes, this is the case when bright saturated paintings are fully justified. Stepped construction (“Lestenka”) perceived quite appropriate. Bright chair perfectly combined with the appearance of the headset.

In the next video, it is described that it is better to choose – LDSP or MDF.

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