Repair and restoration of plumbing vice with their own hands

Flooring vice – an indispensable assistant for domestic and professional work. Over time, any tool may fail. Do not hurry to buy a new device. Vice can be repaired with your own hands. This article discusses the causes and signs of breakdowns, as well as how to restore the tool.

Signs and reasons for breakdowns

The main reason for breakdowns of plumbing vice is an attached master excessive effort when tightening blanks. The second reason can serve Using the tool is not as appointed. Detection of breakage occurs later, a few years later or even more. As a rule, deformations are subject to cast-iron models of plumbing vice.

Signs that visks broke:

  • the destruction of movable paws;
  • Spark nut in machine models;
  • destruction of anvil in cast-iron fixtures;
  • curvativity of fixing paws;
  • Right screw;
  • The shaft is twisted when trying to break the workpiece;
  • the inability to break the workpiece;
  • cut pin;
  • Bad fixation of the blanks.

Some defects of plumbing vice can be found immediately. These insignificant breakdowns include cracks, chips, breakdown or bending of individual parts.

After identifying signs of breakage follows Repair Tiscov. You can do it at home.

How to renovate?

Before repairing the tool with your own hands, it is necessary Disassemble and wash every detail. If the device is covered with rust raid, it must be removed. To do this, you can use both a professional rust converter and home. Vinegar or kerosene will help to get rid of. The product should be soaked in liquid and leave for a while. Later you should walk by a tough brush tool. Polishing vice follows before the appearance of the native gloss of metal.

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After cleaning and parsing procedures, you should proceed to the repair process. If the cause of the breakage is scrolling the screw in the nut, then you need to cut the nut along 3 parts and update the thread. For this you will need Bulgarian. Then you need to restore the integrity of the nut by welding cut parts into place.

Seams cleaned with a petal circle. Also welded seams can be treated with a metal file.

Now you need to re-assemble the tool. The procedure for the collection of Tischs is:

  • The main paws are coming on the basis;
  • The paws are promoting as much as possible, it will help to easily install the planks at the next step;
  • first put on one plank, then the second;
  • For finishing fixation, the slats are required to move the paws to the right;
  • After that you need to insert the nut and fix the screw in it.

If vice in a started state, then kerosene is recommended for unscrewing rusty bolts and parts. You should lubricate the items and wait a few minutes. After which the rusted bolts begin to scroll gradually. After repair you can pass the device. Manually do not do this. In addition, it will take a lot of time. For grinding take a special brush for a grinder. During operation, you need to use safety glasses. To eliminate minor defects (scratches, shallow cracks) The surface of the product is required to be cleared or secured.


After the repair performed, the vice should be renovated. In order for the tool to take appropriate, it needs to be lubricating and painted. Before lubricating vice, the surface must be deguted. For this use acetone or any other solvent. For lubrication use ordinary lubricating oil. You can also apply silicone lubricant or lithol with solidol. Since the device does not have nodes working with a large load, almost any means will fit for lubrication.

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To lubricate the tool you need to do the following:

  • remove movable legs;
  • Scroll to handle, push the paw and remove it;
  • Screw and hole legs to clean the brush and degreased again;
  • Then you should apply lubricating the screw in moderate quantity.

Next, you should collect vice and scroll through the handle. If the mechanism goes smoothly, you don’t need anything else. If the tees go tight, then additionally you can lubricate sliding legs. After lubricating, plumbing vice must be left for a while.

Also during the restoration, it is recommended to impose several layers of primer in front of painting. Using primer hides all irregularities and better keeps paint

Than paint?

Tools for painting of plumbing vice can be.

  1. Hammer enamel. This type of painting leaves after an attractive appearance of the tool. But it should be borne in mind that when mechanically exposeds, paint is easily cleaned.
  2. Epoxy paint. Reliable view of painting. There are no minuses. A minor disadvantage is considered a small color palette of the represented range.
  3. Paint Sadolin. Car paint. Before work, the surface should be braced well.
  4. Bath paint set. White epoxy two-component paint is suitable for plumbing.

Those details that are not planned to paint can be sealed with scotch. Some masters advise to use a bathrooms. It is also perfectly glued to the surface. No need to paint threads and those places where some details are moving or inserted. In further use, scroll through the handle will be quite problematic.

As you can see, restore the plumbing tool is quite possible at home. Of course, you should not bring the device to a deplorable state. But some recommendations will help renovate even those tools that have not been used for a long time and hung rust.

When explicit breakdowns, it is recommended to fully disassemble the product and make a complete repair.

Also when performing work it is necessary Observe safety equipment. It is worth remembering that working with paintings and a grinding tool should be in a mask and safety glasses.

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Restoration of plumbing vice is presented on the video further.

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